Ecommerce Product Images: Best Practices & Size Guide for More Sales

April 8, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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While customers are spending more and more time on highly visual platforms like Instagram and Facebook, eCommerce businesses have struggled to keep pace by making their websites equally visual. There are two major factors nowadays that decide the success of an eCommerce business one is a platform, and another is product images.

E-Commerce product image always plays a vital role in the business of online eCommerce brands. Presenting any product well is key to eCommerce business success, but you need to make sure that the product you display is easily viewed and meets customer’s expectations.

What does it mean? So standards and advancements need to be looked at while listing products on your store’s website such as product image size, quality of the image, and complete 360-degree views. In this post, we’ll help you know the best size for eCommerce product images and the importance of image size.

Why Do You Need to Care about Product Image Sizes?

Well, in fast-growing time, people expect websites to load within seconds and no wonder Google does too. However, website performance has become an important SEO and user-experience factor in the last few years, as internet speeds have greatly improved. Any long delays in page load times might cause your website’s visitors to click away and lose interest.

Especially when you know that half of your visitors likely buying through a mobile device and that’s why delivering optimal image sizes is crucial. Otherwise, your website traffic will be decreased, and your Google rankings drop too.

So if you care about your customers, you need to decide the perfect and suitable size of your product images.

Types of eCommerce Product Images:

Now you might be cleared that eCommerce product images play a vital role in the success of the eCommerce business. And also why do you need to care about it. But before starting on the best size of the product image, it is important to know the types of eCommerce product images and what they are.

  • The simple image of Product
  • The Group Shot
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • In-making Shots
  • Infographics
  • Specification image

With types of eCommerce product images, it is also essential to determine how they’ll fit with your website design. Meanwhile, every eCommerce store owner should have a clear idea of the influence of an eCommerce product image on their eCommerce website design.

Also, it is clear that good product images attract customers, increase sales, and improve ROI among the essential traits of a good product image. An eCommerce product image size refers to the dimensions of the photo the height and width.  As such, it is best practice to choose an image size that improves the user experience and meets visitor’s needs. Let’s look at the best size that you should keep for your eCommerce store website.

Best Size for eCommerce Product images

If we want to clarify in short term then the image that works properly for your website. For best website performance, eCommerce images should be as large as required to meet their containers. So it’s essential to learn the image dimension first, to identify how extended your content part is on your site. For example, slideshow images are bigger than blog images and thumbnail images.

In general, eCommerce sites use three sizes

  • Small eCommerce Product Image Sizes:

This is the first and smallest size of the image you can consider among all the image sizes. The dimensions of the small image are 100×200 or 200×200 that appear in the product category or site search result listings. They are usually just large enough to convey shape, design, and color. The small image is also called thumbnail images.

When you click on a thumbnail, you are directed to a dedicated product page with a full-size image. And that’s how shoppers can see a more dedicated product page with full-size images.

  • Medium eCommerce Product Image Sizes:

Well, every product needs good product-page quality eCommerce images. These images should display the various perspectives of the item such as front, side, underneath, etc. means you need to show an image with different angles depending on the unique product. So, medium eCommerce product image sizes convey various perspectives of an item. The size of these images is usually 640 x 640 or 800 x 800.

  • Large eCommerce Product Image Sizes:

This is a type of photography that needs a specific framework for the camera and lighting to be able to zoom in on a specific piece of the object and to shoot only one detail of the product image. These product categories require detailed up-closes and include products where customers would like to zoom in and look at details such as pattern, fabric, colors, or manufacturing information. Large images are perfect for those who want to acknowledge their customers with such information.

The size of such images is 800×800 or 1000×1000 and these images have zoom in or click-to-zoom functionalities. Depending on the product category, click-to-zoom or detailed close-ups are important, for any product with a special texture and pattern.

These types of images are often used for product pages of an eCommerce store as well as in commercial photography for social media. You need to make sure that your product image is larger to experience zoom because that will entice your customers to make a purchase from you and increase your conversion rate.

These types of images are commonly used for premium fashion brand images, vintage online stores, and jewelry products.

Platform Image Size Restrictions

When uploading an eCommerce product image, you choose between these three, depending on your product category. Nevertheless, most eCommerce platforms such a Magento and Shopify have product image size restrictions that users must adhere to.

You can select the three sizes mentioned above for thumbnail, product, and zoom sections and stick with them when uploading images. Also, every eCommerce platform establishes its image size restriction.

For Magento: The Magento supports three image sizes. A 50×50 for purchasing charts and thumbnail galleries, while a 370×370 for listings on new product sections and search results page. For the zoom image, 1000×1000 works well.

Consistency is key

It is always a best practice to use a consistent style and size for images on your eCommerce site. This will help your store better and consistency will help align text, column, and other information on your site. We know that different image sizes look clumsy and make your site disorganized, which can affect your user experience and satisfaction.

Therefore, the image for eCommerce websites on a web page will look good if you maintain the same style and size. Besides optimizing eCommerce product image size and quality, you can also take into consideration our extension Magento 2 Photo Gallery View which allows customers to zoom in/out the image for better and clear detail.

This is the effect that is applied to an image when it comes to responsive web design. What kind of advantages can you expect from this extension? This draws attention to the eCommerce photo hence improving user experience when they shop in your store. This image gallery extension allows you to display multiple images of your different products on the category or product listing page.


In short, the best size for an eCommerce product image is the one that perfectly fits your website. As an eCommerce store owner, you need to make sure about what size your product images for eCommerce websites will be after reviewing all of the determinants of your website design.

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