Invincible Marketing Checklist for 2016 eCommerce Business

March 18, 2016 Written By Hemant Parmar

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First quarter of 2016 is about to end. You have got your sales report on your desk. Keep   your eyes rolling on the dollars invested in the marketing campaign. You have your website ready but did the visitors coming across your website?  Are your statistic shows growing shopping cart or you don’t have any idea where the things are not working. Our eCommerce Designers can help you to redefine the marketing strategies. Also have a look at the below list to recheck your marking checklist for the year ahead.

Recognize your Loyal Customers And Collect Better Data

Imagine you have started a restaurant. You think of advertising it so after lots of hours spending and consulting a designer, you finally got your your flyer printed. That day comes when you hired a company to deliver these flyer’s to your potential customers. Within a few days, you received phone calls for appointment booking and your restaurant is good to go. You have got a good sales report in two weeks.


Now you think of re-welcoming your customers again by giving a surprise discount voucher. When you go to find the list of your customers what you see gives you pain. Your staff has hardly collected your customer name or mobile number. All your hard work has lost. What will you do now? Are you willing to spend all those hours and money again to get your customers back?

Well, this is the most common scenario with most entrepreneurs. Even spending on gaining new customers would be bitter for you. So make utilization of your customer data, including their full name, mobile number, address, email and everything that you feel is necessary for your marketing strategy. This would makes you target the customers and business objectives more effectively.

Use your Collected Data to Drive Sales

Don’t forget to use your collected data. After you collect customer data think how you utilize it to increase your sales figure.

Imagine this scenario. Your customers have bought particular ABC brand skin care products from you. From this, you have gathered those customers data who have bought the product from you. Now you have decided to put that product on sale to clear your stock.

ABC brand skin care products

You have created a promotional email with the discount coupon codes to send to the customers. Now to which customers you will send this email. Do you want to include those customers who have already purchased ABC brand products? In such scenario, have a look at your customer collected data. From there you can refine out the other customers who have never made a purchase of that brand product.

Customers appreciate personalization messages. So, start blasting the promotional emails to the customers that adds personalization. Study from Experian shows, email marketing strategy that targets the customers personally boost sales by 600%.

Schedule your New Product Introduction

As you are already hooked with the marketing glitches, therefore, now plan very ahead about your new product launch. Remember, when you initiate a marketing plan, then few very crucial elements have to be included in your strategy like a very catchy, impressive and interactive line to introduce a product, promotion on social media, email marketing and on-site merchandising.

Set an aim to whom you are targeting; a new customer or an existing buyer.

New Product

Alluring Offer and Sales for Customers

Now when you have relaunched your store with new marketing strategies, probably, you are going to offer sales and discounts to attract your customers. Either you could offer the newly launched products or offer sales during Black Friday, Christmas or Cyber Monday.

Look at the offer from “Best Buy” which would be likely in the month of March. Same way you can start a promotion for a certain time period and then clear the stock proceeding with clearance sale.

Alluring Offer and Sales for Customers

Promotion should be carried after a lot of planning. Take care of the promotion dates, pickup store, stock, have a well planned sales strategy and if you are ready to measure your goals are met or not.

Develop Better Email Marketing Strategy

A vital part of an email is its content and design. Well, as you have already decided what sales of new products or offers you are going to present, you have got a fair idea of what the email contents should be. Next, determine the email templates. Design should well compliment your products. You can find several resources available online catering email templates.

An email with a personal message is the best way to attract their customers. Schedule an automatic email planning, scenarios when you need to send an email like a promotional email, welcome email, order confirmation and thanks for purchase should top the list.

Better Email Marketing Strategy

Developing Content Marketing Checklist

Your content strategy should be “creative, useful and interactive” for the user. Focus solely on engaging the audience with the contents you publish on website. Fix it in your schedule a month ahead. While creating content, learn who will be the ideal audience, why are you creating the content, how you can present it differently and do enough resources are available to publish it.

Content Marketing Checklist

Build Successful Advertising Plan

Your entire marketing strategy greatly depends on how well you advertise your products. The best plans should be detailed as much as required, experimental and flexible. Determine your advertising budget, how you will advertise or will you buy ads from third party resources.

Build Successful Advertising Plan

Make your Website Accessible

Always remember to keep your website accessible globally to all potential customers. Test your website ahead of launch to rectify any errors.

Website Accessible

Well, I think,

This will help you in establishing your website. Have any questions, post your comments below. We have eCommerce Consultants who love to answer your queries.

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