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Ecommerce websites are facing a serious cyber-attack that aims to steal credit card information from users and spread the attack to other websites.

A type of cyber assault called Magecart fashion skimmer, is very advanced and targets ecommerce websites worldwide.

These attackers are trying to hack into various ecommerce systems, including:

  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce

What Effect Does the Assault Have?

When infecting a website, the attackers have two goals:

  1. Use the placement to expand itself to other websites.
  2. Steal confidential information such as credit card numbers from infected website visitors.

Finding a vulnerability difficult since the malware dumped on a website encode and generally disguise as a Google Tag or a Facebook Pixel code.

What the code does, however, is target entry forms for credit card information. It also acts as a middleman, carrying out attacks on behalf of the attacker, obscuring the real source of the attacks.

What does Shopify do?

Shopify is an easy-to-use e-commerce platform that allows small companies to create an online shop and sell online from a single dashboard. Shopify merchants may create a modern online store and sell via social media, seller marketplaces, other blogs and websites, email, SMS, and chat.

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Magecart Model Skimmer

A Magecart attack is that comes through a present vulnerability in the ecommerce platform itself. On WordPress and WooCommerce, it might be a flaw in a theme or plugin. On Shopify, it might be a current flaw in the software.

In all cases, the attackers are taking advantage of weaknesses in the platform that the ecommerce websites are running on. This isn’t a scenario where there’s a single flaw that can be easily fixed. There are several of them.

Before the attack can start, the hackers search for websites that have weaknesses and used to carry out their plans. They use these websites as “hosts” to put in the bad code that they will later use for the attack.

We’re not exactly sure how the hackers get into the websites, but from what we’ve learned in previous attacks, they usually find vulnerabilities in the website’s ecommerce platform or in other services that the website uses.

Is Shopify better than Amazon?

Shopify offers more advanced ecommerce options compared to Amazon. It also has a special feature called dropshipping, which helps businesses save money on storing inventory. While Amazon has some good sales tools, they are not as powerful as the ones Shopify offered.

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Really Beneficial Action

Akamai recommends that all Ecommerce clients take steps to keep their websites safe. This means making sure that any other programs and plugins they use update to the newest versions, and using the latest platform.

They also suggest using a special kind of firewall called a Net Utility Firewall (WAF). This firewall can detect and stop hackers when they’re trying to find weaknesses in a website.

If you use systems like WordPress, there are different choices available to keep your websites safe. The most popular and trusted options are Sucuri Safety, which makes your website more secure, and WordFence, which uses a special protection system.

The internet can be complicated, and some people try to steal information from others. That’s why we need special tools to protect ourselves. These tools can understand what’s happening in a web browser and stop attackers from causing harm.

A good security tool can detect when an attack is happening and stop it immediately. It can also keep an eye on the sensitive information we enter on websites and ensure it doesn’t get stolen.

Is Shopify Used by Amazon?

Shopify syncs Amazon orders even if the products aren’t featured on the Shopify platform. Orders placed via the Amazon shop identify as Amazon.

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How Much Do Shopify Fees Cost?

Shopify Transaction Fees: With the Basic Shopify plan, there is a 2% fee for each transaction. For the standard Shopify plan, the fee is 1%, and for the Advanced Shopify plan, it’s 0.5%. But you can avoid these extra fees if you use Shopify’s own payment processor called Shopify Payments.



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