Why Magento is 10x better than WooCommerce? In depth Comparison

December 26, 2019 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Magento is an open-source content management system that provides business merchants with the opportunity to enlarge their market activities in the e-business world. Magento is a robust platform that provides scalability, flexibility, and simple customization.

On the other hand, WooCommerce is also open-source content management which is based on WordPress. It helps you to build shops online, take payments, and take care of the products, manage inventory and many more. So while WooCommerce goes well with several numbers of WordPress plugins, Magento is the platform that is aimed for both medium and large enterprises and you will never regret to set the base of your online store on!

If we talk about Magento approx. 7900 customers have opted Magento and migrated from OpenCart, osCommerce, and other ecommerce platforms in the year 2018. According to a survey conducted the number of online buyers by Magento operators is expected to increase by 200% in the next year 2020. However, Magento still empowers more than 12% of whole Ecommerce sites while Over 25% of Online Stores are running on WooCommerce.

That means both the platforms are reliable and proven themselves over the years so it is very hard to find out which one is best for your ecommerce store but don’t worry we have enlisted some essential categories that will give you the clarity to choose the best between them.

  1. Features:

If we talk about WooCommerce then it is just a simple shopping cart and just a plugin to add ecommerce functionality to the online store, whether Magento does wonders as it has greater customization option and it allows you to build a complex and functional store that covers all your requirements. Also, its quite easy to add additional features or integrate third-party service with your store using Magento Extensions.

While WooCommerce can entertain a huge number of WordPress plugins that will serve your store with better functionalities and a number of customized options according to the need of your online store, so if we talk in terms of built-in features then we would recommend you to go with Magento.

  1. Performance and Speed:

Performance is the major factor that will let people decide to choose any platform for their online store. It’s all about performance in every field if you will perform well you will get good returns similarly if your ecommerce store performs well and take less time to load more customers come back again and that would be a big thumbs up for your business.

The way users optimize their stores and backend would decide the speed of Magento, often people complain that Magento is an old soul and often users complain that it is slow and especially the backend section, it is because of the way of their optimization of the store and the backend. The performance of a website depends on the number of extensions and plugins you use, that’s why we always recommended you to wisely choose your hosting service or enroll for Magento Development Service that will make your Magento store runs smoothly and rapidly.

However, in WooCommerce, you need a good hosting plan, use of the content delivery network, etc. for the rapid performance of your site. So in certain cases, Magento will beat a WooCommerce store easily while in some cases WooCommerce will leave a Magento based online store behind. If we talk about the performance and speed of the two platforms both are good in their own way.

  1. Security:

Security is a crucial aspect of whether it is a blog or an online store. Every store consists of customer details and personal information so the main thing you should worry about is the security of your ecommerce store.

WooCommerce consists of so many plugins that perform as a tool for advance security system and with the help of Magento platform you can implement prior security measures, the CMS itself address the security concerns appropriately and is a great source of comfort. Its security measures are very beneficial to secure your store robustly and clearly, it shows that you should go with the Magento platform in terms of security.

  1. Ease of use:

A WordPress plugin is a very welcoming and easy to use platform. It is very friendly for the beginners and moreover if you are from the non-technical background you can easily go through this plugin. There are a number of videos and tutorials that will also help you out.

However Magento is a very powerful CMS but it is not a beginner-friendly platform, you should have atleast average knowledge of the platform before getting started. But yes there is a guide and documentation available where you can learn a lot more things, still, no one can learn the whole platform by themselves. So here you can also get consultation or help from Ecommerce Experts and they will guide you through the whole process.

  1. Cost:

You can get the benefit from both Magento and WooCommerce platforms and it gives users a great opportunity to start an online business without heavy investment. But if you choose the WooCommerce platform you may end up paying more money with limited efficiency. While the free version of Magento is more flexible and has a number of features to explore with a hassle-free process.

Magento has its edition version that is costly and for bigger enterprises but if you want to give new heights to your business this is the most suitable version you must try and clearly here also you should opt for Magento as its free version facilitates your store with more flexibility and many other options. The best part of Magento is quite Flexible you can easily add or develop functionality on your own. Also, you can Hire Magento Developer on an hourly basis that will fulfill all your business needs as well as reduces your whole development costs.

  1. Support:

Both the platforms are open source that benefits in attracting larger community. You can consider Magento as the ruler of ecommerce platforms that have a huge support system and apart from that Magento has its own huge community who is always ready for help. You can also obtain for Magento Support Service that will work as your backend system and make sure that your store works flawlessly without any issue. WooCommerce is also a big platform and not that behind from Magento in the race but in comparison, Magento is on a big level and has a huge community that will be more beneficial for your store.

Final thoughts:

So these were some characteristics of both Magento and WooCommerce that will let you choose the best for your business. It’s all about your business needs and agendas. If you want to provide flexibility and scalability to your business than Magento will be the most suitable platform for you. It will give new dimensions to your business and let you achieve each and every parameter of the ecommerce world. But if you are new to the field or have a small enterprise store you can opt for WooCommerce it is also great.

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