How To Double Your Conversions With Online Visual Merchandising?

May 21, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Do you think that brick and mortar are displaying randomly? Those beautiful mannequins, stunning window displays, and elaborate store decors, well, that all are deliberate attempts to entice shoppers shopping inspiration. So, when outlets go online, can they retain the same visual appeals and branded experiences.

Meanwhile, we can say positive showoff because eCommerce stores develop their product display and arrangement strategies through tools to customer experience. And that’s why it is always suggested store owners have their product in appealing visual to make the customer a final decision. And the whole process is called visual merchandising.

Visual merchandising has always been an integral part of brick-and-mortar stores. When you walk into an offline or physical store, you notice enticing and well-organized displays to entice customers. There are arranges strategically to help the product sell themselves.

When it comes to the eCommerce world, your website is everything means your business is most likely dependent on and it is the place where your audience goes to engage with the product/service and make a purchase. hence, visual merchandising plays a critical role in an eCommerce store as well.

Visual merchandising is the physical store’s layout, how the products are placed, organized, and stored. It brings in enhancing the customer experience and communicating with them efficiently. Let’s know how visual merchandising can help you in your online business:

  • Conversions
  • User engagement
  • Store navigation
  • Ease of use
  • Average order value
  • Repeat visits from the customers

What is Visual Merchandising for online Retailers?

Visual merchandising is how online retailers entice customers to their websites. For a physical store, visual appealing is key and also all the senses such as smell, feel, and sound.

You might have seen that some stores use room freshers to give a pleasant welcome to their customers.

The feel in the sense a touch that goes beyond just putting the product on display. It is essential to provide the customers with product demos to help them experience the product.

The third and most important thing is sound whether it’s friendly staff or soft-soothing music playing in the background is a way to entice customers.

Nowadays, online retailers are putting their all effort to make customers happy with their outstanding services. Well, in today’s time, people are also providing visual treats to their customers via their sales channel. Customers are also looking for a great experience from web stores and this is where visual merchandising comes into the picture.

Benefits of Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is a collection of all high-quality product images arranged in a certain layout pattern. Conversion rate optimization experts suggest that it is essential that every online shopping store must have an image gallery. It has many benefits; the best ones are available below.

  • Give Control Over Display:

Just like your guest at home, online visitors are your relatives or friends. And you know when guests arrive, you keep your home nice and decorate it to make sure it looks good, visually appealing, and inviting. It should make your guest feel welcomed and appreciated and the same is in online visual merchandising, it entices the users and welcomes them to your website.

With visual merchandising, you get control over the user experience. You can customize the info of a page according to your customers. It will help bring maximum user engagement, generate revenue, and enhance the performance of the store.

  • Give Customers More Control:

Visual appeal help people more choices and that’s how they can experience more freedom. And more freedom ultimately makes us happier as that’s human phycology. There are plenty of stores available in the market and that’s why people work hard to enable themselves to have more alternatives options for a more comfortable and convenient life. When online retail booms, customers are provided with more choices than ever and they assume it is a norm t have plentiful options.

Well, in this, website design can help you enhance the user experience. A visual merchandising that contains many featured products in all sizes and prices makes the customer feel empowered and in control giving them the impression of multiple choices. However, appreciating the power of choice doesn’t mean that you stuff too many product photos in visuals and make your customers feel overwhelmed and confused.

  • Reduce Bounce Rate:

The next benefit is that online visual merchandising can help in preventing the visitors from exiting the website immediately after landing, and hence, reducing the bounce rate. As visitors explore more, the product discoverability enhances, and the bounce rate decreases. This can be the best benefit you can consider as you know that more the business means more revenue and profit. Hence, with the help of online visual merchandising, you can reduce the bounce rate by attracting customers.

Tips to Use Visual Merchandising

These are the best visual merchandising practices you can follow as it will help you with conversions:

  • Tell a story:

The first thing you need to do with the online merchandising plan is to focus on telling the customers your brand’s story. You can create a browsing experience for them that motivates them to impulse buy. Entice further to buy multiple products and use quotes and visual elements to make your story-telling interesting and seamless. Well, storytelling is the best way to connect with the audience easily and acknowledge them about you and your products or service.

  • Detailed Product Descriptions:

Another best way is to give every detail about the product to your customers with detailed and explanatory product descriptions. It should include all the details that your customers might want to know and need. Besides, also paint a picture of how your products will advantage them. This means, acknowledge them with clearly outline the feature, size, and shape of the product. And also highlight how the product can be used, outline its usage in real life.

  • Optimize Search Feature:

In today’s growing time, where everything is online and available, one of the benefits of eCommerce merchandising is that it gives shoppers the power to sort products on the web. The shoppers can sort products by choices and specific features that they otherwise could not do in a physical or offline store. Also, online stores that sell plenty of products or brands and a huge inventory make it easy to scale and sort products. Also, many customers start by searching for their products in the search bar. So, keep the product pages up-to-date with relevant keywords.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to online visual merchandising, it is best to have an image gallery with quality pictures organized in a standard grid layout. It helps drive conversions through user-generated content and storytelling tactics.

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