How to Choose Best Ecommerce Consultant for Your Business: Essential Tips and More Guide

September 13, 2023 Written By M-Connect Media

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how to choose best ecommerce consultant for your business

Choosing the right Ecommerce Consultant Team providing team can make a big difference in how your business grows. But, if you work with the wrong person, it can slow down your business and also waste time and money.

Ecommerce consultants bring in outside knowledge and experiences to help with the challenges your company is facing. They collaborate with online shops of all sizes to tackle specific projects or make daily operations better.

An Ecommerce business or store is a big part of our lives. Almost everyone is always putting stuff in their online shopping carts at some point. And you know what’s really cool? More and more people are shopping on the internet every year.

Are you already selling online but feeling stuck? An eCommerce Consulting Firm can help with all of that. So, how do you find the perfect eCommerce expert, and what are the cost of hiring? Read this article to discover the solution.

What’s An Ecommerce Consultant? At a Glance

An Ecommerce Consultant is a specialist from outside a company who helps eCommerce businesses do better in areas like getting more customers to buy, improving how they advertise, and doing better in general.

This includes things like making website look good and easy to use, picking right products, setting right prices, doing online marketing, making sure people can find the website on search engines, and taking care of customers, among other stuff.

Ecommerce experts give advice to online shops because they’ve been in the business for a long time. Some of them even specialize in certain types of businesses and can work as freelancers to provide solutions.

A really good consultant can help eCommerce businesses get better and make more money. With eCommerce sales worldwide expected to reach over $8.1 trillion US dollars each year by 2026, having a consultant can help you get a bigger piece of that pie.

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What Does A Skilled Ecommerce Consultant Do?

What An eCommerce consultant depends on how much experience they have and the types of businesses they work with. For instance, some freelance eCommerce experts might know a lot about managing inventory behind the scenes, while others are experts in making online stores better for shoppers.

They can share their own experiences to help you figure out what’s good and what’s not when it comes to improving different strategies for eCommerce business. A skilled consultant can help you avoid making expensive mistakes so you can concentrate on making your business grow.

Here are some common Duties that Ecommerce consultants do:

  • Find ways to make eCommerce websites, shopping carts, and marketing better by looking for opportunities to improve.
  • Study the market and check out what the competition is doing to figure out how the company can grow.
  • Provide advice on technology and how different things can work together.
  • Help customers make their shipping and delivery process smoother.
  • Collect and analyze data about things like how many people visit the website, how many of them buy things, and how customers behave, to see how well the business is doing.

How Can They Assist You in Creating an Effective Business Plan?

When you know you need to make a big change but you’re not sure how to do it and need to make a plan for your business – like, how much money we should spend, why, and what it means for eCommerce business – expert advisors work with companies to create and get approval for that plan.

How Can They Assist in Your Ecommerce Project Execution?

When a company wants to invest in something, top consulting firms like M-connect can help put together a team that sticks with you to ensure the plan is put into action. An Ecommerce Consultant helps to figure out how to organize things, choose right people, manage project, plan things out, Fedepick the right suppliers and partners, and handle other important jobs.

What Does It Cost to Hire An Ecommerce Consultant?

The price of hiring an eCommerce consultant depends on various factors, such as:

  • Experience Level
  • Their location
  • Required number of consulting services
  • Scope of the project
  • Industry or niche

Usually, eCommerce consulting fees range from $25 to $50 per hour for less experienced consultants, all the way up to $300 per hour for highly skilled consultants with extensive knowledge in your specific industry.

However, the actual consulting costs can vary significantly based on your unique needs and preferences. For complex eCommerce strategies that require several months of development, you can expect to pay at the higher end of this pricing range.

Additionally, a consultant located in the United States will have higher fees compared to one based in other regions. While choosing a consultant from a different location might seem like a cost-effective option, it’s important to weigh the benefits of having expert nearby for in-person meetings.

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How To Choose Best Ecommerce Consultants For Your Business: Essential Tips

Sometimes, to make a company growth, you need an eCommerce consultant or expert. The first step in finding ideal eCommerce expert is knowing your goals and budget. After that, a consultant selection process will help you discover the perfect fit.

However, to make it happen, you have to pick the right person first. Here are a few essential tips to consider before you hire one.

1. Determine Objectives and Budget

E-commerce consultants have expertise in different aspects of helping clients, so it’s important to understand what you want to achieve before seeking help.

If you require specific help with things like marketing or logistics, it’s better to go with a company or an expert who specializes in those areas of e-commerce.

In addition to setting goals, think about how you’ll measure success. This will help manage expectations during initial discussions and throughout the project.

Also, have a general idea of your budget. Knowing how much you can invest can be helpful because some consulting companies require minimum contract commitments. It can help you narrow down list of potential consultants.

2. Find the Appropriate Consultant

Using Google to search for potential consultants is a good way to start, but the results favor consultancies with the biggest advertising budgets. This could lead to a long list of consultants, making it overwhelming.

Create a list of consultants based on your goals and budget. After making a list of e-commerce consultants, it’s time to dig deeper into each candidate’s portfolio and see how they’ve worked in industry.

Consultants should have happy clients who are willing to talk about their experiences, along with impressive work for similar e-commerce businesses.

  • Look for feedback from previous clients
  • Read case studies from consultants carefully.
  • Check out testimonials from past customers.

Consultants should be able to explain how they’ve really helped their clients improve their operations.

