Custom Magento Gift Cards and Vouchers – A Perfect Holiday Sales Booster

November 14, 2017 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Role of Gift Cards and Vouchers in Holiday Sales

People celebrate these holidays and Christmas holidays by gifting others as well as their employees if they are bearing businesses or organizations. Initially, people were gifting clothes, apparels, electronic gadgets, and other tangible things.

What Are Gift Vouchers and How Became Popular?

Gradually, banks and financial institutes have issued gift certificates to redeem in banks as well as on their authorized stores. The paper-based gift certificates become vouchers and with the advent of digital technologies and adoptions.

It has made gift cards the biggest selling item during the holiday seasons, and the consumption of gift cards reached up to $130 billion in 2015, which is estimated nearly double in the current holiday season.

Types of Gift Cards

Today gift cards or gift vouchers are available in physical as well as digital formats. Physical gift cards come as plastic cards like debit/credit cards issued by banks and international financial service providers.

Digital gift cards are easy to generate and sell compared to any other gift item. Therefore, holiday shoppers are buying gift cards as a top priority and grab marketing incentives attached to it. Apart from these, gift cards offer several benefits that tempt ecommerce merchants to issue gift card of their brands instead of using standard gift cards issued by banks and other service/network providers.

What is Gift Card

Which is Best Gift Cards Solution for Magento ECommerce Store?

Considering the rising trends towards gift card issuing by the merchants, several eCommerce developers have developed extensions that enable merchants to design, develop, and sell the digital gift cards as well as print the cards as physical products to ship the receivers.

In due course, MConnect Magento solutions provider team have developed gift card extensions for Magento merchants, which enable merchants to prepare and implement effective gift card design and selling strategies. For example,

  • The Mconnect gift card Magento 2 Extension enables merchants to design attractive gift cards to look on digital devices as well as a print as paper or plastic cards.
  • Image customization, shape definition, and message customization enable gift cards to create consistency with brands and branding campaign run by the Magento merchants.
  • The card would be in alignment with the customer demographics of the merchants who issue it.
  • It allows merchants to create customized cards that can represent the occasion for that it gave like Christmas, birthday, holidays, anniversaries, and so on.
  • It is unique in many ways.

Ideal Gift Card Extensions Features for your Magento 2 eCommerce Store.

Customization of Images

If the online merchant is providing template images and enabling the image upload for front-end customers/gift card buyers, the users can upload their personalized image in their gift cards and make it more alluring as well as appropriate for the occasion, their tastes as well as receivers’ tastes.

It becomes the first step toward providing excellent user experiences through personalization.

Change Email template


Moreover, the extension allows merchants to set maximum memory/storage size of the image for gift card design customization so uploading and other performance issues may not come into the way.

Upload Gift Images

Front-End Preview:

Gift Card Image at storefront

Customizing Message

When a gift card buyer wants to attach a custom message, the extension allows it with the permission of admin. Thus, the admin has to select ‘Yes’ feature from the configuration setting and allow message customization.

Similarly, admin can set the maximum length in a number of text characters to the custom message field in the backend. Thus, customers at front-end have to restrict themselves up to it and save the email template from being disproportional.

Set Maximum Length

Front-End Preview:

Custom message

Customization of Gift Card Layout & Content

The extension allows merchants to specify which information or content should display in the shopping cart page when a gift card has added to the cart.

Shopping card Page
That information is:

  • Gift Card Value
  • Gift Card Template
  • Sender Name
  • Recipient Name
  • Recipient Email Address
  • Custom Message
  • Day To Send
  • Time Zone

Front-End Preview:

Buy Gift Card

Another interesting feature is to show gift card image as a product image in the shopping cart. Thus, it appears on the product page as seen in the image below.

Show Gift Card Image

Front-End Preview:

Gift Card At shopping card

Customization of Email Template

What Is Gift Card Email Templates & how it helps to increase online sales?

The digital Gift Cards always send through email as the email is the most convenient way to deliver digital gift cards. The concept of gifting the gift cards is to develop an unshakable bond between the sender and recipient.

Many gift card senders want to customize gift card email to leverage opportunity for gifting such as if an employer is sending gift cards to the employees or a merchant is sending a gift to the customers.

Customize email template offer many things at a time like branding or sensations. Apart from these, gift card email need look-n-feel appropriate to the occasion that those are going to deliver.

30+ Gift Card Email Templates Designs have been delivered with the gift card extension puchased from M-Connect Media for 7 Special Occassions.

35 Pre-designed email templates to increase Customer Retention:

  • Happy Birthday!
  • Black Friday
  • Thanks Giving
  • Cyber Monday
  • World Kindness day
  • Christmas
  • New Year

Gift Card Email Templates

Download Now

The email templates consisting of scope for image upload, artwork, different layouts, customization abilities to design email layouts, custom messages, custom headlines with the flexibility to set font types, color, and size.

There are various options to customize various email templates in M-Connect Gift Card Extension for Magento 2 merchants, such as

Merchant Allows to Display Email Template

Show Gift Card Email Template

Merchant Can Add Email Templates of Choice

Custom Gift Card Email Template

Merchant Can Allow Display of Preview of Email

Gift Email Template Preview

Merchant Can Set Email Template for Expiry Notification

Gift Card Expity Email Notification

Merchant Can Set Email Template for Sender Confirmation

Gift Card Sender Conformation

Merchant Can Set Email Template for Send to Recipient When Gift Card Refunded

Gift Card refund Email


We have seen that gift card helps Magento merchants to boost their holiday sales in multiple ways such as

  • It helps to bring new visits.
  • Encourage people to spend more than the original value of gift card when they redeem it.
  • It increases the loyalty.
  • It increases the overall revenues.

Do you eager to get the benefit of these promotional Magento extension to your online store? Get it from our official website or Contact our support team to reap the most benefits we offer during the current holiday season.

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