Top 10+ Best Magento 2 Extensions Boosting your Sales

April 4, 2018 Written By Hemant Parmar

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In the technological era, we all know the huge power of e-commerce especially Magento 2 Stores, and the key factor to gain more profits for Magento 2 Stores is making it become easy and convenient to use. In other words, if a vendor wants his online store to become more popular and attracts more customers, he has to add more functionsfor the store website. Understanding the demand of online sellers in general, Magento 2 store vendors in particular, Landofcoder is delightful to introduce you Top 10+ Best Extensions that help to boost your sales and profits significantly.

Let’s see what you can gain when using these Extensions!

1.Magento 2 Marketplace Pro

Magento 2 Marketpalce Pro

Landofcoder Magento 2 Marketplace Pro is the full version of an online automatic Marketplace that let the unlimited quantity of sellers/vendors to promote and sell their products. If you want to automize your marketplace professionally like many famous and popular brands in the world such as eBay, Amazon, and Esty, Magento 2 Multivendor Marketplace Pro by Landofcoder will be your best choice.

1.1 Outstanding Features

1.1.1 Set Up Flexible Commission for each seller

With Landofcoder Magento 2 Multivendor Marketplace, admin can find it easy to set up various commission rate for the different vendor, products, and categories. It is developed to help you to create powerful online marketplace as your expectation.

1.1.2 Advanced Reports

You all know that Advanced Reports is an independent extension for Magento 2 and it has a very important role in managing and viewing products through showing statistics as well as quantity of sold products. From that, sellers can see their store information and details in the form of the chart, which is an easy way to control website.

  • Line chart about sales report by day/ month/ year
  • Show Date, customers, subtotal
  • Show Bestseller: name of the product, price, and quantity
  • Show viewed products: name, price, and views
  • Illustrate which countries buying the products

Advanced Reports

1.1.3 Multiple Gateways

For an online store, paying method is a key factor to make or break their business. By that we mean, it would be much easier for customers when you-store owner offers as many gateways as possible. With Landofcoder Marketplace Pro, Paypal, Braintree, Google Checkout,WePay,Dwolla,Authorize.Net, Sage Pay, Amazon Payment,2CheckOut, Skrill and many more gateways are supported. No more worries about paying method!

Multiple Gateways

1.1.4 Flexible Magento 2 Theme Compatibility

With the advanced features in designing and coding, this Pro is good at compatible with any kind of Magento themes and extensions. These are some of the typical examples of themes and extensions that Marketplace Pro matches flawlessly: Layered Navigation, Store Locator, Auto Search, Ajax Social Login, Ves Flipcart, Ves Flash shop, Ves Bishop and  Ves Owen store, etc.

Flexible Magento 2 Theme Compatibility

1.1.5 Effective Feedback & Review for Sellers

Good feedback and comments from customers are are the power to make the success of a store. Learning about this, Marketplace Pro by Landofcoder offers customers the right to comment/ feedback/ review on the products they purchased. After submitting, customers’ reviews will be approved by admins and published on the store webpage.

 Effective Feedback & Review for Sellers

1.2. Demo and Details

1.2.1 Landing Page (Updating)

1.2.2 Seller Cpanel Demo (Updating)

1.2.3 Frontend Demo (Updating)

1.2.4 Backend Demo (Updating)


2. Magento 2 Auction Extension

Magento 2 Auction Extension

Magento 2 Auction Extension is a useful tool to boost traffics and drive more sales for store owners that allows store owners to give the limited products for bid, taking bids and selling it with the highest price. If you’re an online store owner and you really want to boost your store profits then Landofcoder Auction Extension will be your perfect companion!

2.1 Outstanding Features

2.1.1 Generating Excitement and Heightening Customers’ Interest

Generating Excitement and Heightening Customers’ Interest

Giving bid always is the best choice when you want to draw more attention from your customers. It can help your customers, in turn, to pay the price of one product, from low to high, and when no one can pay with a higher price, the product will belong to the highest bidder. It’s an effective way to wake up customer’s competitiveness and also a golden key to making your store become more popular and bring you a huge number of benefits.

