How You Are Going To Market ? Marketing And Sales - Chapter 4

February 11, 2016 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Marketing is a prominent strategy which creates publicity for you and provide a recolonization for your brand and eCommerce business as well. Not all the people are familiar with you as they don’t even know you and here comes the need for you to market yourself, let people know about you and increase your sales.

With previous chapters we have figured out about your business needs and how the industry as well as your competitors are making sales. So after knowing these things you are organized enough to jump in the field of marketing.

Before making and marketing strategy, put together all the data and analysis of the market and at every point keep in your concentration. Knowing your business model, and behavior of your customers imply your marketing plans according to their age, their location, volume of total customers, their general awareness, their preference and their earnings. Taking care of this many factors will turn your strategy a targeted hunt. Just marketing excluding later points wont turn any customers and your plans will work only as a guess.

Another thing which creates the difference is, the mode that you choose fore marketing. There are several marketing channels to do all the possible publicity. Try to use most of them to reach out mos of your customers. Let us study major of the marketing methods but we will differentiate them in two different parts and then take a ride of them. These marketing methods are,

Paid Marketing

  1. Pay Per Action: Also termed as pay per click, this is a part of Google campaign and also requires a proper maintenance of product data feed.

  1. Affiliated Marketing Network: It stands for hiring another websites to advertise and market your products. There many mode of such kind of marketing, for instance, paying per thousand impression of your banners on their website and paying per acquisition.

Unpaid Marketing

  1. Social Sharing: Marketing on social media is one of the most important source of creating big sales. It provide you a direct connection with millions of people who are dealing with internet. Keep your website pages up to date and keep adding new feed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and many more.

  2. Search Engine Optimistic: Track keywords and prepare your website content in a way that it performs better with Google search quires ranks good thus visitors can find your products, when they search it on Google.

  3. Content Marketing: Prepare a content marketing strategy and follow it. Create some interactive email drafts and newsletters and send it, but make sure that your content drives them to make purchase at your online store.

  4. Blog: Create a network of blogger who can post about your website and your product or services on other social platforms so you attract visitors from this source.

  5. Video Marketing: Video marketing is the fastest growing marketing method that is becoming supreme with the occurrence of time specifically for eCommerce marketing. Video marketing is done through major 4 different kind of videos.

These are the general marketing and applicable on generic products. A noticeable point is that your marketing strategy varies according to your product range. Different categories of products requires different marketing plans. For instance, if you are selling high end equipments then you will surely have to prepare a totally different marketing strategy.

LTV {Life Time Value}

Now after studying all these eCommerce marketing essentials, there come a very crucial question, how much you are suppose to pay on marketing to get a customer. Definitely it depends a lot upon your budget and the product that you are selling. Lets catch an eye on how to decide your marketing budget.

Life Time Value is a factor that decides how much your costings for market should be. It is a simple formula to get an estimated calculation that how much your customers are going to spend over time. If you are just kicking off your business and do not have any deep customer purchase behavior data, then it would be better if you remain conservative in your LTV calculation. It is a very simple and one of the easiest matrix. Though there are different companies that calculates LTV differently but one of the most commonly used formula of getting actual life time value is,

LTV = (Average Value Of Order) x (Average Retention time) x (Number Of Repeated Sales)

Even after getting this LTV, it is further divided and taken into graphics to take out the average of every customer so that you get a better idea before investing.

This is it with this chapter and our study of how to plan marketing and sales for you eCommerce business to get more sales. If you have any thing to ask or any doubt or want to learn more about eCommerce marketing then you can contact our eCommerce consultants and can take their help.

In our next chapter we will study about what platform you should choose for your website, so keep reading this business planning series. By any chance if you have missed our previous two sessions of eCommerce business planning, its fundamentals and basics, you can access to them right form here. Please visit,

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