Website User Experience Informative and Its 7 Essentials

January 9, 2016 Written By Jayesh Trivedi

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User experience is the teacher of all the things of website components as nothing becomes really effective on your webpage till the time you do not experience it ineffectively. And when it comes your eCommerce business, user experience is the first thing that you are going to give to your visitors before making them customers. So you must make its importance count!

UX is the philosophy of your visitors about your website resulted from their intersection with your web store and their actions. Your online store always leaves an impression in your visitor’s mind, it can be good, but at the same time it can be bad as well. It depends on a lot of factors that establish a good user experience.

Factors affecting your website to be

  • Helpful: Your website should be useful and original and must meet the requirements.
  • Functional: Your Site must usable and all functions should be easy to use.
  • Advisable: Pictures, products, sections and other design elements must advise and evoke emotions of users.
  • Easy to Hunt: All parts of your store should be easy to navigate and locatable.
  • User Friendly: Your site should be easy to access and user friendly to non-technical users also.
  • Acceptable: Users must have faith in your brands and should trust what you say.

These points are your circumference to circle your website with a better user experience. A good experience supplies you better conversion rates out of your total visitors. Considering these above explained points I have some major suggestions for you that can lead you to improve your eCommerce store user experience.

These suggestions are,


Design means the design of everything, include had to toe of your website. It is the most important element of your website, your font designs, website designs, headline designs, background designs and all the ingredients that can be designed. Your design should not restrict any functionality and it must be enabling your website to work smoothly and hassle free.

Page Speed

The faster your website works, the more your conversion rates you would get. When your website work with rocket speed, you keep your visitors engaged and don’t give them any time to think anything else. It is a proven fact that, when your website works fast on mobile, your abandon rates remain low. A slow working ruins the user experience as it irritates users by making them wait for long just for loading a page.

Call to Action

Always try to use attractive and eye catching call to action and try to use the best working one. Understand the requirements of your visitors and analyze what are the things that can attract more number of customers and then run A/B test with available options. Whichever option is working most efficiently consider that one as a final one. A good call to action will delight your visitors with its attractiveness and provide then enhanced user experience.

Going with The Wave, (what’s hot and what’s not)

Tracking is all about inquiring what is working, magnifying your customers and what is not. Track the activities of your visitors, notice where they are scrolling, clicking and spending a maximum of their time on your website. Reports of these activities will help you while amending your site and building a better user experience.

Make your Site Smart Site

This the era of smart phone users and more than half of the surfing and browsing is done through mobile. The mobile version of your website is a necessity too so your users can experience better when they are using it on mobile. Choose a responsive CSS design to make your website run on mobile perfectly.

Use Images

A picture says thousand words more than a text. Use of images on your eCommerce store supply clarity and an elevated vision of your products to your visitors. Use clear and real images to present it in a better way. Pictures provide a clarity and a real time experience to your users. Try to use wise images and with some out of the box logics.

No 404s

404s, page not found errors. It is one of the most irritating aspect of any website that destroys the user experience. You provide a section on your webpage, drive your visitor to click on that specific section and when they do so, you make them feel like a passenger on a lost train. Either remove such pages or provide any information or any redirecting links on such pages. It kills user experience like nothing and you also lose credibility.

Use Bullets n Guns

Using bullets to present points will save your users from getting annoyed with boring essays. Whenever you provide text, make it in bullet points and try to talk to point to point. Use attractive symbols in bullet points. Another recommendation to save your UX is to use minimum texts. Try to talk through images or videos, but less texts.

Testing and Monitoring

There might be a lot of things on your website that are killing experiences of your visitors, but you are still not known to this serious concern. Testing and monitoring are the way you can resolve this issue. Try to monitor your visitor activities and then accordingly run test to change required.

Consultive Approach

There are a lot of issues that you cannot resolve by your own and you need to take help from consultants. UX is much psychological concepts and there might be a lot of situations may come where you would not be able to decisions and need some professional help.

Social Creature

The social network is another planet nowadays and it is also an essential part of your eCommerce business. When you share your products and link to your website on social channels, you interact with a big number of people. When they see your website links, images and products over social networks, they feel good.

Language Optimization

When you interact with users in their native language, it feels good to them and they feel connected to you. It will help them understand your products and services. Always keep your message small, simple and up to mark.  Another way is using audios or explainer videos to convey your messages to your users.

Educating Customers

User Interface is a subject that is too much of intuition and a practice that is too much of the assessment from your early days. But when you educate your customers and teach them about the utility of your offering and how to use it, you would be simplifying work of your customer. Educating your customers and helping them betters their experience with you because they feel obliged by your services.

Use Customer Surveys

Customer surveys exactly tell you what your customer really want with your website. While designing your website and working with it, always consider customer surveys and reports as your guide book because these are the expectation and issues that the majority of customers have in common and want them to be solved out. Surveys will tell you everything that you need to know for the betterment of your site.

Interview Customers

It is a direct mode of interacting with your customers. Track all your active users and notify them through push notifications and ask them to join you for their interviews with you. These interviews will guide you to segment your users and learn about their values about your website or app. When you hunt for such answers in your analytics graphs or in reports, it becomes difficult to get solution from these, but this medium feed you with mush practical outcomes.

So these were the major informative and essentials from the web. If you have any queries about this subject further more than you contact us and talk to our eCommerce consultants who will help you in regards to all your questions and doubts about your website. 

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  1. I really like the stuff. It is really helpful for the new website designers. I can count it for my reference for my upcoming projects.

    Good work done.

  2. Your post is very informative. I agree, as the customer behavior cannot be determined, hence we have to make sure that our customer don’t loose their interest. For that, it is important to make the website look same what it provides

    1. Yes and why not we design our websites to be user friendly after all they will be used by the customers only. This is the reason why the websites that have good and clean design gain maximum customer attention.

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