Determine Customers Purchase Decision By Knowing These Facts

March 2, 2016 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Buying Decision Process

Ever most frustrating things that ever happened is the frequent change of sales strategy. And the important factor that influences the sales strategy is the course-the customer. To get maximum product sales, identifying your customers will help in influencing their purchase decisions.

So, let’s start with the fundamentals of eCommerce Process.

When a customer wants a product they use the search engine like Google to search a product. Then do a comparison to find their relative products. Now, at this point, you have to identify the essential factors that customers focus on while selecting the products.

Before I have highlighted few essential factors, let’s have a look at what the stats say:

  • Product Quality: Quality of the product is the highest considering factor.

  • Free Shipping: Considered as the second-highest factor which influences customer buying decision.

  • Video: 9 out of 10 shoppers watch product video before their purchase.

  • Peer Influence: 81% confirms product to purchase if referred by their family and 30% purchase products if referred by their friends.

  • Quality Content: Brands displaying the interactive contents, including brand images, content and videos attract customers.

To make this easy, learn about the following factors that what decides a customer purchase decision.

Superior Product Quality – That’s What A Customer Want

Commonly, people think the products sold online are not genuine. Therefore, when you list any product, make sure its sustain quality and is original. Whatever you describe a product should be similar to what the actual product listed on your website. Customers should not feel cheated or raise any quality issues. Always get your products from a genuine brand.

Free Shipping – No Additional Shipping Charges Makes Them Happy

Since you are trading online, definitely your shoppers will be from around the world. This means, most of them will check the shipping cost twice before placing the order. So, offering the free shipping excites them to win the battle of getting the product. Customers assume it as the discount on their product or the retailers are bearing their shipping charges. This is the second most considered factor that attracts the customers to purchase from you.

Video – Show Them How The Product Actually Looks

Having a video possesses high chance to get noticed by the customers. As the videos easily convey information, therefore displaying the videos will help the customer in knowing what they think about a particular product. Also, search engine loves the video and include them in their search result.

Peer Influence – Show Your Other Buyers Reviews

Customer Reviews always matters. When asked, 60% of shoppers confirmed they had read other buyers review to know about the product. Without learning the actual experience of the product, they would never make a purchase of electronic products. This clearly means you have to optimize your website for the customers to write their reviews and experience. Also, these reviews should be displayed properly on your website so that the new buyer can make their decision firmly.

Quality Content – Give Information What Customer Wants

Having a quality content influence customer purchasing decision. During their purchase cycle, the customer reads content, discuss and share them to conclude their decision. Understand your customer behavior to create content what your customer wants. Don’t overload your website with unnecessary content which no one wants to read. Having only great content will not be enough if it’s not located in proper place. Use it in the actionable place where it gets maximum views of the customers.

Secure Transaction – Assure Security Of Their Transaction

No one ever wants to transact through any insecure medium. Every customer checks how secure their transaction is. As customer’s confidential data include their credit card details, hence have a secure SSL certification is required.

Check your website against security threats and get a proper SSL certification. Gaining customer trust is only possible by providing them the safe environment for carrying out the transaction.

Quick Customer Support – Customer Support Is Always There To Answer Customer Queries

Obviously, if a customer is purchasing from you, then may have certain questions about their purchase. Now, its chance to show your customer how much serious you are. Have support professionals to handle their queries and provides with an instant solution. Customers appreciate getting the quick response.

M-Commerce – Offering Purchase From Mobile

We all are aware of the technological changes and certainly, we have to adopt them to exist in the competition. Here, I am talking about the expansion of the mobile eCommerce which is tremendously growing these days. Shoppers switch to their smartphones to make a purchase. When you plan your eCommerce website, make sure to have a mobile version of the website.

Identifying Customer behavior is a complex thing to predict. Work on these above-mentioned points and see what really happens.

Don’t forget to share your experiences. We are always available to answer you. If you have any question, talk to our eCommerce Specialist.

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  1. I agree with the points you have mentioned in your blog post. Few months back, I have incorporated Videos and Free shipping options on my online shopping store. And guess what, I can see the difference in conversion rates, the sales has started to increase. And I currently working to improve the product images and customer support for better results. Thanks for this informative blog post.

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