Top 5 Magento Mistakes That Are Killing Your Conversion Rate

July 12, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Online retail sales are rising significantly with the pandemic-induced movement restrictions causing an increase in the share of total retail sales in online retail from 16% to 19% by 2020. As you and we would expect, savvy eCommerce store owners seek to increase sales, and they use top-rated eCommerce platforms to achieve their goals.

When it comes to eCommerce, there is no doubt that Magento is the best shopping cart choice for eCommerce store owners. Numerous Magento development agencies offer highly skilled teams of Magento developers who work on the platform.

Still, all of these activities are carried out by humans. Thus, human error and process errors are unlikely. It is okay to make mistakes, but it is never okay to prevent those mistakes from happening again. These mistakes often cost you dearly.

In the end, Magento mistakes usually have a negative effect on your business, eCommerce store, or both. Nonetheless, what you can do is fix them by checking the mistakes listed below and making sure they are corrected.

We will discuss the top 5 Magento mistakes you need to watch out for in this post to ensure that your online store is free from error. Let’s get started!

Top 5 Magento Mistakes That are Killing Your Conversion rate

It is not the end of the road after using Magento for your eCommerce store as the platform should have been used to enhance overall brand value and benefits customers. When developing a Magento store, it is your responsibility to be aware of common mistakes. In this article, we will discuss those mistakes that affect conversion rates and lead to a poor customer experience.

Mistake 1: The guest check-out feature is not enabled

eCommerce owners commonly fail to enable guest checkout, which is one of the most common mistakes they make. This is crucial for your Magento store. By not offering a guest checkout, you are inviting your conversion rate to die.

Our goal is to get a customer to sign up for an account so that they can send promotions, stay in touch, and make it easier for them to check out in the future. However, you should not disable guest checkout to motivate account creation, because it may cause customers to leave your site.

You should enable guest checkout to maximize conversion rates and minimize shopping cart abandonment. The second most common reason for abandoning a purchase is the requirement to create an account.

With the help of an experienced and certified Magento developer, it is easy to enable guest checkout on Magento, and the effect on your overall conversion rate will amaze you.

Mistake 2: Descriptions of products copied from other sites

Don’t copy because you can paste it but not pride it. You just ruined it by copying product descriptions to make the website appear more appealing. We have seen several major websites with blatantly copied product descriptions.

Here are two reasons why you shouldn’t copy product descriptions from other websites. Your SEO efforts can be destroyed and you could face penalties from Google. Do not use product descriptions from manufacturer’s websites. You have probably duplicated content on the web because another retailer has likely done the same as you.

Google hates duplicate content as much as you hate your enemy. The search engine could mark your store as low quality, which could have a serious impact on your rankings.

The second reason you shouldn’t copy product descriptions is that they may not be perfectly written or even grammatically correct. It has also been proven that poor spelling and incorrect grammar decrease conversion rates.

The same way you copy, you may not realize that you have copied incorrectly. The conversion rate of an eCommerce store that had no typos in its name increased significantly. It sounds great, so don’t make the same mistake by making spelling or grammar mistakes.

Grammar and spelling mistakes can be avoided with a wide array of tools and technologies. Always double-check with those tools and keep your store safe and secure from these types of errors.

Mistake 3: Sorting products without layer navigation

Layered navigation is a very helpful tool for customers since it filters products by price, category, size or color. Nevertheless, it leads to duplicate content and confused titles, URLs, and descriptions.

Shopping is made easier with a layered navigation system that allows shoppers to filter products quickly. With the right third-party Magento Extension, Magento’s basic layered navigation tools can be greatly extended.

You can hire Magento developers to prevent your layered navigation pages from being indexed by Google. In order to accomplish this, they will use cookies or send fast Ajax requests. In addition to integrating with native Magento filtering features and allowing filter preferences, many Magento development companies have created extensions to enhance filtering within the platform. To enable an extension for your Magento store, let a Magento certified developer handle the job for you.

Mistake 4: Email follow-ups not integrated

The use of follow-up emails is now no longer a secret since they are one of the most effective methods of increasing your Magento store’s conversion rate. If you send abandoned cart emails to your customers, you can increase your conversion rate by a lot. These emails will result in those who engage returning to the site to complete the purchase.

A cart abandonment email program can be easily set up. You can also integrate the tool with your Magento store to help you convert more customers. We have already explained in this blog that you have made mistakes in your Magento store that are resulting in low conversion rates.

Mistake 5: Keeping shipping costs hidden until checkout

Free shipping is always appreciated, right? Customers also say that free shipping is one of their biggest incentives to shop on a given website, so it’s clear that no one here doesn’t want it. However, if you do not or cannot offer free shipping, or if you only offer free shipping on orders over a certain value using extensions like Fast Cart Checkout Extension. Don’t hide the fact that you don’t offer free shipping. Show the shipping cost early in the shopping process.


As you can see, Magento doesn’t require you to build your store from scratch in order to increase sales. Your sales can be boosted with just a few small changes. We have discussed the mistakes that you should watch before offering your customers a shopping experience.

Do you need help modifying your Magento store? M-connect Media can help you. You can work with our Magento developers and our Magento support team to enhance your sales and modify your store. For more information, please contact us.

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