How Customer Reviews Improve eCommerce Conversion Rates

November 23, 2015 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Customer Reviews Improve eCommerce Conversion Rates

It’s high time to keep the shoppers intact with your website rather than investing in other sources. eCommerce business have gone through major advancements, and the one which have huge impact is Customer Reviews. Stats shows on an average 75%-80% shoppers abandoned purchase whereas conversion rates are 1%-3%. 

eCommerce Sites Conversion Rates have huge dependency on these customer reviews. 90% of online shoppers make their purchase by reading online reviews. So, reviews offer measurable sales impact on eCommerce websites. 

In this post, we highlight a few major benefits of having Customer Reviews on an eCommerce website:

  • Add Credibility To Website:

Building trust is the first step to reach customer. Running a website by including customer reviews market your products. It eliminates any doubt on buyers mind to narrow down their search and find the right product.

When shoppers browse website, their foremost look is to find out how other buyers feel about the product. Their reviews indicates whether purchase was enjoyable or poor. A survey shows, 72% shoppers look at the customer reviews before shopping online while only 10% simply purchase online. So, when a review is found useful that tends user to purchase and ultimately improves eCommerce Sites Conversion Rates.

  • Add Value to Products:

We know customer satisfaction is uttermost requirement in business conversion. When you receive a positive review for a product, then you get an insight of what customer feel about the product. Feedback improves the products appearance in the catalog ensuring maximum shoppers find it. Whereas, a negative review will help in discontinuing such product. Making the reviews displayed properly by having a prominent eCommerce site design enrich user experience. 

  • Improve SEO Placement:

Search Engine like unique, fresh and relevant contents in your website. It’s not feasible for you to update the contents regularly, however a customer review will update your website regularly. Commonly, user search a product having a review. Meaning that, if customer reviews are listed on a product, then a user will likely to click it as displayed in search engine result that automatically bring traffic to your website and improve conversion rates.

  • Build Consensus:

The concept of Consensus defines human behavior in a similar way. After reading positive reviews, customers tends to divert to the same products. Reading reviews help buyers in knowing the past purchase history. After identifying number of buyers for a product, a new buyer tends to follow the same that results in conversion.

  • Reviews Impact Customer Decision:

Customer Reviews builds an ease finding relevant information about the product, motivating buyers to make a purchase. Survey shows, 90% customers are encouraged to buy a product after reading positive customer review. Even if you brief about the product, having reading the actual experience with the product helps researcher in making right decision that will result to website conversion. Make sure your eCommerce site design is professional that allow customers to find what they look for. 

Encourage your customers to post reviews using tactics like rewarding, discounts or other exciting prizes.

Want to add reviews feature to improve your eCommerce store conversion rate? You can simply enable it in Magento by yourself. Check our DIY tutorial on how to add and manage product reviews in Magento at Slideshare. Alternatively, Contact us for free eCommerce consultation and know how you can improve your sales.

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  1. Nicely written post. Customer reviews are known to increase the eCommerce store conversion rates. It is beneficial both for companies and customers.

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