Free Shipping Bar - Entice your Customers to Buy More Products to Get Free Shipping Offer

January 27, 2018 Written By M-Connect Media

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The monetary difference between online shopping and physical shopping is the “Shipping Amount” charged additionally. Shoppers always find a way out to retain themselves from paying that EXTRA amount. Keeping in mind customers’ desire, you as a store owner will surely want to provide shipping amount offers which pursue shopper to buy the product. There are some cases as well, where the shipping amount goes higher than the product amount. This creates hindrance to conversion. It won’t be acceptable for you to let go of customers simply because of a hefty shipping amount.

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There is an option of “Free Shipping Default Shipping in Magento 2“, where you enter a minimum order amount. So, when the customer’s shopping total increases than the minimum order amount, he/she is entitled to avail free shipping. In spite of this setting, you have to aware the customer about your free shipping offer while in the shopping process. Because in general, the shopper will come to know at the shopping cart or check out step. You have to convey in a way that how far he/she is to avail free shipping when adding products to cart. This will allure them to buy more products to grab the free shipping offer.

The question is how to achieve this solution? As an answer, Magento certified developers at M-Connect Media have analyzed the problem and developed the solution in the form of a Magento 2 extension. This extension gives constant reminders of free shipping offer to customers in a non-intrusive way by showing up on the store page. It automatically recalculates the remaining amount and shows to the shopper that you are “X” amount away from free shipping.

Key Aspects of Mconnect Free Shipping Bar Magento 2 Extension

  • Setup the threshold cost for the customers to avail free shipping.
  • Make the customers know about free shipping offer in intuitive ways.
  • It automatically calculates the remaining amount needed to obtain free shipping, when a shopper adds the product to the shopping cart.
  • The merchant can add their own custom message for free shipping.
  • Moreover, the merchant can also set font size and color of the message text.
  • A progress bar is also included to show how far the customer from availing the free shipping offer is.
  • A merchant can set the background color of the progress bar.
  • It offers to upload images for the mini-cart loader and empty mini-cart.
  • Set your own shopping cart title.
  • Add a success message which shows when customer avails free shipping.

How does Magento 2 Free Shipping Module works?

I understand your curiosity to know how the extension works. So, here I’ll be illustrating the configuration of the extension and its outcome with the help of screenshots. Once you have complete installation, just configure it with following steps.

Step 1:

Navigate to Stores → Configuration → M-Connect Media → Free Shipping Bar and you will find the settings as displayed in the figure below:

  • Enable/Disable Free Shipping Bar extension.
  • Enter the threshold shipping cost amount. It automatically calculates and displays the remaining amount of avail free shipping offer when the shopper adds a product to shopping cart.
  • Select and upload an image for the mini cart loader display while mini-cart loading process is going on.
  • Select and upload an image for the display in mini cart when it is empty.
  • Enter a message to be displayed at the front end for free shipping offer. Include the variable name “{{AwayPrice}}” to display the automatically calculated amount remaining for free shipping.
  • When a shopper reaches the target cost to earn the free shipping benefits, it displays the success message as given by you.

Free Shipping Bar Magento 2 Configuration

Step 2:

The custom message you show can be formatted with the help of font size and font color. Another prime feature of this extension is the “Progress Bar”. It indicates how far the customer is from reaching the free shipping offer. You can set the background color of this progress bar. Settings can be viewed from the image below:

Free Shipping Progress Bar

Now it’s time to look at the front end:

Continue Shipping Bar remaining cost notifier:

Remaining Cost Notofier Magento 2

Success Message when the user reached a goal – Free shipping offer:

Free Shipping Offer

In a Nutshell

So, you see how the qualified developers of M-Connect Media have delivered an easy to use solution – Mconnect Free Shipping Bar Magento 2 extension to boost up your sales. Just one sentence is expressed in a graphical presentation which lures customers to make an extra purchase in order to save the shipping amount. For more information please visit official product detail page.

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