What The Pandemic Has Taught The Retail Industry About Going Digital?

September 29, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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In the business world, there is no such thing as normal after a pandemic. As a result, we cannot expect to do business or operate as we did before the pandemic hit. When we look back before the pandemic, brick and mortar stores fought a fierce battle against giant eCommerce stores like Amazon. That is now the case but at an accelerating pace.

In the wake of the pandemic, everyone suffered from frustration, death, and degradation. Moreover, especially businesses had to contend with the fallout, regardless of their size and scale. As time passes, it becomes apparent that digitization is the way to survive, especially in the retail industry.

Digitalization and its processes are familiar to all of us, but the technology is used for entertainment purposes. In addition, when pandemics hit, we become aware of digital options such as online shopping and ordering.

In light of this, it is okay to say that consumers will visit websites more frequently than they will visit brick-and-mortar stores. Retailers, on the other hand, cannot afford to serve their customers this way since they need to know what customers want in order to improve their customer service.

Clients and employees of businesses are forced to conduct business virtually since standing or sitting near one another is not possible. In reality, businesses were able to survive digitally only in a few rare cases. Business activity restrictions and shutdowns were also implemented by the government. Nowadays, going digital is crucial, or risk closing forever the front door.

In addition to IT solutions and customized services, digitization is not something new. It has been around for a long time. However, even before the pandemic began, the world already began shifting to economy service and digitization. Everyone took advantage of digitization after the pandemic. However, this is just the beginning.

Pandemics offer a chance for business owners to reassess reality, especially those who were reluctant to embrace digital transformation. When they realized this was their only lifeline, they were unsure what to do.

Their lack of preparation prevented them from knowing where to go or what to do. The lack of demand and economic uncertainty coupled with the stress caused by staff health compromises made for unpleasantly scary circumstances. In the present day, all of these slowpoke companies are scrambling to implement the digital environment.

In spite of Pandemic, what are retail innovations?

Throughout Pandemic, many things have been taught, from staying at home to going digitally. A lot of transformations took place in the digital space. Throughout this article, we will consider every major change that occurred after the pandemic.

1. A digital revolution is taking place in stores

In parallel with the nations opening their doors, businesses, like malls and stores, started to travel this route. Regardless, the critical factor is how many return customers you will attract and how long they will spend at your store. There is no doubt that retail establishments should work with customized IT companies to become digitally-advanced, share product information and inventory data in real time, and manage customer loyalty remotely. This integration of digitization will allow these stores to reduce the number of on-premise employees they require.

2. E-Commerce

During the pandemic, eCommerce sales are estimated to rise from 16% to 19%. The reason for this is that customers are shopping online from their homes. Considering that people think they will be safe by shopping from home and preventing themselves and others from viruses is another reason why eCommerce sales are rising.

Since people are becoming more aware of online shopping’s perks, online shopping will continue to grow. After a pandemic, you may have seen people more excited than ever because they think that online shopping can be profitable.

It is impossible to ignore big names such as Amazon and Flipkart when it comes to the eCommerce market. These big names also made a profit during the pandemic since people were already familiar with them.

3. Contactless Systems

Until vaccines were developed, the only measures of protection included wearing a mask, distancing yourself from others, and using hand sanitizers. Other than that, they were required to wash their hands with soap after each contact with a surface.

Although you have received two vaccines, your doctor urges you to follow these recommendations. That is why most people these days prefer touch-free interactions. It is the same thing they want when they purchase something within a store. To the same extent that masks and sanitizers have become a necessity, so will touch-free payments, pickups, and online appointments.

4. Fulfillment and inventory control

Normally, retailers are concerned about this, and the concern grew dramatically during the height of the pandemic. As recently as several months ago, some retailers were challenged by a lack of essential supplies while others had to deal with non-essential goods wasting away in their warehouses.

The digitization of these retailers saved them from losing their inventory and enabled them to streamline their supply chains. In order to reduce human intervention in inventory, retailers are increasingly implementing inventory digitization solutions. Stores that have closed will be converted into dark fulfilment establishments to consolidate inventory and provide delivery services. As a result, retail supply chains can be reestablished.

5. Online Customer Experience

Digitally enhanced customer experiences must also be part of this mindset shift toward innovation and customer service.  Retailers are generally trying to replicate their brick-and-mortar stores online, but such attempts typically fail and are misdirected.  In addition to the basic transaction elements discussed earlier, the virtual experience does not copy the in-person experience – nor do customers aspire to.

These new capabilities give retailers the opportunity to offer their customers an engaging, social, and immersive experience wherever they are, something that physical stores cannot do.

The retail industry should not attempt to ride out the storm. When we take a more proactive and progressive approach, we can make digital transformation and customer experience more progressive and proactive.

By leveraging digital capabilities, such as a real-time inventory system, predictive analytics, AI-powered search, as well as personalization and co-creation options, you can bring completely new experiences to the world of retail.

6. Voice Commerce

Convenience is becoming more and more important to customers today since they want things done quickly. Voice commands are becoming increasingly popular among text searches and other searches.

In order for your website to deliver best-in-class experiences, Amazon Alexa and Google assistant are the only things you need. By implementing such technologies, you can make your website voice-friendly.


In light of the above steps, it is clear that your online business cannot survive without digitization. In order for your retail business to survive after a pandemic, you need to build a website that serves your customers easily and quickly.

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