How to Sell Products with Facebook Shops

August 20, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Facebook is used as an advertising platform by 92% of social marketers. These numbers continue to increase by the day, making Facebook the king of all social networks. Facebook can sell products without a doubt since you will find a huge audience there and those people are always willing to buy.

Facebook Shops are Facebook’s modern eCommerce updates that are becoming increasingly relevant to today’s marketers. Due to Facebook Shop’s best e-commerce features and accessibility, there is a lot to gain from the platform.

Today, we will discuss how Facebook can be your favourite platform to sell products. Throughout this article, we will look at ways to sell products with Facebook shops. Here we go!

What is a Facebook Shop?

Getting confused between a Facebook shop page and an Instagram profile shop is common, because both are equal and offer a huge platform for small and medium sized businesses today. Originally, Facebook shops were meant to cater to online retail sales, but later the platform decided to focus on service-based businesses and digital products.

You can take advantage of the platform for promotion, sales, marketing, conversions, and customer service. Businesses of all sizes can create a platform for online shopping on a Facebook shop for free, and leverage it to sell their products.

Facebook is the best because now it’s partnered with third-party tools like Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Magento. That’s great news for you.

Here’s an overview of Facebook Shops’ features

  • Provides access to all Facebook apps and services from one place. You will have a single shop on all platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram Stories, Ads, and more, such as Whatsapp, and Messenger.
  • Checkout will be seamless for users of the Facebook store
  • Live shopping on Facebook
  • Facebook will now be able to tag your products in photos. People will be able to place them in their Facebook and Instagram feeds.
  • With Facebook’s Augmented Reality, you can give your customers a real-time experience.

How to Sell Your Products Facebook Shops

We hope you now have an understanding of what Facebook Shops is and how it can be an excellent eCommerce or online store platform. It is no secret that many eCommerce brands have already chosen Facebook as a way to sell their products.

Let’s look at how to set up your Facebook shop and sell products.

1. Set up An Account

Setting up an account with Facebook commerce manager is the first and most important step as part of selling. You will display what you are selling and what customers can purchase.

It is important to ensure that your business sells physical goods that Facebook can access before setting up an account. You must go to Facebook’s manager and click on the “start selling” button.

Set up your business details first. You will then be walked through the process, you need to name your business. Here’s how to set up your store and open your Facebook shop.

2. Make a Facebook page for your business

You’ll need to create a business Facebook page to set up a Facebook Shop, since that’s how you can represent yourself as a store or business. Facebook Shops cannot be created with personal accounts.

There are many reasons to create a business page rather than a personal one. You should choose a business page as it has many marketing advantages over a personal account. Once you are done with the business page, you have to create shipping options so that your customer knows where and how you can ship.

You should also display return policies so that customers can know what to do if they do not like a product or if it needs to be replaced. When it comes to online shopping, you need to ensure that everything your customers care about and want to know is addressed.

3. Add Product to Facebook Shops

From now on, you can add products from both your business manager and account. Create product collections on your Facebook Shop and acknowledge your audience about your products and services.

You need to name the product and provide a short description to introduce it to the audience. You must describe your product because only that way can you get them to recognize and buy from you.

Add an image that will entice customers to click and buy. A high-quality image will definitely add value to your product, making your customers happy to purchase it. It is possible to add products to Facebook Shops and tell your customers what they are and how they can be a great fit for them.

4. Personalize your storefront

In selling products to your customers, this is where you can shine. Facebook Shops give you a chance to customize your storefront and make it more you than the platform. You must go back to the commerce manager and click on Shops to personalize your shop.

Within your chosen store, you will see two tabs:

To begin, you will see a layout in which you can customize your feed according to your preferences.

Additionally, you will see the style, and there you can adjust the colour, button size, and text according to your tastes.

5. Publish your Shop

The last and most exciting thing you can do is to sell and market your business through Facebook Shops. All you have to do is preview the Shop to see if your store looks great.

When you set up your shop in the future, Facebook will review and evaluate the collections before deciding whether to make it live. Facebook will therefore verify your status as a legitimate seller and prepare you to open an online shop.

You should also evaluate your Facebook options if you want to sell on Facebook. The first option is to integrate your store with Facebook Shop, and the second option is to integrate Facebook Shop. Find out how to launch a Facebook shop and reap the benefits of selling on Facebook.

The End

That’s all there is to it! By following these steps, you can successfully set up and sell your store. For selling products on Facebook, an eCommerce platform such as Magento or Shopify is necessary. We hope you’ve learned how to set up your shop on Facebook and drive huge sales.

Do you need help setting up your store on Facebook Shops? The eCommerce experts and Magento Certified Developers at M-connect Media can help you integrate your eCommerce store with Facebook. For more information, contact us now.

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