How to Use Instagram to Drive Product sales? Ultimate Instagram Hacks List

May 31, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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If you wish to get your products and brand seen by millions of people, grow a strong following of customers who are your target audience, and get paid. If so, then Instagram is the one you could consider over anything. Well, Instagram has a wider audience and monthly users, many brands are finding ways to engage with the Instagram community and earn personally invested customers who keep coming back for more.

You might be thinking why do you care about numbers, then you shouldn’t care about numbers but people that are using Instagram. Instagrammers are shoppers because if you post the right Instagram images, consumers soak up your marketing message without any hard sales pitches from you. And that’s how customers are on social media for references.

So, the moral of the story is that Instagram helps turn passive shoppers into confident customers. If you’re new to the Instagram world, then you should know that Instagram can help you market your brand.

In this blog post, we will help you discover the tips and tricks on Instagram to drive product sales. If you’re new to Instagram, everything you need to know is covered here.

How to Use Instagram to Drive Product Sales?

Instagram is the best social media platform to drive product sales whether you are a startup or growing business. You can sell more on Instagram with these tips as we have created a list of factors that can help you sell more on Instagram.

  • Instagram Checkout

The first and foremost factor you can consider in selling more on Instagram is Instagram Checkout. With the help of the Instagram checkout feature, you can simplify the purchase process. While it’s available only for a limited number of brands, checkout is a convenient buying process for the user, meaning more revenue for the business. Users simply look for checkout arrows that indicate which products they can buy directly without leaving the app. Their information is stored on Instagram, and they receive push notifications about shipment and delivery.

Instagram checkout is the best feature for those who want to sell products online without putting in much effort and hard work. You can easily sell your products on Instagram by giving your customer a checkout option that is already available on Instagram and that’s how you no longer have to worry about getting your job done.

  • Tag Products in Feeds

This is the second and best way to sell more products and enhance revenue. You can enhance sales by featuring and tagging products in your Instagram feed photos for all followers to see. You can tag up to five products per image or video. And no wonder with the help of multi-image and carousel posts, you can tag up to 20 products.

What you can do is sell products according to your type of business and products. Because user who scrolls Instagram will see the small shopping bag icon in the lower-left corner. This signals that the post is tagged with products available for purchase.

By clicking on the post will show which products are for sale. Some post single images while some multi-image to show more products of their brand. Additionally, you can also show a short product description, additional image, and related goods from the business.

An Instagram product description should include benefits, features, or anything the user may want to know before purchasing. Lead with an enticing benefit or fun to grab attention, followed by specifications, price, and shipping details.

  • Tag Products in stories

The next and most important benefit you can avail of is that tagging in stories as it appears to 24 hours. In addition to tagging them in your feed, you can also showcase products in an Instagram story, which has a lifespan of 24 hours. Unlike posting in your feed, however, you can only tag one item per story.

  • Make a use of Swipe Up in stories

If you have more followers, then you can use the swipe-up feature to make the shopping experience simple. Just feature an image in the story and include a swipe up, which leads the user to your website or checkout page.

  • Convert shoppable posts into Ads

This can be peace of mind to those who don’t want to spend more on ads for their products and marketing. Well, you can turn any shoppable post into an ad, sending anyone who clicks on it to the item description page on Instagram and then to your site to buy. You can also make Instagram rolled out an option to make purchase gift cards or make food orders on the platform to support small businesses during the pandemic.

To participate, set up a gift card or delivery service with an Instagram partner. Then create a story on your account and choose the gift cards or food orders depending on your business. You’ll then have a life story where you can click and buy. Even better, you can add these features as buttons on your profile’s home page.

  • Add CTA

Last but not least is call-to-action which is used to remind your audience that all of these posts, a story, a post, and an ad are shoppable. You can make the best use of Call-to-action by showing these buttons.

  • Tap to shop
  • Tap to buy now
  • Tap to see the product
  • Tap to purchase
  • Tap to see your wishlist

Hence, with the help of CTA, you can convert leads into customers and prospects. And this is why you should make use of CTA in every post, or an ad, or a story.

Wrapping Up!

All in all, these are the major factors that can help you drive product sales on Instagram. We have tried to include all the things that Instagram offers to sell products and enhance revenue. We hope you find it insightful and valuable for your next sale on Instagram.

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