How to Use Visuals to Increase eCommerce Conversions

September 13, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Visual information, such as pictures and videos, has a remarkable effect on our brains. It’s no secret that our brains process visual content faster than text. In fact, we process images 60,000 times faster than text, making visuals a powerful tool for eCommerce conversions. With 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain being visual, it’s clear why visuals play a crucial role in online shopping.

Research shows that companies leveraging visual content experience 7 times higher conversion rates compared to those that rely solely on text. This highlights the importance of integrating visuals into your eCommerce strategy to drive sales effectively.

Visuals not only grab the attention of potential customers but also establish trust and credibility. By showcasing your products or services through compelling imagery, you can demonstrate why your brand stands out from the competition.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how integrating visuals into your eCommerce sales channel strategy can significantly enhance conversions. From captivating product images to engaging videos, we’ll discuss how to leverage visuals to create an immersive and compelling shopping experience for your customers.

By optimizing your visuals, you can create a visually appealing online storefront that resonates with your target audience and encourages them to make a purchase. Whether it’s showcasing product features or conveying brand values, visuals have the power to communicate your message effectively and drive conversions.

In conclusion, embracing visual content is essential for maximizing eCommerce success. By harnessing the power of visuals, you can captivate your audience, build trust, and ultimately drive sales for your online store.

How visual content increases ecommerce conversions

As Pinterest and Instagram blossomed into popular online destinations, visuals became increasingly important, since humans are visual creatures. To increase conversion rates and overall user experience, it is beneficial to make your website appealing. The right visual elements can convert visitors into customers and improve brand value.

The importance of first impressions can’t be overstated, whether it’s online or offline. What are some ways to attract and keep visitors to your website? The following are five reasons why visual elements should be powerful on e-commerce sites.

1. Make Your Pictures Neat and Clean

To begin, you need images of your product that are neat and clean. You will have to say goodbye to stock images and poor-quality images (free from the internet). The reason is that it doesn’t reflect what you want to say to your audience.

You can run an A/B test to find out whether it’s true or not if you don’t believe. Compare your conversion rate against your original landing page that contained stock images by using a range of landing pages with image content. There is a noticeable difference between the two.

In the end, you should use high-quality images in your website instead of free images from the Internet or stock images.

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2. Larger images should be used

When making a purchase, we used to zoom in and out to get an in-depth look at the product and see if it’s worth investing in. Well, zooming in and out of a small image is quite difficult since you won’t get the full picture of the product. In this case, larger images are better since they will have better quality no matter how you zoom in.

If buyers don’t see what your product does, they won’t make the final decision in favor of it. A small image, however, cannot provide enough detail. The illusion is that there is something you are trying to hide. For an upward rise in your eCommerce sales, make sure your site has larger images.

Likewise, Mconnect Photo Gallery extension for Magento 2 can improve the shopping experience for customers who shop on your site. The extension enables you to display multiple images of your products on the category or product listing page.

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3. Take 360-degree Photos of your Product

When it comes to product features, there is never a shortage of detail. In fact, it’s important for them to see the product from all angles, including right, left, back, and all the sides.

The last thing you can do when online shopping is to take photos of the product from various angles because buyers cannot hold and inspect the product. In addition to earning the buyer’s trust, doing so also enhances their comfort.

4. Contextualize your Product

Mood is set in this way. When you demonstrate your product to prospects the prospect learns how it works or how to use it depending on your product.

In general, there’s a marketing tactic: never mention your product’s features. Rather, talk about your buyer or how your product can improve their lives. As a result, your marketing message becomes customer-centered rather than product-centered. Show your products in context with your visuals.

For instance, if you sell hoodies, a picture of just a hoodie would be ineffective in bringing buyers to your business. The prospect will find it more compelling to see your hoodie displayed on a display. A model wearing the hoodie can give your potential buyer an idea of how it will look on them.

5. Showcase products with videos

At the moment, videos are sort of having an aha moment. It has been proven that using them on product pages and link-building software increases conversion rates. In what way? Videos are highly desired by your customers, so you should be producing them.

Five percent of consumers make their buying decisions based on video. It is estimated that 73 percent of people who watch a product video will become customers. In addition to helping buyers understand product specifications more clearly, video content is also very popular.

If you are still unsure about creating videos, you can create product GIFs instead. For your eCommerce business, you can easily create these social media posts yourself.

The Final Verdict

Ready to boost your sales? Elevate your eCommerce store with these proven tactics to enhance its visual appeal. Interested in monitoring your visual performance? Consider implementing A/B testing.

Would you like to enhance the buyer’s experience? A team of eCommerce experts at M-Connect Media can design your website with attractive visuals that drive conversions for your store. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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