Ultimate Guide to Sell Online & Offline Smarter with Store Locator Page

March 18, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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With growing time, online shopping has become the ideal choice for customers, but it doesn’t mean that there’s no room for offline shopping. Though, customers can’t visit the store physically. How they can know exactly about the product they purchased like how it looks until it shipped to the doorstep?

However, the common concern customers have is why do they offline shopping? So, there are many reasons behind such as, wait for the delivery, delivery charges and satisfaction. Meanwhile, shopping offline gives you the worth of your money, ultimate satisfaction, and instant replacement in case of disliking the product.

What vendors should do is connect their eCommerce websites to physical stores. By building your store locator page, you can convert online customers to offline.

In this post, we’ll narrate Tips on how to sell online and offline with a store locator page and how it helps your business. But before jotting down the tips, let’s know what the store locator page is?

What is Store Locator Page?

The store locator is a feature that helps your customers where to buy your product and guides them to choose your nearest store from their respected location where they can buy them. There are many benefits associated with store locator which we will learn here.

What Should You Add in Your Store Locator?

  • Give Right Direction to Find Your Store:

The first and foremost thing is location. Because how customers will reach to your store without knowing the directions. You cannot waste the time of customers by giving them the wrong way and let them roam around your store.

The main benefit of this feature is that it saves time. You can integrate a store locator with navigation apps to make it easy for your customers. And you know that Google Maps is the finest way to go while choosing a navigation system for your Store Locator Page.

  • Give Location Search Filtering Options:

This is the second and top-most option you should add to your store locator page. Because according to locations, products may differ and that’s why if each of your locations does not provide the same products, a search filter might be a perfect inclusion to your store locator.  The filter allows your user to select respective services, products, or other store features as part of their search.

Let’s look at some of the features of the Magento 2 Store Locator:

  1. Location Stores with specific criteria
  2. The easiest way to reach Store
  3. Information about Store’s availability (Working hours, Holidays and Special working days)
  4. Smooth Communication with the stores
  • Provide Mobile-Friendly Locator:

Last but not least is mobile friendly locator or experience. Yes, many users turn to their smartphones to search for local businesses. And that’s why it is important for you as a store locator to give them a mobile-friendly experience that is easy, quick, and simple access.

A mobile-friendly locator should be easy to use on all kinds of devices. Ideally, it should also require smooth scrolling while in use. If your store locator doesn’t run well to mobile and is tough to use, you may lose potential customers, and no wonder a higher chance of bounce rate, and fewer conversions.

According to Google, nearly 75% of users prefer a mobile-friendly site, 96% of consumers say they’ve confronted sites that were not designed for mobile devices.

Benefits of a Store Locator:

We learned about top elements that should add to the store locator, but how it benefits you and your business? So, having a store locator can help you convert online users into offline customers. This will help improve the overall shopping experience and increase your brand awareness.

  • Boost Sales by Acknowledging your Customers

With the help of a store locator, your customers will get all the details they need to find their nearest store, which enhances their interest in visiting and investing money in your products. It also gears up their research and removes clutters.

  • More visits, More Leads

As they are guided with all the details like a map, opening hours, holiday working days, address, and contact information, store locators can be purchased to build leads through checkout boxes and quote requests.  Hence, they can be used for better customer experiences.

As a store locator, you can also optimize customer activities. Meanwhile, when users use a search engine to find specific products, a sturdy store locator can help you rank on the top of the search engine, and make you more visible. Thus, this will help you drive more traffic to your website and so leads.

  • Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Having a store locator to find a location means users have to come to your website, which drives to enhance site traffic and appended trust for your brand, as well as new leads. It is not just the amount of traffic, a search-optimized store locator helps you gain more traffic for your website, and brings profitable results for your company.

  • Gather Valuable Insight

By adding a store locator to your site, you can use website analytics tools to detect where exactly your customers are, their statists, how many times they search, and a lot more insights.  You can use this insight to enhance and optimize your store locator and know your clientele in brief.

  • Raise the Profile

That’s how a store locator on your website also enhances your business’s local search rankings. Store locator with clickable results for each location, you notably enhance your chance of ranking top for both direct searches and other searches.  Having optimized pages for each store location will boosts rankings for both website and online listing.

Why should you have your own Store Locator Page for an eCommerce Store?

Now we can understand that it is essential to have an instinctive store locator for business. Let’s eye on things that matter while building your own store locator page.

  • Add local content
  • Make location map interactive
  • Add accurate store information
  • Integrate keywords
  • Make it mobile-friendly

If you are the owner of Magento-based eCommerce store and want to have an instinctive store locator page, you should use Magento 2 Store Locator Extension that we have designed and developed to meet business goals.

With an extension, one can find nearby local brand stores easily as it provides a separate page to list all your stores with Google Maps display. As result, your customers will reach you easily and this simple configuration will help you convince shoppers from online to offline stores.

Top features of Magento 2 Store Locator contain…

  • The customer can view the distributor locations on both the map and list.
  • Filtering search to search according to specific criteria to get accurate results
  • Active and Smooth interactions with the store
  • Extension to show the fastest way of the store
  • Set working hours, special working days, and holiday for stores
  • Mobile-friendly experience for users
  • Make it easy to find your store


We’ve discussed above how a store locator can benefit you and also learned how it can convert online visitors into customers. Store locator page with an optimized site can help improve in-store conversions.

Which features do you think are the best for your website store locator? M-connect Media can help you add an extension to your website for a better user experience and interface.  If you need any help regarding Store Locator Google Map Extension for Magento 2, then Consult our eCommerce expert and get it right away.

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