What Are Customer's Pain Points and How to Solve Them (That Actually Work)

November 16, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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What Are Customer's Pain Points and How to Solve Them (That Actually Work)

There’s no medicine to the customer’s pain point since every challenge needs individual attention. Yes, you heard it right because they are always unknown and unpredictable until you work and finish it. Thus, as an eCommerce owner, it is crucial that you think like a customer and tries to fix it.

It doesn’t matter whether you are building an eCommerce store, revamping your website, or updating your store; it is essential to consider your customer’s wants and needs. This is important to understand what your customers are facing and how you can resolve them.

There are many problems that your customers may face, from having low website speed to getting problems in finishing checkout. This means these are the common problems that can let down your customers and affect your online store revenue or sales.

Ultimately, customer pain points refer to irritation, displease, and annoyances that your customers face and want to get rid of. What customer wants is a good and hassle-free shopping experience when they land on your website.

In this guide, we will discuss some of the standard and main customer pain points and provide you with a solution. Also, we will see customer pain points and how they can ruin your store’s credibility.

What Are Customer Pain Points?

We must first understand a very important question before we move ahead to the grave concerns of online shoppers. What are the pain points of online shoppers?

Your existing customers, as well as potential customers, may have pain points that need to be addressed. If these can be addressed, you can ensure that your customers have a pleasant shopping experience.

It is imperative for business owners to be aware of business pain points. In order to avoid customer churn, you need to identify and address your customers’ pain points. Identifying problem areas is always the first step towards solving them, and who would know those better than your customers? Asking questions such as ‘How has your shopping experience been overall?’’ Or ‘How can we improve our process?’ will assist you in getting to the bottom of the problem.

It is only half the battle won when you understand the customer’s pain points. It is imperative to choose unique and creative solutions to ensure that you are providing an exceptional experience to your customers.

Now let’s put on our customer hats and examine some commonly encountered pain points.

How Do You Know If Your Customers Have Pain Points?

The only way to know if your customers have pain points with your online store is by becoming a customer rather than a solution provider. Consider you have an eCommerce store providing everything your customer requires, whether appropriate information, checkout process or painless support. You can then ask your customers whether the experience you provide is seamless or not to them.

It must provide the experience your customer requires to meet their wants and needs. Because these are the things that are a pain to your customer experience with your online or eCommerce store.

Top Most and Common eCommerce Pain Points

The following eCommerce pain points are certainly not the only ones your customers might be experiencing, but they do tend to crop up consistently. You will make sure your customers leave with a positive impression of your business when you resolve these problems, ensuring you stand out as a brand that has high standards and is reliable.

Pain Point 1 – Slow Website and Checkout Process

Slow website is one of the most common and happens problems when it comes to website. Since customers want a website that runs seamlessly, you need to provide a website within seconds.

A slow website is the most trying thing for the customer, and you need to address that as soon as possible. You can also check what Google prefers your website to load and run to make the customer experience seamless.

What’s more, most customers say that they’ll not visit a website with slow loading and poor performance. Well, that’s why you may find most people leaving the website without finishing the checkout process.

It is also essential to keep the checkout process as hassle-free as possible to prevent your customer from leaving your site. It doesn’t matter how good your online store is; if you have a long and tedious checkout process, chances are you will cost many customers.

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The solution to this problem is website optimization, and you can take the help of Hire Magento Developer to do that. Offering a guest checkout choice a great way to streamline the checkout process.

Pain Point 2 – Not Getting Customer Support

68% of customers say they are willing to pay more for products and services from a brand known to offer a good customer service experience. It is essential that your customers are satisfied with the support you provide to them because they will be ready to buy your products or services.

In today’s digital era, your customers must have everything to access and get instant support. Therefore, most of the eCommerce shoppers expect live support or chat from the stores. And that’s why you need to bring them with live support or 24/7 availability.

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The solution is offering support whenever your customer needs and wants it because they can ask their concerns and get a solution. You can also implement social media channels to provide social support and bring exceptional service.

Pain Point 3 – Missing Product Information

Customers need more information than just one photograph to decide whether to purchase your product, no matter how attractive it is. To make shoppers satisfied, you need to provide product information as transparently as possible. Ultimately, customers need to know what the product is and how it can benefit them.

Providing more information about your product is suitable for your customers since they can know more about your product. You must bring your customers with everything they require to understand the product and know what it is.

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So, make sure you fill your product category with as much information as possible to acknowledge your audiences. If you don’t know how to create a product page that converts, you may take the help of SEO content writers to write SEO-friendly descriptions for your different products.

You can use Customer Specific Product & Price Extension for Magento to assign a specific product to a particular customer. This extension will help your specific customer know how the product will benefit their personal needs and wants.

Winding Up!

Understanding these customer pain points can help you make your website better and experience seamless. Solving these problems can help you convert visitors into customers, and that will boost your eCommerce sales.

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