8 Ideal Characteristics to Scan before Hiring a Magento Website Developer

February 8, 2018 Written By Yogesh Trivedi

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Rookie to the E-Commerce business? Trouble finding a Magento development agency to make your first move? Well, you have made one wise decision opting for Magento platform to build your E-Commerce store. Developing a Magento store is once in a lifetime investment. Hence things should be set in the right place, the very first time.

There a million of Magento service providers in the market and choosing the suitable one for your self is like finding a needle from the haystack.

Best qualities to check before signing the deal with Magento development company. This will help you narrow down the results and pick the best one for your e-store creation:

Profound Technical Knowledge and Innovative Thinking

The developer/creator should be well-versed with technologies like PHP, MVC framework, Object Oriented Programming Concepts, Zend framework (as Magento is based on Zend), JavaScript, HTML, CSS and jQuery for front-end development.  These technologies form the base for Magento coding. Apart from technical knowledge, the developer should be innovative and creative thinker. This quality will give you a better solution and valuable suggestions to run your e-store smoothly. It creates altogether a different impact on your website’s design and user acceptability to surf through your site.

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Certified Resources

Magento itself provides certification to the highly-skilled professionals based on the examination conducted by them. It is always better to higher Magento certified developers. It helps you to stay care-free regarding the coding structure of your e-store as they follow all the required coding standards. Moreover, the software and hardware resources used should be latest and licensed. This is essential as your code should be such that can be easily upgraded as per the latest trends. Magento keeps on releasing new versions, and you have to be in the race by coming up with the most recent releases.

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Relative Experience

Now, suppose you are suffering from an infection in your ears, you are going to visit an ENT specialist. Paying a visit to an eye specialist will be of no benefit. Similarly, while choosing the developer, you should first check their portfolio to see whether they have done any work related to your business in the past. If yes, then they will have a broader perspective to develop your website and take care of any minute points missed by you.

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Good Communication, Analytics and Understanding Skills

Communication is the soul of any business deal. There should be direct communication medium with the developer. It should be both – verbal and written. The developer should be able to grasp what you say and interpret the same. Because if the developer lacks fast grasping skill, then your project is not in good hands. Also, a highly analytic mind is essential to shape your needs with an expected outcome in return.

Quality work with Better Price

Every solution provider comes with a different price tag. Different prices will cover different aspects. Solution providers will lure you with their policies and competitive prices. But a lower price and ruthless result is of no use. Instead, check out the portfolios and choose the one with better quality. This will keep your business up and run over time.

SEO Aspect

You are about to start a new business, so you have to make people aware about the same. Just as in the traditional market, you give out advertisements about your new venture; in case of online business, your website must be developed such that it appears in the top results of the relevant search. There are other paid promotions online to spread a word about your new venture. Make sure; your developer includes all the SEO related stuff in the solution provided to you.

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Post Delivery Support

When you are into the E-Commerce business, getting your store setup is not going to be enough. Your store should be monitored, and security checks should be carried out at regular intervals. Magento releases security patches as and when any fault is encountered. These patches should be applied to your store to keep them safe from hackers and customer friendly. Do check the support policy of solution provider before giving away your project.

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Getting a Magento store developed requires a lot of patience and highly skilled resources with all the required qualities mentioned above. To sustain in the E-Commerce industry, you cannot afford to miss out any single mistake. Your e-store should be easily accessible, easy to use, have customer friendly design, easy check out process with popular payment gateways. Your e-store can be made well equipped with the help of a skilled, experienced and certified resource. Hence, take your time to find the correct one rather than choosing the wrong developer in a hurry!

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