How to Draft Email Newsletter that Drive Customers? E-Commerce Guide!

September 2, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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The average open rate of email in 2020 was 18% and the average click-to-open rate was 14.1%. Clearly, these statistics prove how important email newsletters are and how they can be a great fit for any business. The purpose of email newsletters is simply to share information with users so that they will pay attention and become more likely to make a purchase.

Ultimately, an email newsletter can be a powerful tool for engaging users, getting them back to your website, and converting them into potential customers. A concern is that many people find it hard to create since they think it is too complicated or time-consuming. This was the case decades ago, but now creating a newsletter is as simple as pie.

Here we will discuss how to design an email newsletter and what benefits it can offer to your eCommerce business. Also, learn why it can be a perfect choice for driving customers or sales for your eCommerce business.

To learn how to create a fantastic Email Newsletter for your E-Commerce Business, you should first know what it is. Let’s start with an introduction only.

What is an Email Newsletter?

A newsletter is a form of online communication you can use to distribute information about your product, business, or non-profit. Subscribers should provide their email addresses in order to receive these updates. Users who are subscribing to your newsletter are called subscribers, leads, or contacts.

Email newsletters are used in a variety of ways by both businesses and individuals. Businesses, for example, send out email newsletters with product information, new arrivals, and updates. Email newsletters are used to keep websites and blogs updated, increase traffic, and gain loyal subscribers.

By creating an email newsletter, you can obtain subscribers from those website visitors. Keeping in touch with them and bringing them back to your website is possible once they subscribe to your email newsletter. You lose potential subscribers and customers every day if you do not send out an email newsletter.

Perhaps you are now wondering, What if we asked users to follow us on social media?”? Couldn’t we reach those users that way? You should definitely build a following on social media. These social media platforms aren’t yours to control.

The reason is that social media giants Facebook and Twitter limit audience reach. In addition, people do not check social media feeds as often as they do their email. On the other hand, people tend to check their email inboxes often throughout the day. In addition, you know that most users come from mobile devices and set email notifications.

Top Ways to Create and Deliver an Effective Email Newsletter

Here, we’ll show you how to easily create an email newsletter to grow your business and brand.

1. Know Your People

To begin, you’ll want to identify your audience. To make sure your messages are relevant, you need to determine exactly what they will actually be interested in reading. Creating separate newsletters for each client with different interests, needs, or decision stages makes sense if you have a variety of customers. You can reuse content among these newsletters, but each should be tailored to its intended audience.

The next step would be to send out an email newsletter to your target audience requesting them to read the email and take action. To ensure that the outcome of whom you are sending is as good as possible, always pay attention to who you are sending. Finding the right audience for your email newsletter is the most important part of a successful campaign.

2. Plan Out Schedule

Now that you know who you will be sending, you can decide when and how often to send them. You should plan to send an email newsletter once a month, or twice a month once you become more frequent.

When you are comfortable with sending newsletters to your customers, plan for a consistent schedule. And this is how you can cultivate a list of customers who will always keep an eye out for your email newsletter. As a result, you will build loyal customers and enhance the revenue of your eCommerce business.

You need to keep in mind only the best time and day to send an email newsletter to your customers. Additionally, make sure you test every option and decide on the best one to develop a successful schedule or plan.

3. Pick a delivery method

When you know who and when it’s time to decide how to send your email newsletter. It’s no secret that most eCommerce platforms offer email marketing solutions that make creating lists and sending out newsletters easy.

Depending on your target audience and the time, you can send different types of emails to your customers. Furthermore, there are a number of tools that can be used to create an email newsletter that can be sent to your customers.

Read More on: eCommerce Email Campaigns that You Should send to your Customers.

4. Consider Your Design

When sending emails, you want to make sure the content is presented in a way that is both attractive and easy to read. You can create an attractive newsletter using many free or affordable newsletter design templates offered by email marketing platforms. Just remember to not go overboard – when in doubt, go for simplicity.

5. Develop Great Content

Content planning begins with creating content that’s compelling enough to be sent, read, and shared. Here are some examples of great content: announcements of new products, interesting customer stories, how-to videos, photo galleries, or anything else you feel like sharing. It is crucial to avoid hard selling here and to focus more on interacting and sharing. A weekly sales pitch is a nuisance every week, and subscribers will unsubscribe in response.

Keeping separate lists and interest groups is important. Make sure your content is relevant and concise. If you repurpose content from your website, blog, or social media pages, ensure that it is appropriate for the audience so you do not simply add things for the sake of adding them.

Lastly, keep in mind that you don’t have to create all of the content yourself. Your newsletter should contain articles you read from industry resources or stories you get from customers. Be sure to maintain a balance between creation and curation, or readers will become disinterested if you depend entirely on other people to provide content.

Summing Up!

As we can see, if your newsletter is worthwhile to read, and offers relevance along with urgency, you will likely have a higher click-through rate. We’ve compiled the tips you need to create an eCommerce email newsletter that communicates and converts.

Would you like help to create a high-performing email newsletter? M-connect Media can assist you. So far, we have created many eCommerce sites with the best marketing strategies. To build your eCommerce store, you can count on our eCommerce consulting team. For more information, please contact us.

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