Why Magento Platform is Superior to WooCommerce? A Detailed Comparison and Guide

August 16, 2023 Written By M-Connect Media

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why magento platform is superior to woocommerce a detailed comparison

There are different websites where you can buy things online, and it’s easy for people who want to start online stores. Some people are trying to choose between Magento and WooCommerce. These are like tools that help people build online stores.

An eCommerce platform is like a special tool that helps businesses build and take care of online stores. It’s kind of like the base of a cool building! So, it’s important for online businesses to pick the right tool to help them grow.

This article will help you understand the differences between WooCommerce and Magento 2. We will talk about important things like what they can do, how well they work, how safe they are, how much they cost, and if they are easy for beginners.

We will even talk about how you can manage the things you want to sell on your store. When you finish reading, you’ll know which one is better for you in 2023.

What is Magento? An Overview

Magento is a special tool for making online stores, and it’s made using special open-source technology. It started in 2007 by a company called Varien, and it has become popular with different things you can use. Over 250,000 online stores are made with Magento!

People really like Magento because it’s really good. It started on August 31, 2007, and there have many versions and upgrades since then. There are more than 700,000 people who use Magento, and there are over 144,000 websites made with Magento.

Magento is like a superhero platform with lots of cool powers. It can do things right away, you can change it to make it your own, and it can work with other cool tools like Magneto Shipping Services from PluginHive.

Did you know Adobe bought Magento in 2018? That’s why sometimes people call it “Adobe Commerce.” But if you’re good with tech stuff and want to make a super online store, Magento could be a great choice for you!

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What is WooCommerce? An Overview

WooCommerce is like a special tool you can add to your WordPress website to make it into an online store. It’s like turning your regular website into a store where you can sell things. Plus, there are lots of extra things you can add to make it even better!

Also, WooCommerce is like a special tool that makes WordPress more amazing! It’s super easy to use! You can set it up really quickly, and in just a few minutes, you’ll have your own online store. It is used by more than 28% of stores you can find on the internet.

Since 2011, WooCommerce has getting better and better. Right now, it’s used on more than 3.6 million websites worldwide! Even though Magento and WooCommerce want to help businesses grow, they are different from each other.

WooCommerce is a free add-on for WordPress that changes your website into a store where you can sell things. It’s great for small and medium-sized businesses because it’s easy to set up and use. It’s like a simple way to run store on the internet!

Why Magento is Superior to WooCommerce? A Detailed Comparison

WooCommerce and Magento are like special tools that anyone in the community can help make even cooler! They are like big teamwork projects where lots of people from the community can help make them better. Compare Magento and WooCommerce in detail, covering performance, security, simplicity of use, marketing, and cost.

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1. Performance

If your website is too slow, people might choose other websites over yours. They won’t spend much time on your site, and website’s rating on search engines might go down. So, it’s important for websites to load quickly and work well!

Magento is really good at being fast and handling lots of people. It’s made to work well when there are many things to sell and lots of people visiting, which is great for big online stores. Magento keeps going and works well most of the time, about 99.71% of the time to be exact!

The developers who make Magento always try to make it work even better. They use something called server-side caching to make sure the pages load quickly. This means the time it takes for the pages to load is made faster, which is super cool!

However, WooCommerce site’s speed may suffer if your business expands dramatically, especially if it is not properly optimized. To make your site fast with WooCommerce, you need strong hosting, something called a content delivery network, and more.

Sometimes Magento can do better than WooCommerce, and other times, WooCommerce can be faster than a store made with Magento. Both of them are really good at being fast and working well, but it depends on how you set them up!

Sum up:

“Both WooCommerce and Magento are good for being accessible and easy to use. But when it comes to how fast they load, Magento is better than WooCommerce.”

2. Easier Usage

If the platform is easy to use, it means online store owners can do things quickly, need less time to learn, and can spend more time making their business better. It helps change things fast, work well inside business, and make a great shopping experience for customers.