2.1.2. Display Attractive Auction Page

Display Attractive Auction Page

An interface is quite important in deciding to purchase your products or not. Landofcoder Auction Extension provides sellers a new impressive auction interface that involves all auction products in only one page with Start/End Dates as well as the detailed instructions about the auction.

2.1.3. Strong Call to Action

Strong Call to Action

Call to Action is an effective and useful tool when selling products online. It appears anywhere, from notification, selling page to email as well. And one more time, the Strong Call to Action is offered in this extension with the purpose to help your page become more strong and bring you more products views as well as sales.

2.2. Demo and Details

2.2.1.Frontend Demo (Updating)

2.2.2 Backend Demo (Updating)

2.2.3 Details:

3. Beeketing | Sales & Conversion optimization for Magento 2

Sales & Conversion optimization for Magento 2

It normally costs you so much time and resources to acquire traffic to your store, but without having an effective onsite marketing strategy, your effort will be in vain. Beeketing is one of a few marketing automation extensions for Magento 2 that highly focuses on enhancing your onsite marketing and increasing conversion rate. 10+ tools included in Beeketing will help convert your leads into real sales and minimize the cart abandonment

3.1 Outstanding features

3.1.1 Upsell and cross-sell with AI

Beeketing’s upsell and cross-sell tools are integrated with AI which helps automate your upsell strategy in the way manual work can’t do.

By analysing your order history, the tools learns your product insights and find which products are complementary or can be bought together.

Moreover, the AI algorithm learns each customer’s patterns and interests by tracking every session and activity they perform in your site.

With its abilities, Beeketing can automatically recommend the most relevant items to different customers based on their interests. This will increase the chance of upselling and cross-selling and save you from painful manual work.

Cross Selling Offer

3.1.2. Target leaving customers and prevent abandoned carts with different types of offers

Another unique tool in Beeketing extension is Checkout Boost, which can help you prevent abandoned carts and boost checkout rate.

The key idea of this tool is offering customers a small incentive (a free gift, free shipping, a discount code) when they perform particular actions such as they’re about to leave or they reach a cart threshold you’ve set up in the extension backend.

The best thing is that Checkout Boost provides an option to add a countdown clock to your offer. This trick creates the sense of urgency and urge customers to complete their purchase as fast as possible to get your incentive.

Count Down Offer

You can create different offers and trigger them at different cart levels to make them more personalized.

3.1.3. Nurture and convert leads with email marketing

Beeketing also has an email marketing tool, which is Mailbot. In this tool, you can find 6 essential automation campaigns to nurture leads, recover abandoned carts and build customers’ loyalty such as: Happy Email, Cart Abandonment, Reward Coupon, Buy Again, etc.

You can set up to send regular newsletters automatically like new arrivals emails as well.

3.2 Demo and details


4. Magento 2 Store Credit Extension

Magento 2 Store Credit Extension

Landofcoder Magento 2 Store Credit offers an in-store currency, which is used to process the refunds or give the reward for customers. The currency will act like the regular payment, and it can only be used to purchase in the particular store. It’s a quite amazing method to attract customers to visit your store next time!

4.1 Outstanding Features

4.1.1 Earn Or Buy Store Credit With Ease

Earn Or Buy Store Credit With Ease

If vendors want to keep customers’ loyalty, they can offer gifts for customers by giving them the store credit. For some customers, if they want, they totally can buy more store credit. Obviously, store credit only can purchase in your store only, so it’s the effective way to drive more sales. One more method to make more profits is adding the rate of credit.

4.1.2 Sharing Store Credit With Friends

Sharing Store Credit With Friends

It’s an advanced feature when this extension offers customers the right to share the credit in store with their friends. It seems that sharing is a way to attract more customers ( customers’ friends) as well as save money and store credit. If you want to share with your friends, you just need to add your friends’ email, choose the amount and message, then we will transfer credit to your friend right away.

4.1.3 Spend Credit On Tax & Shipping Fees Easily

Spend Credit On Tax & Shipping Fees Easily

Sometimes paying taxes and shipping fees are quite complicated, and customers somehow get bored with this problem. With this version, Magento 2 Store Credit Extension by Landofcoder helps customers to solve it with just one click. In other words, taxes and shipping fees can be paid by store credit.

