How to Choose The Best POS Systems for a Retail Store

August 26, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Quick Summary

POS systems are like financial assistants for retailers. They manage inventory, transactions, and sales history, ensuring smooth operations. With various options available, finding the right one is key to success. In simple terms, a top-notch POS system is key for retail success. With many options out there, this article aids in choosing the right one tailored to your business requirements.

What is POS system?

Point-of-sale systems, or POS for short, are electronic devices used in retail stores around the world to process purchases made by customers and the exchange of money between them. There are estimated to be billions of transactions exchanged every day through these systems.

Since there are many types of businesses in the market, POS systems are also different and come with a variety of features. For this reason, selecting the right system is important. Generally, there are two types of businesses that need POS, namely retail companies and hospitality businesses.

One major advantage of POS systems is that you can easily obtain a precise and immediate appraisal of your inventory in seconds. Another benefit of POS is that once a product is sold to a customer, it is automatically removed from the inventory list and data. With the help of point-of-sale business software, retailers can see how many products are remaining and how many have been sold.

You don’t only track inventory, but it is likely that you will also be able to track customer preferences and their purchases if you have a good POS. Retailers can manage products that are purchased every time by the same customers this way and customers’ efficiency will increase.

What are some features a POS system must have?

Having a POS system won’t suffice; you need more than that. The POS system you choose should be able to help your store grow and enhance convenience.

1. Summary of sales

Reporting is an integral part of any business since it tells you how things are going and where you might want to improve. It is important to review the summary of sales to ensure you have made the right decision. It is therefore important that the POS system you choose has a sales report feature.

2. Management of inventory

As with any eCommerce store, inventory should be at the top as if you don’t know which products are selling well and which are not. If you don’t know how to manage inventory effectively, there is a high possibility that you won’t be successful as a retailer. The second feature you should look at is inventory management.

3. POS management

The last, but not least, is POS management. If you don’t have an assistant or professional to handle POS data, you might face problems reviewing sales and day-to-day operations. However, you should also manage your POS system.

Top and Best POS Systems for Retail

An eCommerce store owner or small business selling products to customers might need a POS system that streamlines daily operations and saves time. You will find the best and top POS systems for retail right here, so you can choose one that’s pocket-friendly and powerful.

  • Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed is a top-notch cloud-based POS system designed for retail. It’s highly regarded, especially for omnichannel retailers who operate online and offline. With features like fast inventory syncing, customer memberships, and SEO tools, Lightspeed stands out among the rest.

Tags that are personalized

The use of personalized tags can be an excellent way to create a custom inventory taxonomy for searching items.

A variety of items

The POS system will allow you to access the inventory management of the system to add more than one attribute metric. Additionally, you can assemble items, include series numbers, and organize them.

A gift certificate and a gift card

It is easy to use gift certificates for barcodes, and they can be reused.

Loyalty program for customers

One of the greatest features to consider for your customers is that it has a point-based loyalty program, meaning you can reward them both online and in-store.

  • Vend

Vend was the first web-based retail POS system to gain a good reputation among competitors. In terms of usage, there are 100 countries using it with more than 20,000 installations.

Vend is available through any virtual app or browser, whether it’s Google Chrome or an iPad app. Vend has a variety of features and is appreciated by many retailers and hospitality businesses.

You can access price books

A Vend user can manage multiple price books and separate price books based on store location or a specific group of customers.

The gift card and loyalty card

You can create branded gift cards and loyalty cards for your customers with the system. In addition, there is a barcode card that can be redeemed with a scanner at vending machines.

App for iPad

It can also be accessed via iPad app and used for your store, just like Lightspeed. With this feature, users can streamline and process sales quickly and easily without any disruptions.

eCommerce integration

Vend POS systems can be easily integrated with any eCommerce platform such as Magento and others. Hire Magento Developers to get the job done.


In recent years, a lot of improvements have been made with retail point of sale systems. POS systems can now deliver a world-class management and operation system for your business.

Would you like help integrating POS systems into your store? You can count on M-connect Media as we have a team of eCommerce experts with years of experience in eCommerce integration. Contact us now for more information.

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