WooCommerce is made for people who might not know much about online selling, its developers work hard to make it easy to use. Most people who use WooCommerce say it’s really simple, especially when they look at the design.

You can make store look just how you want it to by using WP-Admin dashboard. With special options for themes, you can easily change colors, add cool stuff to your store, and put in pictures or videos. It’s like making your store truly yours!

But when it comes to Magento, it’s made for people who know a lot about making websites and for medium to big online stores. It’s a bit tricky to use, and you need to know a bit about technology. So, if you’re not experienced, you might find it hard to use.

Even though there are guides and tutorials, setting up a Magento store can be tough for beginners. It’s not super easy, so after you install it, you’ll need some time to figure out how to add extra things and change the way it looks.

Sum up:

“When compare WooCommerce and Magento, it’s clear that WooCommerce is easier to use than Magento. But, if talk about big companies, Magento works really well. It’s a good idea to pick the one that matches your store size and what you know about technology.”

3. Costs

When you’re picking between Magento and WooCommerce, how much it costs is a big deal. There’s a big difference between a separate eCommerce tool like Magento and a special part you add to WordPress like WooCommerce.

Magento has versions you can use for free and some you need to pay for, especially if you want big business features. There are two prices you can pick for the Magento online store: Magento Open Source and Magento Adobe Commerce.

For Magento Open Source, you can download and use it for free. But you still need to pay for hosting (from $10). And if you want to make store better, you might need to spend more. But usually, a complete website using this package can start at around $15,000 USD.

WooCommerce is a tool you can use for free. But even it’s free, you might need to pay for some other things like a special website name, a place to put your website, and something to keep your site safe, which can start at $9 per month.

The total cost for WooCommerce can change a lot because it depends on what extra things you want. For businesses with smaller budgets, it’s good to choose only the things you really need and use the free options.

Sum up:

“WooCommerce costs less money, that’s for sure. But its features might not work well if you have a lot of customers or want to make your business bigger. On the other hand, Magento has better features and choices, even though they might cost more.”

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4. Extensions and Integrations Support

Extensions are special things you can add to online store to make it better and do more cool stuff. Both Magento and WooCommerce are famous for having lots of these add-ons that make websites work well and look nicer.

Magento has a big store with lots of plugins and add-ons for anything you might want. Since lots of people help make things for Magento, they have a big group of developers, agencies, and freelancers who make all kinds of extra stuff you can use.

Right now, the Magento Marketplace has nearly 4000 add-ons for things like money, marketing, making sure things are safe, changing how things look, making the site better, understanding the numbers, and helping customers.

When you compare, WooCommerce has a lot of plugins you can use, but some things might not have as many choices.  These extensions help with all sorts of stuff like organizing things, technology, and marketing.

You can use these to change how things look, manage your shop, do marketing, get paid, send things to people, make things better, and even have people subscribe to your shop. It’s easy to use these things with WooCommerce stores.

Sum up:

“Both WooCommerce and Magento have lots of extra things you can add to make more sales and grow your business. There are so many choices, but be sure to pick the ones you really need. This way, your store can work well without getting slow.”

5. Security Features

Ensuring website is safe is really important. It means your site and the information about customers are protected from bad attacks. If your site is safe, you’ll keep your good reputation and your customers. Magento and WooCommerce have ways to keep site safe, mostly by doing things manually and adding special tools.

WooCommerce is quite safe, and there aren’t any big security problems with WordPress. The main part of this system has improved a lot, so it’s pretty secure. But around 4.7 million WordPress websites get hacked each year, which is about 4.3% of all websites.

Sometimes, if you add extra things from other people, things might get complicated. WooCommerce’s security comes from how safe WordPress is, so you need to update things often to keep your business safe.

Magento can make its online stores really safe. It gives special security fixes to shop owners regularly, which helps keep things secure. Also, there are many built-in safety things that help make Magento stores safe.

