Must Have User Experience Features on your eCommerce Store

February 6, 2016 Written By Jayesh Trivedi

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eCommerce business is the biggest invention of shopping online, we have noticed this business is flourishing with the several big and small brands year after year. We have tried to help the business to get the right eCommerce design for their online store. With emerging demands of a great user interface that contributes to website success, we have created this blog on what all crucial features to be included during website design to enhance your eCommerce store. You may even read our previous blog Why Design is Important for User Experience in eCommerce to know the importance of user experience for business success. 

To help the online retailers drive maximum customers, we have listed down important features which are must to include in the eCommerce website:

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

While browsing your website, customers should be ensure to complete data privacy while making purchase using their credit card or doing payment online. On making purchase decision from your website, customer demands assurance of complete transaction security. No one ever wants their data to be stolen, compromised, or sold by any means.

Somehow, even suggesting various important steps to perform safe transaction, you cannot control user actions. However, ensuring complete data security from your side by installing SSL certificates assure that the data is not compromised. Nowadays, hackers are active while customers perform transaction, hence installing SSL certificates are the best way to restrict the unauthorized access so that no one can tap credit card data.

For Example: The website using ‘HTTPS’ instead of ‘HTTP’ ensures data security. Even the websites that are not in selling business also uses the SSL certificates for other reasons like hindering compromising user’s privacy. Recently, Google has started considering the website rankings for those who have SSL certificates.

Call to Action (CTA)

We already know that the eCommerce store is designed to sell products. To improve sales figure, facilitate your customers to inquire about your products by giving a Call to Action button is every pages. Positioning these on the webpages encourage buyers to inquire more and make a purchase.

Here we will describe why you need Call to Action?

Initiate Product Sale: Well, as we know the main motive of having CTA button is to encourage customer inquire about your product. This means, clicking on any of the buttons- Buy Now or Ask now means the customers are interested in your product or they are confused and want to know if your product meets their requirements. Make these buttons easier for your shopper so they feel comfortable knowing about what you offer. 

Inform About Products 

While moving customers throughout your website is ideal in knowing what your customer is actually looking for. If they stay on the website for long, then this means that they are interested in your product. Giving a CTA button will let them inquire more about the products.

Gain Customer Information

Those who clearly understands what a customer wants stay a step ahead in gaining them. If your website enlist different types of products bifurcated into various categories that gain customer attention, then this gives a clear idea of what the customer is actually looking for.

Offering Sales and Savings

No one can deny the fact how much customers love grabbing exciting deals and offers on products. Huge traffic is observed during holiday seasons which often turns to downtime for few eCommerce stores. These days experience high revenue than the entire year. So, why not make your customer happy by offering any type of sales or big savings on their purchase.

We all know how customers are excited and enthusiastic to shop during some of the biggest shopping season like Black Friday and Christmas. All around the cities in USA, everyone keep their eyes intact on the deals.

Few common methods of attracting new customers and existing customers are:

Deal(s) of the Day: Above all, this is something that grabs customer to visit your website every day to look for some new deal. For some merchants, this deal last for a day or a week. Given a CTA button is a best approach to promote your website.

Deals on Shipping: We can’t expect what a buyer thinks while shopping online. Trends show, shipping cost have a high impact on customer purchasing decision. A similar shipping cost on every product is not ideal. Many customer drop their shopping on noticing the excess shipping cost that is not worth their purchase.

Even price is cheaper, but high shipping cost will motivate customer to leave. Make sure not to blow out sales by applying high cost.

Big Sales: These sales are the bigger sales where the products are offered with huge discounts at a much cheaper price. This brings maximum traffic to your website and often convert them into sales. Remember to offer such type of sales occasionally. 

Advance Shopping Cart Features

We know how important shopping cart for your business sale is. You can imagine the frustration of a customer browsing several products, finally adding one to cart and then abandon the shopping due to the long detail form or complicated payment procedure. There are lot more to consider while designing the shopping cart. Grabbing the customer attention to actually convince them they are buying the right product is a big challenge for your business.

Prioritize the list of recommendations by clearly removing the complex filling forms. Customer never wants to spend their time recording huge details. Instead keep it simple and ask to fill only the necessary information to carry on the purchase. Faster buying process with less information filling is a key to successful checkout. Today, most of the big eCommerce companies have streamlines the checkout procedure by limiting it to only one step checkout.

Once customer is convinced on making a purchase and fills the checkout information then it will be easier to create an account in your website. Even keeping the recommended products on the home page will encourage customers to buy it. At last, don’t forget to implement the payment gateway features that initiates faster processing of an order and successful checkout. 

Easy Search and Navigation Features

Have you decided how your customer will find the product they are looking for? Untill they get what they actually look for is possible only after giving them freedom to search products easily. Begin with including a search box at the top of the webpage where it is easily noticed. Keeping them at first sight position lets customer to search immediately what they look for without browsing the entire website. Moreover, other navigation features like including a filters would help in narrow down the search to give exact product result. 


We have created this blog to let the webmasters know how they can enrich users experience by incorporating the set of essential features by ensuring complete security to customer data which always holds high concern. A good web design with consideration of crucial features is a must for business success.

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  1. I would also suggest giving the customer freedom to write the product review would also help in increasing the product sale. Having a product review feature will help the store owner to understand how their product is going in their store. Even after reading the reviews, other customers are able to make their purchase decision after knowing the product.

    1. Yes, Zane. I also agree. I have implemented product review feature in my website and gradually know how the product is performing. Even, my other customers find the reviews helpful. On getting the positive reviews, the sale of the particular product also increased.

  2. Making the top level of navigation clickable is another important aspect to include in the eCommerce website. Customer likes the clickable links more than dropdown menus. When they click on the link then they get the result as expected.

    1. Adding to what you said, if the subcategories belong to different parent categories then putting them around all main categories will also help the customer to find a product that may belong to different categories. So, whenever customer is caught with no options, then they can search the products in other categories as well.

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