How to Use Visitor Behavior Analytics to Increase Conversions

September 14, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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The conversion rate is an important part of any business, so you should always strive to improve it. Optimising conversions does not follow a cookie-cutter method since many factors enter into the equation. In order to succeed in your business, you must first understand your customers.

Conversion is unpredictable because of human behavior. The change of a single word in the headline of your landing page or the color of the CTA button can have a drastic effect on the conversion rate.

User behavior analysis can impact the likelihood of lead conversion into a customer. Finding out more about your potential customers will help you to craft (and convert) a message that is valuable to them and will increase conversions.

Analyzing user behavior at various touch points allows visitors to identify how they behave and get specific insights regarding their actions. Based on this information, you can segment leads based on their common characteristics, conduct personalized promotions and enhance the overall user experience.

The analysis of user behavior helps us improve conversion rates by predicting at least some of their wants and needs, even if we cannot guess it completely. By analyzing user behavior analytics, you can increase your conversions dramatically and improve the ROI of your business.

In this article, we’ll share some techniques for managing user behavior analytics so as to get you more conversions.

The Importance of User Behavior Analytics for Improving Conversions

Understanding how your website visitors behave on different channels and touchpoints can help you determine what your customers are doing on your site. Knowing user behavior allows you to tailor messages and experiences to the right audiences at the right moments. Ultimately, this will boost many of your performance metrics, as well as your conversion rates.

With user behavior analytics, you can identify specific patterns of behavior of your website’s visitors. By classifying customers based on common characteristics, you can help them become more marketable. Using this segmentation, you can select your promotional approach.

A user behavior analysis, for instance, helps you find shoppers who look at similar items or categories. This browsing behavior can then be used to provide personalized product recommendations.

How to Use Visitor Behavior Analytics to Increase Conversions

There are many components to conversion rate optimization. In order to make it work, you must optimize each and every detail. In order to better understand your customers, it is necessary for you to understand how they behave. Based on these insights, you can develop a conversion optimization strategy.

The following methods will help you improve your conversion rate using user behavior analytics

1. Provide a Better User Experience

Engaging your audience with your website begins with a great user experience. You can make adjustments to the design of your website based on the behavior of your users. Analyze behavioural analytics to understand the bounce rate (Those who visit the first page, but do not browse beyond it) and drop-off points (Frequently visited pages on the site). Use this data to understand why visitors leave the site without making an online purchase.

  • Bounce rate reduction by improving landing pages
  • Enhancing pages where exit rates are higher in order to fix drop-off points
  • Conducting A/B tests to determine what is effective and what is not

2. Customize Customer Experience

To build customer profiles and create messages tailored to their needs, you need to know what their browsing behavior is. The browsing and purchasing history of customers can be analyzed to segment them based on their preferences or whether they are new or returning customers. In this case, you can enhance your conversions by improving the customer experience.

  • Recommendation of products based on past purchases or searches.
  • Optimized landing pages to increase engagement and conversions.
  • Customized experience for returning and new visitors

You wouldn’t always have the same users. You may be introducing someone to your brand for the first time. Despite hearing your brand name, some might not really understand what you offer. You may have already noticed others who have started at your site for a very long time.

Because of this, your brand and product would be perceived differently by customers of different backgrounds. If we send the same message, are we likely to get conversions? It’s definitely not!

3. Find out what causes a spike in bounce rates

The bounce rate of your website is increasing, particularly on landing pages. If this is happening, then you cannot ignore it. It is common for bounce rates to increase when something is not right.

The cause of the problem must be identified. A heatmap and a session replay are easy ways to understand the reasons for increased bounce rates. This can be due to a variety of reasons.

  • Branding and messaging that are inconsistent can turn users off your website. To maintain consistency across all touchpoints, ensure the branding and messaging are identical.
  • Because it takes too long for your page to load, your users might leave your site.
  • Perhaps the headline and the entire landing page text are insufficiently enticing for people to convert. Text that emphasizes the user’s benefits should be included, as well as taking into account the user’s pain points.
  • Your page will be more appealing if you include some engaging elements, such as an image, a video, or some social proof. Adding these elements to your form will convince your users to trust you, and they will fill out the form.

4. Enhance landing pages based on traffic sources

For landing pages, most businesses have more than one source of traffic and referrals. There may be a part of your traffic that comes from email campaigns, another part from social media advertisements, and the rest can come from SEO.

It is likely that the users of all of these traffic sources would have seen a variety of messages. Then, your landing pages can be appropriately tailored to every segment of the user base. There will be an increase in the number of sign-ups as a result of this.

Over to You

Knowing and understanding various methods for analyzing user behavior and coming to precise solutions based on it has now become easier for you. You can enhance your business growth and drive massive conversions by analyzing user behavior.

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