Why Easy Checkout is a Crucial Tool in Mobile Commerce?

August 12, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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It’s well known that online shopping has two sides, one that offers benefits, and another that presents challenges. In an e-commerce platform, checkout is perhaps the most important feature. E-commerce experts are spending a lot of time and effort researching ways to improve the user experience for their sites and interfaces.

Mobile eCommerce might be a best practice, but it won’t always benefit you. In most cases, two out of three online shoppers abandon their shopping carts. Due to this, the entire situation becomes even more problematic. When it comes to e-commerce, the question is whether mobile phone app users do more than browse.

What is the reason for such a glaring difference? Check out this article for more information.

The mobile commerce (mCommerce) industry has grown exponentially in recent years, which presents a wide range of new business opportunities. This is an extremely lucrative opportunity and businesses are jumping on the mCommerce bandwagon to take advantage of it.

Contrarily, many businesses still aren’t convinced that mobile commerce is such a powerful tool. Therefore, articles like this can help you better understand how mobile commerce can benefit you.

Easy Checkout: Why it’s an Important Tool for Mobile Commerce

As digital marketing becomes more and more prevalent, user experience plays an increasingly important role. Smartphone owners are not shy about using their smartphones to do online shopping as they simply download the app for the online shopping platform of their choice and start shopping.

There is also the possibility that out of these regular shoppers if they do not like the experience, they may go to a competitor’s site instead and make the same purchase. The current generation of customers looks for quality products and services. You might think your customers are loyal to you, but chances are they won’t hesitate to switch over to your competitors if they feel disrespected or inconvenienced.

  • Poor quality of the product
  • The delivery of the shipment was poor
  • Mobile interface that is poorly designed
  • An inconvenient checkout procedure

Most of these actions take place during the online checkout session – whether using a mobile shopping cart or browsing the website.

Reexamining your interface and making needed changes is necessary if you experience repeated shopping cart abandonment. There is something wrong with your online shopping portal that turns away your customers. Moreover, they leave at the last minute without completing their shopping.

Here, the answer is simple. The mobile version of your e-commerce site needs to be improved as soon as possible. In the digital arena, the pace has become explosive, dynamic, and volatile. There is too much change taking place.

1. A Boom in Mobile Commerce is Underway

The eCommerce industry has been completely transformed by mobile sales. Consider your sales metrics and what device your customers are using to shop. A large portion of those people are likely using smartphones and tablets when they browse and shop online.

The convenience of mobile commerce will continue to fuel its growth in the near future. In fact, the mobile app is probably the most effective way for ecommerce businesses to get a slice of the pie. Those who argue that their sites are enough cannot ignore the fact that if put side-by-side, mobile apps still shine.

Mobile used to be our preferred way of doing almost anything, and now it’s a new trend that shopping from mobile devices is one of our priorities. It’s just that we don’t want to put much effort into it, and mobile is more convenient than waiting to log on to a computer. Our phones are the best thing since sliced bread, which is not always the case with computers or laptops.

The consumer buys from everywhere. The possibility to buy mobile commerce makes it possible to purchase goods and services on the bus, train, or Uber. Shopping online takes place during lunch breaks or while they are walking down the street while they are having coffee. It’s too easy. In the coming years, mobile sales will continue to trend upward, so one of the best ways to gain a share of the pie is to develop mobile apps for your eCommerce site.

2. Offer a Variety of Payment Methods

By presenting multiple payment options at checkout, you can immediately improve your customers’ experience. Retailers today have many options for processing payments. A digital wallet can be integrated into your checkout process, making it highly flexible.

Consider providing the option of buying now and paying later using Amazon Pay. By doing so, you can pay for the purchase now and Amazon will bill you later. Furthermore, it protects your card information from being shared with third parties. Additionally, you will be able to pay with Bitcoin as cryptocurrencies increase in popularity.

3. Get Rid of Distractions

You run the risk of your users leaving the checkout process without completing it if they have multiple opportunities to get distracted during the process. A mobile app has a minimal scope of distractions, as compared to a website browser.

Nonetheless, people may abandon your checkout cart if your layout is complicated or you use distracting links. All excess designs and links should be removed.

4. Keep it simple

The cart page should be the simplest of all the pages in your mobile app. Besides the cart details, provide a limited display of information. The page will become overcrowded if there is anything more. Nevertheless, your shopping cart page should contain certain features, including:

  • Cart must be updated
  • Product removal
  • Increase the number of products
  • A change of products is needed
  • The quantity of updates has been updated

5. Customer service that is tailored to the customer’s needs

Apps are much more effective at keeping track of customers. They don’t have to log into their accounts every time they check out, nor do they have to fill out long forms. To make shopping easy and fast, the name, address, payment information of customers can be remembered and automatically filled in.

In addition, a mobile app can recommend products based on previous purchases made by a user. By doing this, they may consider other products, which could boost your sales.

Summing Up

The key to successful e-commerce is to let your customers complete their checkout as quickly and efficiently as possible. Additionally, you must make sure they do not abandon their mobile shopping cart. Your customers will come back to make future purchases if you make it easier and more user-friendly.

Do you want to build a mobile-friendly checkout for your eCommerce store? M-connect Media can provide you with a solution. As eCommerce developers and eCommerce integration experts, we can enhance your store’s conversions, reduce abandonment rates, and improve retention rates. Please contact us if you would like more information.

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