5 Signs That Scream Your Website is Outdated and Ready for a Redesign

July 21, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Old clothes and old websites are always out of style and out of date. Likewise, if you are not getting expected results from your website, then it’s not a new problem. Your website is outdated and needs to be redesigned if you’re not getting desired results. Your website might be out of date and not up to standard for a number of reasons.

An entrepreneur or small business owner must have a website that is easy to use and provides a seamless shopping experience for customers. In a recent Statista study, 2.05 billion online shoppers were estimated in 2020 and that number is expected to climb to 2.14 billion in 2021. During that year, India’s e-retail sales topped $6.05 billion.

It’s not like if you sell online then you should make sure your website is up-to-date. A top-performing website is still crucial, even if you don’t sell online. It gives your visitors a seamless experience to leave a good impression. It all comes down to the customer experience and their experience with your brand and products.

What happens if you do not update your website?

  • It is possible that your site rank will decrease
  • Google may penalize you
  • By making the path clear for hackers, you will encourage them
  • You may not get the results you expected from your website
  • Bugs cannot be reduced
  • It’s possible that you will lose data
  • The website will crash

Redesigning a website is no longer just about visual appeal. Website design has evolved to become much more than a means to present business information. In this blog post, we look at 5 signs that you need to redesign your website.

How Do You Know It’s Time to Redesign Your Website?

It is not new that companies typically update their websites every two to three years, as well as make changes as needed. This does not indicate the timeline for a redesign should be 2-3 years, because you will need to ask for a Magento developer to redesign when and if there is a need.

There is no easy way to answer this question since you may have developed a stunning design a few years ago and a special connection with your website that makes it hard to be objective. In general, we can say that if you are generating sales from your website, you have a good website and you are making shoppers happy.

It’s all about making shoppers curious about your store and making them eager to purchase your products, as explained above. This is why you need a website redesign because it is the only way to keep your website free of technical jargon. Today, customers purchase online, so you need a website that is up-to-date since they do everything online.

1. When Google Can’t Find You

You are losing an important element of your website and thereby failing to be found by Google. This is the most evident indication that your website is outdated. You might have heard of robot.txt files that indicate what pages crawlers may or may not request from a website. In the end, this is what helps search engines to navigate your site.

The chances of your prospects or customers not finding you when they search or find you are high without this file. At the same time, you need an XML sitemap that lists all the pages on your website or server as a way for search engines to find your page.

Thus, it is important to have these Google elements to make it easy for search engines and prospects to find you when they search you.

2. When your site isn’t mobile-responsive

Most people have the same problem, which is that their websites take a long time to load. That’s nothing but your website isn’t responsive and the vast majority of people haven’t even been aware of that. More than 24 percent of the world’s 1 million most popular websites are not mobile-friendly.

The best website is one that is easy to use and explore. Since mobile phones account for half of global traffic, you need to make your website mobile-friendly. Therefore, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you are losing out on money.

What we mean by a mobile-responsive website is that your user must zoom in and out to read all of your texts. However, it can be frustrating for those who are impatient. It is possible that your visitors will click away from your website and go to one of your competitors if your interface isn’t as easy to use. Today, most young people are searching for information online and that can be a key factor behind redesigning your website.

3. When your content is as old as your shoes 

Content is king, queen, darling, and what’s not. At one time, you may look good in your old shoes but when it comes to content, you need to be very fresh and new. There’s no meaning of reading content that provides a solution to problems that are no more problem now.

Your visitors always expect content that provides a solution to the current problem and some value to their concerns. To lure customers, you have to create a blog, service pages, announcements, whitepaper with critical keywords people are searching for. Which means more eyes on your products and lots of money in your pockets.

Having an up-to-date website means you are showing activeness and that attracts a lot. Having old content all day will mislead customers and they may discourage clicking away rather than you. In today’s fast pacing era, things are not the same as it was in a few years ago, so you should update your site to reflect that.

4. When seconds converts in forever to load

According to Google, your website should load in under two seconds, not more. However, there are some websites that are still in load mode, and this can ruin your sales and empty your pockets. If your website is slower than turtles, you may lose a lot of traffic, and chances are high your bottom line will suffer.

You should also make sure your website loads in a blink of an eye to keeping your customers interested and if you want your pocket filled with cash. Even Google wants you to load fast in order to rank you high in search results.

When your site looks like it was designed years ago

You can have the best products in the world until you are visible to your audience. Yes, if your site is cluttered, chances are high people will choose your competitors instead. You want to make your site look as good as possible since it is a virtual storefront for people.

The reason you need a website that looks like a new party dress is that people judge a website based on its design. As you have less than two seconds, if your website has a poor design, those people may be against you.

Winding Up

In the end, your old shoes may look cool, and old music may sound nice, but it never looks like a cool website that is outdated or out of style. However, it will hurt your reputation and sales as well as damage your business. As you can see, these are the top 5 signs that your website needs to be updated immediately.

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