Web Analysis tricks using Google Analytics for eCommerce Sites

July 8, 2013 Written By Hemant Parmar

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There are lots of similar business available in this competitive edge technology world but most of them are not aware and used to with the open source and free to use available tools to track their visitor’s activity and marketing guidelines. The businesses are not able to take advantages of online free available analytics tools due to insufficient knowledge of usability and outcomes.

Web Analytics for eCommerce Sites


Now it’s time to focus on better methodology and tools with better analysis to get more ideas for proper digital marketing tracking customer behavior on your website. Almost all the small and enterprise eCommerce business using analytic tool but some of them are not due to they are new to IT and not aware of such tools. Some of them may using Google Analytic, but I am confident you are not using or getting everything which is needed.

I did work and configured Google Analytic for lots of small and enterprise ecommerce website but lot of them were not using which I was thinking useful for their digital marketing fundamentals.

For better tracking make sure you are using Google Analytics with high priority as its free and advanced tool, there are lots of website owners who are fails to analyze what is going on with their business and visitors behaviors so it’s better to have the data set to track proper information with easy user interface, it’s important for any businesses.

General Thinking

most peoples general thinking is that Google Analytics to track just visitors and daily traffic nothing else, But I say its vice-versa and analytic is not just related to counting traffics its more than this, better setup of analytics will guide you for better investments on your internet marketing instead of just paying on blind things to get revenues and sales.

Also you can track customer behaviors what they are doing, which page customer visits most, what they are buying also which page they don’t like and exiting their browser tabs for your eCommerce website. You can also track the key phrase visitors are using to find out your website over search engines which may help you to better optimize your website on most search key phrases.

Google Analytic Features for Your Business

There are few best practices which you can implement for your online ecommerce businesses to get the things done in proper manner to rectify the advertising, marketing, content, conversions and audience.

1. Audience, Location, Device, Language Tracking

  • 1.1 Language:
    Language is also the key points to consider, lets Example this how it will be helpful for your business: When you have some products or services on your site and the demographic location is set to USA and default language of your site is in English language and its native for US visitors but when you see da-DK on analytic with heavy traffic then you must have to think on to change your site content dynamically for the Danish visitors as it will be helpful for them to read and get more information about your services and products.
  • 1.2 Location Tracking:
    it’s not require to track the exact geographic exact geographic sources of traffics, but you can use this information with demographics area, to perceive instead for propensity inconsistency to rectify untried marketing opportunities.
  • 1.3 Mobile Users:
    70% of online audience visiting websites or ecommerce stores using smart devices – iPad, iPhone, Androids, BlackBerry, Windows, etc. using analytic you can visualize the visitors devices even the visitors mobile device provider , example: Android, iPhone. Etc. But the best practice here is to give them flexibility, easy interface and proper placement of UI so there are more chances to get service call and sales to your site by mobile users, you can do that using separate mobile theme or responsive website design for your ecommerce store, the most preferable and the latest trend is responsive design.
  • 1.4 Visitors Flow:
    Here you can visualize the traffic flow how a traffics is moving throughout your website and what they like most, you can use this tool from the inside Google Analytic at top of the visual and try to configure slicing by segments or with expanding out the connections.

2. Advertising – Create AdWords Campaigns

Google Analytics allow better analysis of your website, just try to combine and use Google AdWords and Google Analytic together and see the impact beyond clicks, conversions and impressions.

AdWords and Analytic Setup

To obtain above mentioned results you must have to use same Google Email for both AdWords and Analytic Setup. You can connect both Google services from your Google AdWords account.

3. Content Strategies – In-Page Analysis

This widget will allow you to see how visitors are behaving with your website, what part of the website they like the most and where the clicks most on the particular page of the website, this all can be tracked. You will see the page screenshot there and also able to see the customer-clicks area on percentage basis over the page. This is really great peace of Google Analytic. Read More – https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/2558811?hl=en

4. Conversion – Goals, Conversions Funnel

You will see this widget on conversion section at your Google Analytic Dashboard, Goals and Conversion Funnels allow you to analyze the specific goal set on your website, store or app also path of the goal and the attribution with the funnel so you can easily track the revenues, ROI of your marketing campaign and advertising process.

I’ve listed all the things above that are the best side Google Analytic which are useful hints for your business to make your marketing investments worth, using this you will know where you are making investments and outcomes of it. But it’s must for every business owner especially for the eCommerce merchants to setup the data capture analytics for their business to gain profitable outputs.

If anybody have any question regarding my post above I’ll defiantly help you out here to make your things easier, I have done Google Analytics Individual Certification from Google and well aware of all the insights of Analytic Tool.

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  1. Hi Darshit,

    Nice informative post. Its good to know about the GA usability to identify visitors locations and their interest. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for sharing, honestly before this post i was not aware about the google analytic services. It is really a good things avail at free of cost. Such a nice work from Google Inc.
    Could you please guide me from where i have to get tracking code, i have checked their website – http://www.google.com/analytics/, but no idea what to do. Thanks

      1. It’s not a rocket science but your respond time is like as speed of rocket. Impressed! Thanks for the guidance i will do as per the instruction. Thanks again.

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