3 Reasons behind Shopify Stock Will Continue to Move Higher After Announcing Q2 Earnings

August 17, 2023 Written By M-Connect Media

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shopify stock will continue to rise after q2 earnings

Quick Summary

There are lots of good reasons why people think about Shopify stock will keep going up after they told everyone how they did in the second quarter of 2023. The company’s numbers from that time show that investors might feel happy and the company might grow more.

Shopify shared how much money it made in the last three months, and things mostly went well for them. But even though they did well, the report didn’t make investors very excited. Their company’s part of the stock market went down by more than 5% when people started trading again.

But that’s not all! Shopify helps shops be on the internet and sell things. And this kind of business keeps getting bigger. Since more and more people buy stuff online, Shopify can get even more shops to join them. This is good for Shopify and the people who invest in it.

In this article, let’s talk about three reasons why we can feel happy and hopeful about Shopify right now.

Top Reasons Shopify Stock Will Continue to Rise

Here are the top reasons why Shopify stock is projected to grow more following Q2 results in 2023:

Reason 1: Continues to Improve Financial Performance

One big reason why Shopify is doing really well is because they are making more and more money. They earned a little over $3.2 billion in the first six months of 2023. That’s 28% more than what they made in the first six months of 2022.

Experts say that the online stores will grow a lot, about 15% every year until 2027. That’s faster than most other businesses. This means Shopify can get even more popular and get more customers.

But there were some tough times for Shopify’s stock recently. They were trying to do something new, but it cost a lot of money. And they weren’t making as much money as they wanted to. So, they changed their plans and sold that part of their business.

Because of the money spent on this deal, the company didn’t make a lot of profit. But still, things are getting better. In the first six months of 2023, they lost $1.2 billion, which is not as much as the $2.7 billion they lost in the same time last year. Shopify actually made $190 million in the first half of this year.

Reason 2: An Appealing Valuation

These good things probably made more people want to buy Shopify’s stock. Some people might not agree that Shopify’s value is a good thing. Especially when we see other companies like Wix, Squarespace, and Amazon, which cost less in comparison, maybe five times less.

But if we look back in time, Shopify’s stock used to cost even more. Between 2019 and 2022, the price was much higher, sometimes more than 60 times their sales.

Don’t think the price will go that high again soon. But if we look at what happened before, if Shopify keeps selling more and starts making more money, stock could become more valuable. So, it might be too early to say Shopify’s stock is “expensive.”

Reason 3: Shopify’s Ecosystem

Even though Shopify sold its delivery network, it still made a big online shopping world. First, it gives people an easy way to make their online store. This helps shop owners because they don’t need as much help from computer experts, and that’s why they like Shopify more than other choices.

Shopify made other helpful things too. These things are like extra services for online shops. They go beyond just making and keeping the online store running. One important thing is Shopify Payments. This lets shop owners set up different ways to get paid without needing another company to help.

Shopify also helps sellers show off their things to buyers. They can talk to buyers using chat or email, connect with them on social media, and use information to learn what buyers like.

And that’s not all! Shopify can also help with different jobs to run a business. This makes Shopify even better for shop owners, because not all other similar companies have these helpful things.

Overall, Shopify is well-positioned to develop and produce profits in the next years. This makes the company appealing to investors seeking exposure to the e-commerce business.

Final Consideration: Shopify Stocks

Now is a good time for investors to think about buying Shopify’s stock. They are making more and more money, and they are getting closer to making a profit because they sold their delivery network.

Also, Shopify is easy to use and has lots of helpful things, which makes it better than other companies. And the price of their stock compared to how much they sell is not as high as it used to be in the past. All of these things are good for people who own Shopify’s stock.

FAQs About Shopify

  • Does Shopify stock have a future?

Experts say that they think it could be around 66.00 dollars. Some of them even say it might go as high as 80.00 dollars, while others think it could be as low as 52.00 dollars. On average, they believe it might go up by about 19.42% from what it is now, which is 55.27 dollars.

  • What is the future of Shopify share price?

Experts think that the price of Shopify’s stock might be around $64.19 in a year. The hopeful expert thinks it could be as high as $80.00, but the less hopeful one thinks it might be as low as $50.00. On average, they believe it could be about 2.10% lower than what it is right now, which is $65.57.

  • What is the highest stock price for Shopify?

You can see a chart that shows how much Shopify’s stock cost each day from 2015 until now. The last time they stopped trading on August 11, 2023, the price for one share of Shopify was 55.27 dollars.

  • Why is Shopify dropping?

The price of Shopify’s stock went down because many technology companies’ stocks went down too. The value of Shopify’s company on the stock market is now almost 71% less than it was at its highest point in November 2021.



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