Out of the Box Marketing Tips and Tricks for Rocking E-Commerce Business

January 30, 2018 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Congratulations on the launch of your all-new E-Commerce store!!! May you reach ahead of your targets and sales soaring high at the peak. But have you ever wondered how this would be possible? Does the audience know about your e-store and the quality products you sell? Because there are millions of another e-store already doing their business. Don’t start to panic!!! This blog is specially written to escort newbies like you and help you through your journey to becoming an E-Commerce sovereign.

Here are a few hand-picked, tried and tested tips to make the spectators aware of your business and converting the visitors to consumers. All you need to do is implement them in your business.

Eye-Catching and Original Content

“Be Original. Copies Fade too Fast”.

The first footstep is to have a unique and innovative content written for your website. Reading the content on your website should perform the duty of trust building among the visitors. It should be strong enough to form a rapport with the visitors. Efforts invested in generating original content will never go vague. It will surely yield fruitful benefits to your business. So, either hire a qualified professional or get the work outsourced and let the words do their magic!

Clean and User-friendly Website Layout

The audience surfing through your website should not be left jumbled over where to navigate and look up for the product of their choice. It should be easy to find a product, choose the appropriate options and add them to cart. The website layout should not appear clumsy leaving end-user in a dilemma. You can carry out User Acceptance Testing (UAT), where the professionals check the website from user’s point of view.

Easy Checkout Process

You have reached half the way when the user adds the product to cart. The final target is the user should purchase the product. For this, the checkout process at your site should be extremely effortless. If the user finds checkout process too lengthy and perplexing, he/she would not go through it. You can add free shipping offers to manipulate the users and increase the chances of conversion. Also, maximally used payment methods should be included on site.

Mobile Compatibility

There are estimated 2 billion smartphone users in the world. Everyone wants the stuff on the go. M-Commerce market is rising parallel with the E-Commerce market. Henceforth, your E-Commerce store has to be responsive in order to sustain in the business. All the basic functionalities should be accessible in mobile view, as forcing users to download the app or switching to desktop version to get one thing done is not viable.

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Social Media Marketing

You must be very well versed with the impact of social media in marketing campaigns. Social Media presence and consistent updates about your products and promotions will easily redirect prospects to your store. These platforms provide sponsored marketing feature, where your post is pitched to the user having similar interest. This serves as a bigger boost in attracting the crowd to your e-store.

Cold Marketing through Calls and Emails

The “Cold Marketing” technique may seem tedious and time-consuming at first sight, but the results you obtain will be astonishing. Prospects can be dug out from the internet and can be contacted through either call or email. There are many cold marketing email templates available in the market which helps you to pitch the prospects in right manner. Once you master the art of cold marketing, it will always be a win-win situation.

Boost up SEO

Search Engine Optimization acts as a base for marketing strategies. Make sure, the code is optimized for search engines. The website has to be constantly monitored for any errors or user interface hindrance. The keywords used in the content must be genuine and similar to the ones used by end-users to search for the product.

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PPC Online Advertising

To elaborate, PPC is Pay-Per-Click. Search engine giant Google offers a platform called Google AdWords, where you can post ads about your product and it will be shown on relevant web pages. You will be charged only when someone clicks on the ad. You can use UTM URL to detect the visitors coming from these ads. Also, the landing page should be exactly as promised in the ad, else the visitor will splurge out of the conversion funnel.

Aim at Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology is concerned with smart electronic devices worn on the body. The most common illustration is “Smart Watch”. It is not as popular as the smartphone, hence the target users will be refined and it will be easier for you to pitch the right products. The people using this, will be techno-savvy and keep up with the latest technology trends.

Refocus on Visitors

Visitors can be from the ones who have shown interest in your website but did not make a purchase. There are also the ones who have added products to cart but have not reached the checkout. Such users are likely to visit again and make a sale. Thus, you need to focus again on such visitors and increase your conversion ratio.

Press Release to make your Audience aware

Start promoting your products right before their launch. You must be questioning how? The answer to this is “Press Release”. Here’s where you mention specific details about your product and make the announcement ostensibly newsworthy. A PR can be in any form, either text, audio or video. This usher to gather prospects in quite early stage and sales commence soon after the launch.

Affiliate Program

Let other people make sale for you and in return you have provide the share on agreed percentage. A unique product URL is formed for affiliate marketers to include in their blog or webpage. When the visitor arrives to your store using that URL, and makes a purchase, you can detect easily. There are affiliate marketing software available to carry out these processes smoothly.

Yes, it has been going too long. But don’t worry, the end’s here. Hope you find it worthy and start implementing these out of the box strategies. For more details or consultation, you can contact us anytime!!!

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