What Does M-Commerce Mean for E-Commerce? M-Connect Media's Conclusion Guide

November 22, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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We used to say that smartphones meant that phones were becoming smarter. It’s an undeniable reality that mobile phones are rapidly replacing all other technologies. 79% of smartphone users have made an online purchase using their mobile device. We may conclude from these figures that the future of mobile commerce is bright.

There has never been anything like mCommerce. Smartphones are more crucial than ever, and they have become increasingly smarter over time. Online shopping has become commonplace in today’s digital age, and consumers are increasingly purchasing with their smartphones and tablets. According to eCommerce consultants, the sector is becoming considerably more complex and easy as mobile phones become more popular.

Now the issue is, what is mCommerce and how does it vary from eCommerce? Hence, in this section, you will learn everything you need to know about mCommerce and how it may benefit eCommerce. Let’s get this party started!

What is mCommerce, and how is it different from eCommerce?

MCommerce, often known as mobile commerce, is the process of buying and selling eCommerce products using smartphones, tablets, or other portable devices. Mobile commerce transactions might include elements such as appeal, fashion, and so on.

The adoption of new technology is expanding with time, and we can see that 5G is controlling the world thanks to its high internet speed and performance. That is why, as all we have is a smartphone, you should consider adding mobile commerce in your web business.

  • Mobile commerce to grow 68% by 2022
  • By 2024, the number of mobile shoppers in the US expected to exceed 187 million
  • Mobile share of global eCommerce is 59%
  • 67% of consumers have downloaded a retailer shop
  • 88% of consumers who search for a type of local business on a mobile device
  • 42% of mobile-driven brand interactions involve google search

What does M-Commerce mean for Ecommerce?

As previously said, there was a time when consumers made purchases online using computer devices. Unfortunately, this tendency has been stationary for some years. On the other hand, smartphone sales are skyrocketing, and nearly everyone in the globe owns a smartphone.

The question now is how mCommerce differs from eCommerce. One of the key differences between mCommerce and eCommerce is that customers are making more online purchases using mobile devices than PCs.

Ultimately, mobile is a lifestyle. Thus, eCommerce store owners need a mobile-friendly website or a mobile app that runs on a mobile device. Hire Magento Developer to build a mobile-friendly website to access your customers through their mobile devices.


In the tweet, you can see that mCommerce is expected to grow in the future, and this is the sign your online store should opt for mobile commerce. There’s no look back when it comes to mCommerce because it is one of the growing fields in the market.

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How can mobile commerce strategies benefit your eCommerce business?

Thus far, we’ve spoken about what mCommerce is and how it may be an important aspect in an eCommerce firm. You will now understand how mobile commerce techniques may benefit your eCommerce firm.

1. Free from pandemic challenges

COVID-19 forced everyone to stay at home and shop online rather of going to businesses and selecting their preferred things. While consumers may be concerned about visiting stores, eCommerce retailers must transition to online operations.

It helps a lot and encourages consumers to shop online and avoid pandemics. Nonetheless, it has become important for e-store owners to transition their companies online, increasing the need for mobile purchasing.

Sure, since people already have mobile devices and rely on them for everything during a crisis. And this is how mCommerce really assists eCommerce shops in keeping up with the times and conducting business efficiently.

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2. Seamless Customer experience

If you believe that people aren’t seeking for a beautiful and useful website, you need to wake up. Certainly, a badly designed website will not produce the desired results for your online business since it has a huge influence on customer decision-making.

If your eCommerce website does not give a flawless user experience, your clients will likely visit your rivals, even if you are their first pick. Not only that, but millennials want a mobile-optimized website that they can use on their smartphones to make purchases.

As a result, having a mobile-optimized website is critical to providing an excellent consumer experience. No matter how large or little your brand is, if you don’t have anything that makes your clients’ lives easier, you’re worthless.

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3. Provide easy-to-use checkout

Yeah, because consumers are purchasing more on mobile devices, smartphone checkout is more convenient. Because computer devices offer more functions than mobile devices, consumers may complete checkout with a single click.

People select mobile devices for buying based on time as one of the factors. Many consumers nowadays prefer mobile purchasing since it is simple and handy. As a result, you must create an easy-to-use checkout process and give customers with the greatest experience possible.

Another thing you can do is provide several payment choices to give your clients more alternatives. It is simple to integrate numerous payment methods into an eCommerce platform; all you need to do is engage an eCommerce Magento Development Company.

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4. Customer Data

The second and most critical consideration is valuable client data. Well, with traditional or physical businesses, customers arrive, buy something, and go, which implies you don’t have any knowledge about their data.

Because most consumers prefer mobile devices, you may have a list of customer data with mCommerce and communicate what businesses want to know and ask. This is how you may collect consumer information such as gender, age, and contact information.

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To summarise, we have shown you how mCommerce can be a great deal for your eCommerce store and how it can help your entire organisation. We’ve also included some advantages of mCommerce and why you should use it.

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