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Any website succeeds in the long run if there is the right kind of support extended to it. It is very much essential that one keeps track of whether the website is error-free, fast, stable, and secure and the rest of the features up to date.

One should remember that issues in the website and downtime will mar the business and also may have negative impact on the image that the business would cut across. But, all these hurdles can be overcome when you have an apt support package.

M-Connect is one such company that offers the much needed support to business owners who depend largely on their Magento eCommerce stores to rake in revenue. You can rest assured that the security and various other aspects are fully taken care of with the experts at the helm.

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Flamboyant Quality Support Package

M-Connect Media has robust repo in the market for serving luminous quality of Magento maintenance and support which are offered to worldwide eCommerce clients using our best in industry services named as FQS (FLAMBOYANT QUALITY SUPPORT).

FQS contains of dedicated Magento Resources who makes sure that your online store will never shut down. While using FQS you are no longer to be worried for your online business which will give you satisfaction that your business is supported putting quality efforts, professional resources and expert guidance.

FQS not only covers the issues and bugs problem of your eCommerce stores but also provides daily business support surrounded to your Magento eCommerce Store.

Topic PAYG Small Medium Enteprise
24/7 Site Monitoring
Hot Line - Instant Support Contact Number
Back-end Development [Magento Admin Support]
Front-end Development and Design
Customer Support Portal Login
Magento Product Support - Extension Installation
Code Audit
Email Support
Extension Support and Enhacement
Development/staging environment and code repository
Dedicated Project Manager
QA Team
Security Patches Installation
Magento Version Upgrades
Backup Configuration
Malware Scans and Investigations
Anti-virus Scans and Investigations
Response Time [Hours] 24 12 8 4
Emergency Support Hours 4 6
Monthly Hours NA 15 30 45
Unused Hours Expire Within 7 Days 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Price Contact US Contact US Contact US Contact US

What does the Magento Support package from M-Connect Include?

There are a wide variety of measures and features that our Support Packages encompass in order to prevent any kind of issues that may arise while the website is up and running. These options are designed in such a way that they suit different business scenarios. At M-Connect, we work towards catering to diverse business needs and also give our customers the comfort when we say that our team of Magento experts will handle problems of any difficulty.

Full outages or partial outages

Whatever it is an outage is an outage. They will be the first ones to notice and react too.

An error message spotted

When you think some link somewhere has gone wrong, we will probe deep into it. If the case calls for it, we may also go in for a quick bug fix.


You may wish to seek assistance when there is something that is not working as per your expectation.

How can I? - DIY

We are always there whenever you need information and assistance related to using the features that come in with Magento.


You wish to make your ecommerce store more unique? Request for a customized solution.

Admin support

Are you considering re-configuration of your store? You will have to import a lot of data then. You can seek support for data migration to Magento, product data-entry and many more such services.

Installation of Extensions

Extensions will better the performance of your Magento store. We will get them installed in an impeccable manner and also offer the best technical support for the various third party extensions that we have installed.

Upgrades in Magento

It is essential that you keep abreast of the latest in the market. So, we can upgrade your Magento store with the latest version that is around.

Fine tune the performance of Magento

Your website needs to be at the top of its performance all the while in this extremely competitive market. Just a few seconds also matter a lot and have the ability to put off the potential customers. When we fine tune the performance, the speed of your website will be optimum and it will work fine. Our experts are adept at fine tuning the performance of the Magento stores.

What are the key benefits of availing our magento maintenance services?

Well, the support scheme is a comprehensive one and at the same time is a flexible one too. The main aim of this package is to facilitate you to concentrate more on your business while our experts will look into all the other important technical aspects.

Emergency support

Our Magento experts react very quickly whenever our clients are facing an issue with their Magento store. They are well equipped to tackle any kind of an emergency, worst case scenarios are a cakewalk for them.

We perfectly understand that poor performance will hit your business hard. So, sign up for the support package of M-Connect and you will have a team of Magento experts work assiduously, fixing any kind of a road block in the quickest time possible.

Issue based support service - PAYG

In addition to offering support for Magento Community and Magento Enterprise through our support packages, we also have issue based support service. This is for those businesses that want customized services like ecommerce consulting, store usability analysis, performance optimization and related ones. This issue based support service also comes in at $50 per hour

Key Benefits

  • Immediate access to the support team through live chat, telephone and web.
  • Support to your store considering proper flow of Magento code structure to keep the store healthier.
  • Instant support considering standard ITSSM framework.
  • Support for both types of Magento stores regardless of who has delivered the original store and customization.
  • Assistance to run different departments of the Magento ecommerce store through Magento product support.
  • Immediate response to any kind of an issue that arises.
  • Ample support during development.
  • Code repository and development staging and hosting environment inclusive in the package.
  • Ongoing support that comes in at affordable pricing.
  • Easy swapping in between plans and no lengthy and binding contracts.

Are you ready to make your magento store fit and healthy?

If you have understood the importance of having your Magneto store run healthy, then choose our services and our Magento certified developers will keep a constant proactive monitoring on the performance of your site. They will eliminate any kind of problems that may arise while it’s functioning.

Choose any of the Magento support subscription plans we have on board and rest assured that your website is in able hands that can tackle all maintenance needs. Be assured that you will have a good runtime of your website.