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March 21, 2016 Written By Yogesh Trivedi

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Your eCommerce Store is fully digital, where the codes are linked together. Your idea is assembled into the codes web where the information is encrypted and managed by other website elements. Upon completion the website can be accessed only by the web browsers. So, during the entire phase what you can do to give your customer a personal feel that makes you stand out from the rest. Your answer is “Personality”. This is what our eCommerce Website Designers think that meets the brand expectation of your online business.

Adding this unique personality will add a personal connection with your customers. Think about already available websites where everyone is shouting to sell the products. Owing a personality will tend to attract your customers giving them a personal touch while shopping from you. This is what customers look today.

As you can see an uncountable number of websites are available today that has of-course use any one eCommerce platform. But, in this tough competition, acquiring the position to attract the customers and showcase your products is a big challenge. Now, to add your personality that fits your customer is all what I am talking about.

Here are few ways in which you can do this:

A Unique Conception For Your Website

Here, “Unique” term is defined as a way to gain places in your customer’s mind, either by having a unique color, user-friendly design, innovative presentation and an interactive writing tone. This would keep you ahead in the cutting competition.

Look the below image from Rebecca Minkoff website, its unique picture has already aroused many customers to have this look. Your website design should perfectly target the customer’s mind with its beautiful picture and presentation.

Rebecca Minkoff Website

Use Humor To Win Customers Heart

Today, major eCommerce giants use humor 365 days a year to bring out a unique concept to engage with the audience. And it’s obvious for a good reason like strengthening their relationship with customers.

Here, Zapier has used a casual, friendly and humorous way to allow registration with them. Everything is very easy and makes you take a smile.

Use Humor To Win Customers Heart

Humanize Your Design

Using human faces appears powerful for your website design. Looking at the human face, customer resembles them similar to the face they look at which creates a feeling of comfort and familiarity. A common customer psychology is they unconsciously try to associate them with the described figure. They feel connected with the human figure.

The Cultivated Wit put their image in their website “About Us” page with a little and a precise brief of what they do. This page also includes their mission and why they have established it. Also, in the same page you can find an introduction of the team which makes their personality appealing and adds a fun element when you read about their work.

Humanize Your Design

Celebrating your Website Birthday

Gaining customer attention always adds credibility to your website. It’s high time to celebrate your website birthday by adding human attribute.

Here, Pixelz celebrates its 5th birthday and not forgot to offer its free images. The “Free Images” offer will tend to bring visitors to their site that will experience good conversion on the particular day more than rest of the day.

Celebrating Your Website Birthday

Don’t Forget To Say Thanks!!!

Never forget to say thanks to all those who have involved in your business success. This adds good personality to your website. Human Psychology states human established a powerful connection with the audience and their staff. This will increase humanity to attract the people.

Say Thanks

Display Social Responsibility

Now, here you need to show the social cause in which your company has participated. This is any way does not mean to show humor, instead show how you took the responsibility of performing the desired initiative. Today, customers are now linked to those companies who work for social cause, therefore this is also a good way to show ORIGINAL personality instead of depicting someone.

Display Social Responsibility

There are several things to consider while designing your store, this would thereby help in gathering your website traffic. Make sure to take the very important step of adding personality to the website.

We hope this blog helps you in making your website more appealing. Should you need any further assistance, then don’t hesitate to call our eCommerce Consultant.

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  1. A well explained post regarding the website design! I think that the website should be such that it connects you with your customers. And, even with your blog post was the same. It was quite connective and informative.

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