4.2 Demo and Details

4.2.1 Frontend (Updating)

4.2.2 Backend (Updating)

4.2.3 Details:

5. Magento 2 Reward Points

Magento 2 Reward Points

Magento Reward Points is one tool for Magento retailers.  We give you a powerful tool to create customer experiences and make sales anytime.Moreover, this extension is made to cherish your customers every time they bring benefit to your shop in some way and to encourage your customers and they will return for new purchases in next times.

5.1 Outstanding Features

5.1.1 SEO Optimized & Higher Ranking

SEO Optimized & Higher Ranking

SEO nowadays is not strange to online sellers anymore. If you want customers to know your store and products, you must have the high rank in Search Engine as well as SEO optimized. And one special thing here is, the website having reward point always is ranked highly on Google. So, with this extension, you totally can make your site become more and more well-known.

5.1.2. Multiple premade events

Multiple premade events

Customers are kings, so pleasing customers can be a good way to make profits. With Landofcoder Reward Points, sellers can pre-made lots of events such as Customer signs up, Facebook like, Facebook share, Customer birthday,…Making these kinds of events, apparently, vendors have an advantage of drawing customers’ good reviews and attention.

5.2 Demo and Details

5.2.1 Frontend (Updating)

5.2.2 Backend (Updating)

5.2.3 Details:

 6. Magento 2 Follow Up Email

Magento 2 Follow Up Email

Landofcoder Follow Up Email Extension is created to make and send a huge number of triggered emails according to customer activities to build relationships with store and customers and increase the number of purchases. With this extension, you don’t have to worry much about email template as well as time to create a perfect email!

6.1. Outstanding Features

6.1.1 Increase the number of repeated purchases

Sometimes, persuading customers to buy your products again is quite hard, not because your products’ quality is not good. It’s just easy to explain this that customers want to try another store, to compare and contrast the price as well as the quality. So, how to make your customers become more loyal to your store? Follow Up Email Extension by Landofcoder can do that! With a variety of pre-made templates, you can choose among thousands of templates that suitable for your situation and persuade customers.

6.1.2 Customize design of any email template as your need.

Customize design of any email template as your need.

Although having numerous pre-made email templates, Landofcoder Magento 2 Follow Up Email Extension also allows you to customize the design of an email template with ease. From the existed email, you can drag and drop, as well as cut/add anything you want for your perfect email. Furthermore, this extensions’ emails are compatible with any kind of screens and devices, so it becomes more and easier for vendors to send emails.

6.2. Demo and Details

6.2.1 Frontend ( Updating)

6.2.2 Backend ( Updating)

6.2.3 Details:

7. Magento 2 Coupon Extension

Magento 2 Coupon Extension

Landofcoder Magento 2 Coupon Code Extension is an amazing tool to generate the coupon codes via email templates and rules then send to a fixed group of customers within a minute. Giving coupon codes is an effective way to have customers’ loyalty as well as make more profits.

7.1 Outstanding Features

7.1.1 Generate barcodes or QRCode from your unique coupon code

Generate barcodes or QRCode from your unique coupon code

QRCode and barcodes include information about the product such as including Name, Address,  price, and quantity,…When integrating Magento 2 Coupon Code with your store, you can generate QRCode for your own products. If you want to generate code, just simply fill Visitor email and Rule, and then the Coupon Code will be generated automatically.

7.1.2 Verify email before applying the coupon code

Verify email before applying the coupon code

One unique feature that makes Lanofcoder Coupon Code Extension amazing is the email verification before making coupon code. Because the limited times of generating coupon code, this process will check and prevent making wrong or incorrect code, and it can protect customers’ rights.

7.2 Demo and Details

7.2.1 Frontend (Updating)

7.2.2 Backend (Updating)

7.2.3 Details

8. Magento 2 Hide Price Extension

Magento 2 Hide Price Extension

Hide Price is an extremely effective way to attract more people clicking and viewing your products. It’s not difficult when talking about “hide price”, it’s just not showing the price of a product with a non-logged in user. Why do sellers do this? The answer is to encourage users to register on your website, and the number of viewers in your store will be raised.It’s also the welcome to visit your store and products, then by any chance, your sales will be much higher and your web can become popular.

Recommended: Customer Specific Price & Product to Hide product & Category from non-logged user.