Customers can buy with confidence thanks to Magento’s comprehensive security measures, but keeping the platform and extensions up to date is critical.

Sum up:

“Magento and WooCommerce fulfill the security requirements. However, they may both be susceptible outside. Magento appears to be safer in this scenario due to its certified security add-ons.”

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6. Support System

Online stores usually have ways to help customers, so shopping online is nice and enjoyable. WooCommerce and Magento are both open-source systems, and lots of people work on them. If you have any problems, you can ask for help from people all over the world who know about these systems.

WooCommerce is part of a big group of people who use WordPress. This group has developers, designers, shop owners, and fans who all work together to make WooCommerce great.

You can learn more about it by reading guides and blog posts, or you can ask experts for help if you have problems. But because it’s open-source, you might not get as much help as some other online shop systems.

The help you get from Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce is really different. If you use Magento Open Source, you can’t talk to them on the phone or send emails. You can only ask questions and get help in the forums and communities.

But if you use Magento Commerce, you get more official help. They have email and live chat. If you choose the Magento Commerce on Managed Services, a special person called a Customer Success Engineer will take care of your website to make sure everything works well.

Sum up:

“Magento and WooCommerce both are open-source, they have lots of people who use them and help each other. These systems have a big group of people from all around the world who can help store owners if they have problems.”

Magento Vs WooCommerce: Which one is Better Platform?

Both Magento and WooCommerce are like super tools for making online stores of all kinds. But picking one depends on two things: money and what you’re really good at.

WooCommerce is easy to use and doesn’t cost a lot, but if you want extra safety and good performance, you might need to pay more for Magento. WooCommerce is awesome for small businesses, while Magento is better if you’re running a big company.

Magento is also a really good choice for online stores. But here’s the thing, if you’re not great at coding, you might find Magento a bit tricky to use.

This is the big difference between Magento and WooCommerce. But remember, Magento might cost more money! So, if you want a tool that’s easy, not too expensive, and can help online store grow, then go for WooCommerce!


The right Ecommerce platform for your business depends on what you need and what you want to achieve. Both Magento and WooCommerce are good, but they’re best for different kinds of people. Both of these tools are strong and provide cool things.

If you’re a big company and you need special things and lots of changes, Magento might be good for you. It’s great for big websites with lots of things to sell and more people visiting. If you don’t need extra things, the free version is a good choice.

But if your business is not big and you want easy and not expensive, then WooCommerce could be better. But if you know a lot about technology and want something more advanced, then Magento might be a better choice for you.

If you’re planning to use Magento (Adobe Commerce), it’s a good idea to get help from experts who know how to use it. Mconnect Media is the Ecommerce Magento Development Company that can assist you.

Please contact us if you have any queries concerning your shop migration. To learn more about eCommerce, visit our blog or join our Community.

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FAQs About Magento Vs WooCommerce

  • Why choose Magento over WooCommerce?

Unlike WooCommerce, which says it’s great for communities, Magento is made more for businesses. But that doesn’t mean small companies can’t use it too. Magento has something called the free Community Edition, and it’s pretty powerful by itself. And if your business is big, there’s also a fancier version called Enterprise Edition.

How is Magento different from WooCommerce?

If you want to start selling things online along with your regular business, and you need an easy place to show your stuff and let people buy them, then you should use WooCommerce. But if you’re building a bigger business with lots and lots of things to sell, then Magento might be better

Why Magento is better than other eCommerce platforms?

Why do we choose to use Magento? Because it’s the best and safest way to make online stores. It’s like a super tool for making stores that work really well and are super safe. When we talk about what it can do, how it helps, and how it keeps things safe, Magento is one of the top choices.

Why Magento is preferred in making an eCommerce store?

With Magento, you don’t just get a flexible and big online store, you can also make it your very own. You can even make it better and add special things that make your store unique and special for your brand.


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