Usability Mistakes in eCommerce Web Design

November 27, 2015 Written By Jayesh Trivedi

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Usability Mistakes in Web Design

Tons of websites are already present, hundreds on the way. Marking a remarkable website presence is essentially important. User friendly websites offer wonderful user experience which means an ease in using websites thereby clear understood, helpful and obvious fun. Existence of other websites create competition while achieving good rankings. Make your customers happy and delighted by offering smart designs instead of annoying them.

Don’t forget you have got only few seconds to impress them. A good website usability is what makes you stand ahead in competition. User opinion is widely affected by what you present in front of them. In the recent years, a good website usability is always a center of discussion which makes users to decide whether to choose your product or not.

Since major technological advancements have raised brows of designers, they face a difficult time in understanding core concept and users demands. Moreover, they should always remember website is for end-users, therefore, it should be as per the standard usability principles for your next design task. It can be daunting task to design a website. Well this is bitter truth, you have to improve website usability which is not so easy.

Here are some usability mistakes which designers often commits and must be avoided

Absence of Responsive Design

Incorporating responsive design is a must for your eCommerce website visibility. Interestingly, fact says a good section of traffic comes from mobile. Remarkable demand of handheld devices and maximum usage for internet search cannot be avoided while designing a website. Ignoring a responsive design for your store will not be accepted by the users. Even, your website ranking will be highly affected by having a non-responsive website design.

Earlier, maximum attention was given to desktop version, however, changed in human behavior demand website to be well displayed across all screen size. Your website display beautifully without any device limitation will be incredibly useful to keep users intact.

Responsive or Adaptive or Mobile 

So now you want to improve website visibility. You may have come across three terms: Responsive, Adaptive and Mobile. To elaborate, Responsive is the first and best choice that cater user demands to have similar website visibility no matter what device they are using. Adaptive means creating several layouts for different devices. Such website responds only after user intervention on a particular device. Mobile websites are created solely for mobile on different domains.

Complicated Navigation

Taken your customer where they want seamlessly is best approach. Confirming the bitter truth of overlooking this crucial factor with the advent of one page websites or parallax scrolling (websites moving independently) tends to make the website navigation complicated for the user. Being designers, your eyes find it’s attractive. No matter, how far technology goes, it’s important to understand navigation should always be consistent.

Remember, a three clicks rule (getting information in not more than 3 clicks) always won your battle. Even displaying content easily found by the user is also appreciated. Including sitemaps and breadcrumbs are again favorable.

Poor Readability

Users face pain in reading website content what a company wants to comprehend due to overlooking complexity and readability of fonts. Introduction of fancy fonts cause errors ruining what your website anticipate.

Primary consideration lies on several factors to make text readable. Visitors land your website to search for information. Make them comfortable by easily providing and displaying the information they look for. Choose right text color, font size and proper space is the fundamentals of improving content visibility. Most importantly, content should be placed according to the website layout model.

Lots of Cluttering

A soothing presentation that looks good to eye is what recommended. Make sure, accommodating enough space keeps user intact with the website. Over crawling of images, buttons, links, videos and other elements disturb your visitors attention.

Render an easy experience to users by giving enough white space, required content and sharper image to avoid any further confusion.

No Search Facility

We know Google popularity due to its easy search facility and relevant result. Well, user expects the same from your website. Most of them look for quick result or unable to find information on your web page. Implementing a search bar in your website helps them quickly make a search of their query or even a large website search becomes easy with the search functionality.

Incorporate your search bar where it’s easily detectable. Keep it on top of the webpage, next to logo or header section that easily gain users attention.

Unfixed Broken Links

Broken links and server errors annoy your users. More often website may experience downtime due to such errors. What if your website is experiencing high traffic and cause a ‘page not found’ error. Surely, it’s not an acceptable thing by your visitors. Moreover, website usability is overruled.

Like website content, pay attention to website links. Regular maintenance by proper testing helps in identifying the dead or broken links. Immediately remove such links and restore your workable links. Fix such errors soon to improve website performance. You may use tools and plug-ins available to detect such broken links.


Every time showing your creativity excessively hampers website usability. There is always a right time and place to do that, but not every time required. Most designers failed to define their limitation and fill every webpage of same website with different layouts. It is a better approach to always keep the webpages simple and informative. No matter how much hard work you have done to make the website attractive, a consistence look and feel is what required by the users.

Use standard layout in every webpage, so that users don’t get confused.


It’s often challenging to have a perfect website. However, having a creative yet simple website with the intuitive functionality will always be appreciated by the users. Avoiding common mistakes while website designing, regularly maintenance and fixing errors immediately are favorable factors to improve website usability.

Mistakes are commonly made by everyone and any day is the right day to learn from such mistakes and fixing it. Its never late, do not hesitate to contact our eCommerce consultant to find website usability issues and fix them.

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  1. Good post. I agree, these mistakes are very often committed by the designers. Its definitely the things to consider. Thank you for sharing this information.

  2. Most of the time we do not understand the things which is causing problem on the site. And this leads to the loss of sales, revenue as well as customers. I have already made my design responsive once I heard that phones and shoppers and getting smarter. And now I will work on other little things which makes the store design unmanageable and unfavourable for shopping. Thanks for this post.

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