What is ROPO, and Why Is It Crucial to Your eCommerce Business?

December 13, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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What is ROPO, and Why Is It Crucial to Your eCommerce Business?

Pandemic has shuttered many businesses and affected bottom lines. The eCommerce sector and every industry suffer from pain, and it isn’t easy to recover. But there’s comes light in the darkness as the online shopping rate was at the peak of its height. At the same time, the ROPO effect has been implemented most by the modern customer base as they started choosing online and buying offline.

As the name suggests, ROPO refers to research online and purchase offline, becoming the true pinnacle of multiplatform eCommerce. Nevertheless, we cannot define whether it is a breaker or a maker of the eCommerce sector? And that’s why here we came up with eCommerce experts suggest a guide to help you know what’s the actual reality or fact.

How does ROPO work, and what does it mean to your customers?

ROPO means research online and purchases offline as described above, which is a modern customer buying behavior in the eCommerce market. And it is not wrong to say that we as customers also prefer ROPO while shopping online.

In the ROPO effect, customers first research and scroll many products to get the product they want and select based on their interest. And after doing that, they look for a physical store where they can get that product and buy it in-store.

In other words, customers get information about the product through blogs, media, forums, websites, social media, and other channels to look for a specific product. But, the only difference is that they purchase a particular item from the nearest brick and mortar store. As a result, it has become important for store owners to market their products online and offline.

The following are the steps customers take:

  • Visit websites of the brands they are interested in and scroll through various products.
  • Visit different websites with the same product and check for reviews
  • Compare other products according to price, quality, and terms retailers offer.
  • When done with the final product selection, choose the ROPO model and purchase in-store.

Now the question is, what does it mean to customers?

There are many assumptions or statements already being made by retailers as some say customers choose ROPO to get good customer service. In contrast, some choose to get valuable tips from the store. At first, the idea of ROPO seems a bit absurd, but when you do a reality check, you will get an idea of why ROPO is on the upswing.

  • More than ever, customers trust reviews.

There was a time when word of mouth marketing was on the rise, and people used to trust their friends or peers to purchase products. But now the time has changed as it is online era and digitization has taken place; those people are switching to online reviews given by people who have used the products.

Well, there’s no denial in that one day we will do everything digitally, and there will be no look back. Ultimately, customer reviews are more important than ever.

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  • Mobile Phones are revolutionary

There’s no doubt that today most consumers are shopping online. And if we look closely, people are shopping more locally as it is easier than ever to find local businesses on the go. Also, mobile phone sales are increasing like never before since almost everybody has smartphones.

  • Try and test factor

The third and last most important factor is to test why ROPO is popular. Yes, customers can try merchandise in a physical store and feel how the product is instead of just watching. This is why people are shifting more toward in-store experience, and that’s why ROPO is on the rise.

Implement the ROPO marketing strategy with the help of an eCommerce agency

If you leverage ROPO marketing strategy in your current marketing plan with the help of an eCommerce agency, chances are your sales will increase and no wonder revenue. All you need is the right eCommerce strategist on hand to do right.

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1. Personalize your customer experience

Personalization has always been a crucial factor in success in the eCommerce market. The reason is that modern customers have become more demanding than ever, which makes sense.

You have seen many people demanding personalization to customer service or a better user experience. That is true, and as a store owner, you should pay attention to it closely. It’s like if you do take care of your customers, your customers will give back to you.

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What if a customer has abandoned your shopping cart to make a direct purchase to your offline stores? Would it be a waste of resources and time to follow up with such customers to make them buyers? That’s why you have to gather your customer behaviors offline and tie them up with your online behavioural data.

Ultimately, this kind of personalization can help you in your marketing strategies and, no wonder drive the best result for your store as an aspect of sales and customer experience.

2. Track customer using customer loyalty programs

The second and most important benefit an eCommerce agency can provide you is offering a customer loyalty program to track offline and online customer activity. With the help of the Mconnect Fast Cart Checkout Extension for Magento 2, you can provide customers with an option to set a minimum order amount to enable free shipping.

For example, if the store owner is offering free shipping on the order value of above $200, then using this free shipping bar, the admin can give constant alerts to their shoppers and lure them into buying your products. Ultimately, a customer loyalty program is another way to track customers, whether offline or online.

3. Help customers to make a final decision

The last but not least thing is that no matter what happens, customers will make in-store purchases at the end. Since consumers are looking for instant purchase, test products, and avoid lengthy buying procedures.

You know it or not, but ROPO has created fuzz in today’s eCommerce market. And many store owners have started implementing ROPO according to their customer choices and demands. You might have seen people ordering a product online and getting it delivered at home, whether it’s a mobile device, fashion, or anything else.

Ultimately, there’s no denial that ROPO is the future of today’s growing business market, and no one can deny that.

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The Final Verdict

The ROPO effect can be a game-changer for a brick-and-mortar store. However, a well-designed and optimized online store is required to attract online customers and serve offline needs. Here, we have outlined the best practices eCommerce consultants suggest to help you win over your competitors.

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