8.1 Oustanding Features

8.1.1 Hiding prices from guest customers

Hiding prices from guest customers

As you may know, hiding price is quite an important method to make your store and products have lots of viewers.

Landofcoder Magento 2 Hide Price Extension, you totally can both delete the price as well as the adding to the card for not logged in and unregistered guests on your Magento 2 site.

8.1.2 Hiding prices from a certain group of customers

Hiding prices from a certain group of customers

Sometimes, sellers don’t want to hide price for all customers and just want to hide from some of them. So there will be a function that this Extension needs to have: Hiding price from a certain people.

You can enable/disable price for a variety group of users.

8.2 Demo and Details

8.2.1 Frontend (Updating)

8.2.2 Backend ( Updating)

8.2.3 Details:

9. Magento 2 Affiliate Extension

 Magento 2 Affiliate Extension

On these days, affiliate marketing becomes more and more popular, and it’s pretty sure that this kind of marketing can make online store increase their sales and profits effectively. Knowing this trend, Magento 2 Affiliate Extension is released with the function to help vendors make profits on their affiliate channels.

9.1 Outstanding Features

9.1.2 Supporting Multiple Affiliate Programs

Supporting Multiple Affiliate Programs

The more affiliate program supported, the more profits you can gain. With Landofcoder Magento 2 Affiliate Extension, vendors can create as many programs as possible with the changing of Name, Description, Display, Order, etc.

9.1.2 Support to Set Commissions, Discounts & Payout Requirements.

Support to Set Commissions, Discounts & Payout Requirements

Making commissions/discounts/payouts is the key to driving more sales. By the distinct function, our Magento 2 Affiliate Extension allows you to give commission by percent of a fixed amount.

9.2 Demo and Details

9.2.1 Frontend (Updating)

9.2.2 Backend (Updating)

9.2.3 Details:

10. Magento 2 Price Comparision

Magento 2 Price Comparision

What is the most important thing customers consider when buying a product? Obviously, it’s the price. When deciding to buy something, all of our concern about its price, and we seem to compare the price of one product in different stores, and which store sell it with the affordable price, we’ll buy it. That’s the reason why Lanofcoder provides a new Extension- Magento 2 Price Comparison.

10.1 Outstanding Features

10.1.1 Effective Price Comparison Menu

Effective Price Comparison Menu

Landofcoder creates the smart Comparision Menu which enables sellers to assign products by entering product names. After that, they can select and sell product right away. You can select the condition/name/quantity/product description of the products.

10.1.2  Setting Customization Price within One Click

Setting Customization Price within One Click

As an online store owner, you might be quite busy with lots of issues and even don’t have time to take care of your store. With Landofcoder Magento 2 Price Comparison, you just need to choose YES or NO to customize the price, so you can save more time than normal.

10.2 Demo and Details

10.2.1 Frontend (Updating)

10.2.2 Backend (Updating)

10.2.3 Details:

11. Magento 2 Live Chat Extension

Magento 2 Live Chat Extension

When customers come to your site, you need to communicate with them to see their opinions as well as demands. That’s the first rule to attract customers to purchase your store. With Landofcoder Magento 2 Live Chat Extension, customers can chat directly with sellers on site.

11.1 Outstanding Features

11.1.1 Directly Online Chatting

Directly Online Chatting

Sometimes, customers have some questions or problems that need to solve directly. Normally, customers only can send questions via email and wait for replies. Now, with this Magento 2 Live Chat Extension,  customers can text sellers right away in the site, and the problem will be handled directly.

11.1.2 Instant Chat Box

Instant Chat Box

No more worries about waiting for a long time, both customers and sellers are benefited by Landofcoder Magento 2 Live Chat Extension because only by one click, sellers and customers can connect to each other and solve their issues properly.

11.2 Demo and Details

11.2.1 Frontend (Updating)

11.2.2 Backend (Updating)


Final Words

These Top 10+ Best Magento 2 Extensions help boost sales and profits are chosen manually by Landofcoder Magento Experts. Hope it helps in finding suitable extensions for your Magento 2 site as well as boosting your sales and profits! One another Magento module provider named Magentician has published the top Magento 2 Extensions for the year 2019, you can review and improve your eCommerce store.

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