Best Magento 2 SEO Strategies to Get Higher Ranking in Google

April 27, 2018 Written By Yogesh Trivedi

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Magento 2 store owners are a half battle won as their store is up and running. To win the other half battle, a higher ranking in Google is the requirement. And the key to this requirement is improved SEO strategies. Some merchants raise their eyebrows when the need for SEO is stressed too much. But it is a widely accepted fact that your E-commerce store got to have a better SEO for a wider outreach.

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Let’s see how?

Suppose you are looking to buy a product or service, the first thing you would do is search on Google. Check out first 3-4 links and make your decision. People search directly with the company’s name only when it is a big brand. Rest is directly searched with the name of the product. Now, there are millions of E-commerce website like yours selling similar products. You can imagine the deadly competition. If your site does not show up among the top results on Google, you are likely to lose business to your competitors.

Over and above, Google does not accept payments for a higher ranking, you have to try hard for having a better SEO.

Now, as you have understood the importance of SEO, let’s see its improvement strategies.

  1. Develop a Rich Content

It’s all about search. Google search is merely based on words. A rich content forms the base of your SEO strategy. The content should be unique, self-explanatory and precise. It should be understandable to the user. As Google also tracks time spent by the user on a page. So, if the user dodges off quickly, you are likely to lag behind in the rankings. Also, keep updating your content at regular intervals, so Google knows you are active and can catch your page in its search result easily.

  1. Focus on Keywords Relevant to the Content

You have a fancy content ready but it should have keywords which users will search for. If you miss on that, no matter how great and unique your content is, it is not going to be displayed in top results. So, dig a research and learn some tactics about user’s searching habits. And use those keywords in your content. You can also check the performance of each keyword using Google tools. Make the most of Webmaster tools.

  1. Product Image Optimization

Now, you must be astonished what has image optimization to do with SEO? Well, firstly it’s not the image, the alt tags and titles are what that matters. Obviously, the image should be of good resolution. So, when the user searches for a particular product, Google can show up your site’s product at a higher ranking as it can detect a match from image title and alt tag as well.

  1. Use Canonical URL for Duplicate Content

Almost every Magento 2 store has a blog section where you post content about your products. You may do guest post on third-party sites with the same or similar content. This is the biggest mistake as Google will mark you negative for duplicate content. To save yourself from this mistake, make use of canonical URLs for third-party sites. This will make Google know that the content on third-party site has been taken from your site and this way originality of your content will be maintained.

  1. Server Performance Optimization

Moving forward with words, keywords, and content, Google also checks for your site’s server whether it is capable to bear the load of requests it will send to your site. So, make sure your server is robust and scalable enough to bear the increasing load. Also, the speed of your site should be good. If the server response time takes longer than 1-2 sec, the user is likely to close the tab and look for another. You can check your site’s speed at page speed insights and improve accordingly.

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  1. Say no to Robots.txt

Basically, robots.txt is to deny web robots and crawlers from scanning some pages of your site which you have disallowed in the file. Your goal here is to directly make user reach to your product page. A greatly layered navigation which works on specific product parameters is capable of giving the good reference to your products. To make most of it, use no index approach which will directly redirect the traffic to your product page instead of listing in the search results. Isn’t that great? All you need to do is install a good layered navigation extension for your Magento 2 store. It will also enhance product filtering on your store and hence higher conversion rate & user experience.

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  1. Improve Product pages

Your end goal is to make user reach the product page and make a purchase. So, better product pages are also a part of SEO improvement campaign. Better image, understandable description, good reviews are some of the steps to be followed. Magento 2 already has provision to enter Meta detail for each product, hence do that too. To make it more efficient, use rich snippets. Schema-org and rich snippets help to increase traffic by highlighting your product information, business service in Google and cards for social media sites. Therefore, it boosts up your products’ overall visibility in Google.

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  1. Get rid of 404 – Page Not Found

This again works in the direction of negative ranking. You might have created some pages in the past which are deleted now or there may be a case where you have stopped selling certain products. If Google has already crawled these URLs and when the user searches for them the next time, theresult is 404 – Page not Found. So, make sure you have redirected all these URLs to some similar page or home page.

Final Wordings

That’s some basic tips on building SEO strategies for your Magento 2 store to get a higher ranking in Google. Try them out and you’ll thank us later.

Don’t forget to check out Mconnect Best Magento 2 extensions as they’ll help you achieve some of these strategies.

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