3. Examining Work Portfolio

An eCommerce consultant’s portfolio can include projects they’ve worked on and stories of customers’ success. By checking portfolio, you can see how good they are at helping businesses grow. It can also give you an idea of whether you’ll work well together.

A reliable eCommerce consultant should have a track record of success with clients in different eCommerce industries. But what if an agency doesn’t have a public online portfolio? Well, there’s a chance they might not be a good fit for your needs.

Keep in mind that you should look at their experience working with eCommerce clients, not other types of websites. Pick an eCommerce consultant who has an online portfolio of their work. This shows that they’re proud of what they’ve accomplished for their clients.

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4. Examine client Testimonials

Sometimes agencies include brief testimonials in portfolios. However, you can often find more detailed testimonials on a page labeled ‘Testimonials’ or ‘Customer Success’ on the agency’s website.

These testimonials typically come in the form of text, photos, or videos and provide insights into clients’ experiences working with an eCommerce consultant.

Reviewing customer testimonials can help you determine which firm aligns with company’s requirements. They serve as an indicator of how the consulting firm operates and collaborates with its clients.

5. Ensure Expertise in Ecommerce Industry

The most crucial factors to evaluate when hiring an eCommerce consultant is their experience. While you may have many questions for an agency, it’s best to focus on the crucial ones. Here are some examples:

  • What eCommerce strategies do you employ?
  • How many years have they worked in this field?
  • How do you design websites to improve conversion rates?
  • What elements do prioritize on a website?
  • Can you provide an example of a successful project?
  • Where you helped an eCommerce client achieve results?
  • Do you have experience in eCommerce industry? If yes, please elaborate.

If you’re not familiar with my industry, how would you go about creating a campaign that suits my company’s needs?

These questions can help you better understand the agency’s capabilities and whether they are a good fit for your eCommerce needs.

6. Schedule a discovery call

Once you’ve screened top candidates and ruled out who aren’t a good fit, it’s time to schedule discovery calls. A discovery call gives you the chance to have a conversation with eCommerce consultant.

During this call, you can talk about business, the challenges you’re facing, and what you hope to achieve. They will explain why and how they are a good fit for your needs.

During these conversations, be prepared to ask questions. You’ll want enough information to make an informed decision and choose the right expert. Ask about:

  • Their process and approach.
  • How they engage with clients.
  • The costs of their services.
  • Their communication methods.
  • How they track and evaluate success.

Additionally, present them with two to five hypothetical questions based on your business experiences and challenges. This will help you determine if they are the right fit for your needs.

7. Hire Expert eCommerce consultant with Mconnect

Businesses often become frustrated with self-proclaimed ‘eCommerce specialists’ who make big promises but don’t deliver results. That’s why having the right guidance and recruitment expertise is crucial.

Mconnect brings years of experience in businesses with specialists who have proven track records in areas like conversion optimization, SEO, digital marketing strategy, and more. This helps you find a trustworthy partner and achieve greater business growth.

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What to Ask Before Hiring an Expert eCommerce Consultant?

If you’ve already made the decision to hire an eCommerce consultant, it’s a good idea to prepare a list of questions to ask during your meeting or conversation. Here are the top five interview questions to include:

  • How long have you worked in the eCommerce industry?
  • What is your preferred method of collaborating with clients?
  • How do you stay updated on the latest eCommerce trends and strategies?
  • What is your approach to collaborating with internal teams?
  • How will you keep us informed and connected, including your work reporting process?

These questions will help you assess whether the eCommerce consultant is the right fit for your needs and industry.

Final Thoughts

Before choosing an eCommerce Consulting service, it’s important to identify which aspects of your business need the most guidance so that you can select the best partner to meet your specific needs and requirements!

Businesses planning to sell online will require the services of an eCommerce Consulting Firm. Most importantly, you need to know how to choose a trustworthy consultant who aligns with your needs.

Collaborating with an eCommerce expert is crucial for business owners because the digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving with each new Google update.

An eCommerce consultant will identify gaps in your business model and help you maximize the resources available, propelling your company to new heights.



Mconnect Media eCommerce consultants offer their insights and perspectives on all important business decisions that can drive you ahead in the eCommerce sector.

Our extensive expertise in eCommerce development, shopping cart integration, payment gateways, and related topics allows us to deliver top-notch services, essentially sealing the deal for success.

Mconnect consulting services can elevate your comprehension of every digital process associated with starting or managing an online business. Our team consists of industry experts, each with an impressive level of expertise.

FAQs About Ecommerce Consultant:

1.How do I choose the best ecommerce platform for my business?

There are certain particular questions you might ask yourself while doing so.

  • Ownership of the hosting and platform.
  • Ownership Cost.
  • User Experience (UX) & Themes
  • ECommerce Platform Scalability and Speed
  • Store Functionality and Usability (Product Management System)
  • ECommerce Platform Protection

2. What does an e-commerce consultant do?

An ecommerce consultant is a specialist who has personal knowledge of and recommendations on ecommerce. These ecommerce professionals offer company advising on topics ranging from marketing strategy and conversion optimization to user experience.

3. How much do e-commerce consultants charge per hour?

Ecommerce consultants earn an average hourly wage of $48.37.

4. What are 3 key success factors for creating an effective e-commerce website?

  • Loads quickly.
  • Responsive to mobile devices.
  • Checkout is simple.

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