Tips to Increase Online Sale Conversions this Holiday Season

November 29, 2016 Written By Hemant Parmar

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For any online Ecommerce store, the holiday season is the best time to drive more customers and boost store sales. However, with continually evolving Ecommerce market; it’s not easy to retain customers as well as reach more potential customers. So, you always need to keep your eyes on modern marketing trends to prepare store for the upcoming holiday season. And if you don’t, then your store has a severe risk of falling awfully behind competition.

According to Statista, the holiday season sales for E-commerce store revenues amounted nearly 135.35 billion U.S. dollars in 2019, and it is projected to reach $4.89 trillion by the year 2021. But things are quite easy where your Ecommerce store is running on the latest Magento Platform. Because it comes with tones preloaded features that you need to run a successful Ecommerce store.

Though it’s the perfect time for business to prepare for upcoming holidays so customer can enjoy best shopping experience. So, let’s take a look at some of the powerful holiday marketing ideas that will help you to boost your store conversions like a pro.

1. Use Attractive Offer Banners/Stickers :

Always consider to change the look and feel of Ecommerce store during the holiday season. So, your customers won’t get bored and find it attractive to coming back to store again and again. You can also add eye-catchy product stickers on the product page as well as category page so your customer can quickly find product-specific discounts. You can also add attractive banners and sticky to highlight offer discount during the sale.

2. Offer free shipping:

Shipping cost is one of the primary reasons for cart abandonment for customers if its too high. One survey says that the percentage of sales increased by 49% after offering free shipping services to the customers. Because your shoppers are always looking for free shipping to save their money. That’s why many store owners are offering free shipping facility in their Ecommerce store as it is one of the most powerful marketing strategies to increase the sales conversions during holiday seasons.

However, if you don’t want to offer free shipping to customers, then you can also create custom shipping rules by which your customer can enjoy free shipping if their order value exceeds to the certain order amount.

3. Use Gift Card Strategy:

Not just free shipping, the Gift card is also one for the most successful marketing strategy for online Ecommerce stores. You can also offer gift cards to your customers that can be avail on their next purchase. It turns your customer into happy returning customers. You can also use third-party Gift Card Extension that will help you to create unlimited gift cards from your Magento 2 backend, and your customer can gift discounted cards to their loved ones.

4. Make your customer feel special:

It is mandatory to make your customers feel unique and valued as they always remain loyal to your brand. By this gesture, your customers also help you get new customers by sharing their experience of shopping at your store.

With this mouth to mouth marketing strategy, it will result in an increased rate of customer growth for your Ecommerce store. So, make sure you are listening to your customers and paying attention to their inquiries.

5. Use Social Media to drive more customers:

Social media is a beneficiary tool for all sizes of businesses, whether it is online or offline. It will be beneficial for you to stay in touch with your loyal customers. So, make sure you are considering social media to inform your customer about upcoming holiday season sale and discounts. Moreover, you can also run a paid advertising campaign to drive more potential customers to your store.

6. Engage with Mobile Customers:

As the technology is getting better and better, the customers are getting smarter. The number of mobile users is continuously increasing with time. During the holiday sales season, many times customer are making a purchase when they are out with their family from mobile devices. Which means if your website is not mobile-friendly you are losing many of customers. But it’s never too late as there is still time to make your Magento store mobile-friendly by hiring Magento developer. It will help you to make your store responsive that works across all the browser and devices for the perfect cross-platform shopping experience.

7. Create Ads & use compelling CTA:

As the holiday sales season is there, the competition between the stores increases to attract higher traffic and make more sales as well as profits. However, there are multiple ways to attract customers to your Ecommerce store and make them purchase products from you.

You can run promotional ads and use a call to action banners (CTAs) to encourage your customer for shopping. As promotions are the best way to drive more sales successfully during and it always works. To enhance the sales rate, you can create promotions when offering free shipping and big discounts on your store. Explicitly, if you are operating your marketplace, you can set the time for shoppers to get discounts and how many slots you offer, which depends on you. Giving customers more chances to get discounts can increase sales and also raise the buyer’s loyalty.

8. Use Email Marketing to Drive Traffic:

Email Marketing is the oldest channel for marketing purposes, and when it comes to increasing traffic or sales, it is the first choice of the ecommerce industry. As the holiday season is going on, the ecommerce businesses can take the full advantage of this channel to engage with their customers and bring them to their site.

However, when you are planning the email marketing campaign for the holiday season, ensure that the email format contains the content which is helpful, interactive, promotes, and offers the product suggestions.

9. Optimize for Better performance:

When you are running a sale in Ecommerce store, you will feel customer rush online that can also slow down your store. So, it’s essential to optimize store for increased performance so customer can have a hassle-free shopping experience.

However, it’s not easy to tweak your store for better performance as businesses and number products are vary. So, we always advise you to consult the Magento Expert for better performance.

10. Offer Quick support:

Customer always has many questions before or after making a purchase. However, using a traditional medium to communicate with your customer takes several time. Some of those customers may leave site if they don’t find answers to their questions, and this can be a loss when the number of such customers increases. To avoid such situations and increase the conversion rate, you can offer live chat support on ecommerce website. This will reduce the time in getting the resolution or answers and will increase the chances to make the purchase. You can consider some powerful features of a model live chat extension to understand more about the importance of owning live chat support. As the holiday season can be a crucial time for most ecommerce businesses too, make sure that you are responding to your customer quickly.


So these are some of the essential tips that will increase your sales conversion rate in this holiday season of 2019. Use them to offer a better shopping experience and to expand your holiday sales ROI.

While it is not just about the holiday shopping season, it is always a good time to rethink about creative ways that will enhance your online business. It is more critical that what advancements you apply for the maximum number of sales conversion as the holiday shopping traffic begins to grow.

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