Is Product Visualization the New Frontier in the eCommerce Industry?

December 24, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Is Product Visualization the New Frontier in the eCommerce Industry

Well, that’s a very true and right statement ever made by our eCommerce consultants. We live in an era of digital media where visuals are more important than ever. One study showed that video is the most popular content type used by marketers to sell products and services.

The importance of visuals in eCommerce cannot be measured in numbers as more people like to see images over words or full of stories. When it comes to eCommerce, product visualization is the norm since most people use smartphones and want to watch the product they are going to buy. Ultimately, product visualization is one of the crucial aspects you should consider in your eCommerce marketing strategies.

Even leading eCommerce brands are spending dollars on visual appealing and based on that, we can say that product visualization will become the future of the eCommerce industry. The American Management Association says that 50% of an audience is persuaded by verbal communication alone; that number jumps to over two-thirds with visuals.

This is enough to understand the importance of visualization for any brand or business. And that’s why you need to focus more on visualization than any other thing.

“Visualization is the vision of the eCommerce industry!”

Is Product Visualization Really a Catch?

March 2020 was the scariest month we have been through, whether personally or professionally. We have seen many ups and downs during a pandemic and have to change the way we do business.

Pandemic made people sit home and shop from home, thanks to doctors and scientists who made it possible to get some relief now. Yes, now we can enjoy having a good time compared to March 2020. Due to the pandemic, now more people shift toward online shopping, which has instantly increased the demand of the eCommerce market.

As fear of getting third-wave of coronavirus, you have to think beyond having a physical store and online website to survive in the market. And that’s why one of the great things you can do is adopt product visualization.

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What is Product Visualization, and Why It is Important?

As the name suggests, product visualization is nothing but a process of helping people understand the product visually. Yes, it is a practice of explaining what a product is all about visually, whether through images, videos, or other visual formats?

When it comes to eCommerce, product visualization is like a blessing in disguise. Product visualization can be illustrated in the form of 2D, 3D design, and photorealistic renderings. It can help you in many ways, including standing out from the competition, giving a personalized experience, and building customer loyalty.

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A Radical Change to an eCommerce experience with Visualization

We have seen so far that there’s huge popularity of online shopping as pandemic made people to shop online. There’s radical change to an eCommerce experience with visualization to provide customer experience and enhance user engagement.

When it comes to online shopping, product images are one of the crucial parts and if we see that people shopping online is more than people shopping in person or in a physical store. And it is no longer a secret that people are ready to pay more than to brands that show products visually beforehand. Well, that’s really a catch and positive sign for eCommerce store owners.

You can take the help of Photo (Image) Gallery View Extension for Magento 2 to add an automatic slideshow of multiple pictures of your product on the category or product listing page. With this extension, customers can see the image and, if needed, download it. Also, you can offer a personalized experience by enabling autoplay of a slideshow of images.

Product Visualization: Why Does Your Store Need It?

Now when you know and understand the importance of product visualization, it’s time to see how your store can take benefit from product visualization. Here, we are sharing some important reasons your eCommerce store should opt for eCommerce visualization.

1. Help you stand out in the market

The first and foremost reason why your store needs product visualization is that it can help you stand out in the market. It is no longer a secret that visuals are more important than words, and when it comes to eCommerce, it is true.

The reason is visuals are more effective than those long para’s explaining the product and its worth. Also, visuals save the time of your customers since they can easily adapt to what you are trying to say than those wordy explanations. Ultimately, visualization can help you stand out in the market since most of the brands are busy finding a way with words for product explanations to impress customers.

2. Bring personalized experience to customers

Gone is the day where customers used to visit the store and ask you for what they want in their mind. But, now that time has changed, and customers are shifting more towards online shopping, you must provide them a personalized experience that feels like in-person shopping.

Yes, customer experience is key in the eCommerce field since how you treat your customers makes your business successful and growing. And that’s why product visualization is the best thing you can adapt to bring a personalized experience to your customers.

Hire Certified Magento Developer to bring a personalized experience to your customers on your eCommerce website. You can add whatever you want with the help of developers since they are experienced and clavered in meeting customer’s needs.

3. Built trust among customers

You are lucky if your customers have trust in you because the customer satisfaction ratio is less in most of the brands. The best way you can enhance the trust of your customers is by helping them know about you and your brand.

You can do that by showing what the product is all about and how it can help them through visualization. You can easily convince them by showing appealing visuals on your website, social media, and on different online platforms.

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In the end, if you add appealing visualization to your offering, it is likely that you will have more people inquire about your products. Ultimately, more visuals mean more customers since we live in an era of visualization.

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