A Complete Website Redesign or Incremental Changes: Which One to Choose?

October 4, 2016 Written By Jayesh Trivedi

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ReDesign eCommerce Website

After few years of your online store launch, it may seem a little outdated to you. As there are changes and updates every now and then or with change of technology and generation, you might feel that your website could not be in the competition. But, this is not true.

The actual competition should be of winning your customers love, faith and heart instead of who made what changes in their stores. After all your business and store is for customers and not for you only.

The reason for making changes in your eCommerce website design should be a strong and genuine one. You cannot say you are tired of seeing the same homepage design, pop up, navigation etc. This is because your customers like the way your store interacts with them. They feel familiar with your site and when you make changes on your store, it makes your customers and visitors a little frustrated and unfamiliar with it.

So, in the current blog, we will see whether you should go for a complete revolution or step wise evolution?

Revolution: Complete Website Redesign 

Complete Website Redesign

In this strategy you go for the complete redesign of your online store. You want everything in new style and format. But make a note that you may like the new design of your store but it might not be same case with your customers.

When you change the design of your entire store all of a sudden, you cannot predict how your customers will react or find your store to be. You may have many loyal and long term customers. But do you know they are loyal to your store the way it was.

And when you change your entire site, they will find themselves completely new to your store. They might not accept or like the change as they became familiar with your store format and style after few visits. And now they will be same as the new users.

There are also other disadvantages attached with this technique

  1. Lose Store ranking in search engine results page
  2. Reduced traffic
  3. Decreased sales
  4. Low revenue and
  5. Large investment

It is not that you cannot make changes in your website design. There is always a scope for changes. But you should focus on doing them one by one rather than completing it in just one step.

Evolution: Incremental Changes 

Incremental Changes in Website

Incremental changes are the changes which happens or takes place gradually on a regular basis. These changes can be made taking the customers convenience into consideration.

The advantage of this change is that you can test the effect of this change on your business before you actually apply these changes on your website. The results from this test will clear about the behavior of your customers on that change. They may like the small changes done for improvement rather changing the whole site.

Let us see the steps for making the incremental changes.

  1. Find out the pages or sections for which the conversions are low by using Google analytics.
  2. Once you get the results from the above analysis, then create the new design for a specific part.
  3. Now, test the previous version and new version on your customers to see the results.
  4. Go through the data obtained and find out which version performed better and then apply that on your store.
  5. Finally you have to repeat the above steps for all those sections who need improvements for better performance.

In the above post, we learnt about both techniques. Now, it is up to you to decide the best suitable technique for making changes on your eCommerce store. Whichever technique you go for, make sure that it satisfies the needs of your customers as well as your business.

If you are also planning to make some changes in your few years old store and you are unsure about what and how to do it. Then know about the areas of improvement as well as techniques to fix that with our Professional Magento® Designers and take the advantage of our Magento® theme and web design services.

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  1. Yes, there are times when I thought of changing the design of some of the webpages. But I was unsure about where to start from. This blog post explained to me that my customers may not feel comfortable if I would change the entire website design all at once. And I can focus on important things first with slowly and gradually proceeding with other pages or blocks. Thanks for explaining this to me.

  2. I have changed the design of my eCommerce store and the company I hired also told me to change the things one by one and not at once. I clearly understood the reason behind the same after reading your blog. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for sharing valuable information. But you must know about when you should need to redesign and how.

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