Why Custom eCommerce Websites Design is must for your Online Store

November 3, 2015 Written By Jayesh Trivedi

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Deciding to go for online business is a challenging decision you are making. So how would you stand apart among your competitors? Why would customer like to make purchase from you? Well you would not be the first one providing the online goods, there are several others struggling to gain potential customers or few have already established.

eCommerce is all about virtual branding. Only ‘Look’ and ‘Design’ all speaks about your products. Yet, many entrepreneurs don’t really understand how Custom Design is better than Templates?

A simple fact is, a Template has been used by millions of web masters worldwide, whereas, a Custom eCommerce websites design is not imagery and created to incorporate your business structure.

Thousands of templates platforms are available, but why let your business lack in average. Keep your website at top among the biggies.

Simply wow your customer depends on your website design. So, you have a template, played with your favorite colors, put the content and done with it. But, now what? Do you think the game is over? Not yet, the challenge has now begun.

Customer looks for something called fresh, relevant, unique and user-friendly. You may not be known, but the same template with little or no modification have been used by several websites.

Your website existence relied on several other factors like search engine, branding etc.

This blog will help you understand, why your eCommerce websites design needs to be customized?

After-all Design Matters!!!

Tons of websites are available online. You will get only one chance to showcase your brand. Sadly, customers easily turn over, if they do not find what they are looking for.

Why not make that first impression on your customer and add a spark to your website. Keep the first look appealing to turn visitors into customers.

Let’s say, how you would have created your brand logo? It is not a copy paste of other brand or a little modification. It is all about your vision and identity. Same is implemented for website. Your website is your business identity. Make it different, unique and stylish.

Don’t think to do it second time, visitors won’t come back. Hire a web designer for your eCommerce website and make your website look different and outstanding among rest. They will retrieve your vision and implement on your website.

Making SEO Friendly

Obviously, providing a unique product in a well design website is not enough, until your website is visible to your customers. Gaining online visibility is all part of Search Engine Optimization.

Availability of thousands of templates does not cater SEO needs. Templates are not designed to cater business requirements, instead you have to mold your business needs fits in it. Even if you do so, it means your website is not going to meet the customers’ objectives.

Anytime, customer finds it difficult to search relevant product, or experience slow page load, believe it, they are not going to return again at all. In average, customer will wait only for 2-3 seconds on your website, if not be treated right, they will switch to other website, after-all, they have huge options.

Provide with the clean and easy to navigate website to your customers. Don’t let them struggle in their search. Make it easier to find what they are looking for. If at first you have won your customer trust, they will surely return back to you.

So, what if your customer could not found you in search engine. Commonly, they prefer only the top websites for their search. It’s all about comprehending SEO guidelines to rank good.

Only, a customized website designed by the professional designer meets SEO objectives and ranks well in search engine. Because a designer follows the SEO guidelines, implements strong keywords and Meta tags to make the website unique and useful for the customers.

Of course, hiring an experienced web designer would be expensive, but it would make your website SEO friendly. After all, poor template structure affects your business brand that may cost you high later, instead, began with the professional web design process initially.

Tackling Other Issues

So, now your website is up and doing well. Somehow, visitors face problems of slow loading of page or web page not found error. What you would do in case of any issues? No one wants to waits until the issue is resolved soon.

Don’t let the customer simply fade away due to poor website maintenance. Can you afford to sit and learn the codes and various tactics to improve your website? A big ‘No’ because you can wait for your website, not the customers.

So, even if you contact a professional to solve an issue in the template, which will definitely add a lump-sum cost to your budget. Till then, you may have lost your potential customer.

Contrary, a customized website design gives you full control. Freedom to work with the codes, designs and customize according to the changed plan. Even the eCommerce designer serves with the online support, works to solve issues and provides dedicated assistance. Everything will become easily adjustable serving business objectives.

At Last!!!

A customized eCommerce websites design is crafted to give that perfect look to your website that make it looks unique, attractive and informative. A good design not only gain customers attention, but also convert visitors into customers and boost sales.

Unlike templates that is easily affordable but get outdated very soon, a customized website design will build your unique brand image online and represent the quality of products you are offering online, thereby gaining customer trust.

Make your website look exactly what you anticipate off. After-all first impression is everything. Reflect your brand identity and make impression that you want to make.

Several website templates are available to cater your business needs, but the truth is you are not the first one to use it. Remember, uniqueness is what makes you remembered by the customers from the crowd. Stop looking a replica and modal your business perspective with the customized website.

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  1. I find the information shared in this blog is useful about the custom eCommerce Website. Even using the custom website design keeps the branding intact while using the same design for other marketing purpose like brochures, newsletters etc.

  2. Very good points are written. Design plays very important role that also avoids any major error. Whenever a website is designed, then always consider the developer and designer carefully. Designers should always be updated with the latest technology and follow design standards whereas the developers should implement the functionality right way to your design

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