Top 8 Magento Website Maintenance Tips That You Should Implement Now

April 10, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Like everything else, your website needs to be kept ready and seamless and that means monthly website maintenance. In this case, there are multiple parts to be looked such as keeping content fresh and inviting, keeping website software and hosting secure and running well.

Monthly maintenance is something like servicing your car to keep up the performance and that just has to be done if you want to keep your site healthy, and safe. Having a website that looks good doesn’t mean you are ready to rule the eCommerce market. Well, you need a website that runs seamlessly to performance and provides a good experience to your customers.

There are store owners who think that website look is enough for eCommerce selling which is not true because if you avoid timely maintenance then it may cause serious issues with website performance and you will also see the loss of sales.

Hence, just like your health check-up, your website needs maintenance to ensure that the store is on a top performance level. To give you a better idea, we have curated important steps that summarise the complete monthly Magento website maintenance.

Monthly Magento Website Maintenance Checklist

  • Track the store security
  • Analyze the page load speed
  • Build report to track Magento store performance
  • Test the contact forms and checkout
  • Refresh services and products

Let’s hash it out…

1. Analyze the Website Performance:

The initial step is to analyze the performance of the website and look out for problems that already exist or may occur in the future. What you can do is take the help of Magento Development Company to analyze the performance of your website. Also, there are many tools available in the market which can help you monitor important features of the website. This will help you get an idea of why you are losing customers or where your users leave your website. The reason why your users exist on your website could be loading speed, content form submissions, or spam traffic but you will get the exact idea from Magento Development experts only.

2. Check Web Page Speed:

The second step is to check the web page speed of the website as it plays a significant role in positioning the site on the top of search engines. With a good performing site, visitors can easily tour the website, view pages, and navigate the website. While sluggish loading web pages will lead to higher cart abandonment rates which also affects your online visibility. Running a speed test is an important element as a part of monthly Magento website maintenance.

3. Double-check Security Measures:

As a part of customer’s security and store credibility, this is an essential feature for any eCommerce platforms during Magento development as most users will share personal and sensitive information. So, providing a good and secured website will help you gain customer’s trust, faith and convert them into customers. Also, Google and other search engines will give priority to websites that are safe for visitors and list them higher on search engine result pages. Having a gap in your security measures can cause issues and affect your business.

4. Check Broken Hyperlinks:

This is the most caused problem in Magento 2 Migration Service where users reach a dead end on your Magento store. This will give them a poor and bad experience and lead to an increase in cart abandonment and that’s why you need to take care of this during your Magento Development stage. The tools which can help you mitigate the problems are Google and Bing webmaster as they detect such broken links and fix them. What you need to extra careful about is that make sure you fix such links during your Magento maintenance mode and deliver a world-class experience to your visitors. Hence, checking the one’s link should be part of your protection check.

5. Perform a Usability Audit:

Usability testing should also the part of Magento website maintenance as it is the process to measure how usable and intuitive your Magento website is. Without this process in your website maintenance checklist, you cannot review your website’s user experience.

How it performed? So, when it comes to audit a website’s usability, every area of the website should be looked at to ensure if they are working in good condition and create no problem for users to navigate the site to do for what they come. For that, you need to eye on two main factors that are streamlined checkout and an easy-to-fill contact form.

Why checkout process? So, you know that once a customer reaches the checkout process, means there is a high chance that they will make a purchase. Hence, this section should be the priority when you perform a usability audit.

Make sure that checkout is free from errors and jargon, so the customer can easily understand including general checkout, guest checkout, and checkout as the logged-in user.

Why contact form? Often, during the Magento website maintenance process, a contact form is overlooked by the developers which can cause you the loss of a customer. However, it is a crucial channel that allows customers to connect your store, submit their queries, and leave their contact details, which means Potential Customers.

Generally, store owners use contact forms as a collection of user information and detail. And that’s why minor mistakes in the way those forms work can lead to loss of leads. For this reason, you should double-check while performing testing.

6. Look for Order Processes:

Next, make sure that the user experience of the website is working fine because it is essential to test the complete process of orders. The entire process should be looked especially at basic features such as product navigation, add-to-cart, payment, and checkout. A good performing and sleek experience during the order process can help you make users return to the website again for more orders.

7. Backup is Important:

For website safety, you should always keep a backup of your Magento store because issues can happen despite the best security measures. Having an updated backup can help you during an attack or sudden crash because hackers may attack your website and you left unknown of your own website without backup. You can take the help of a professional Magento Development Company to check that you have backed up the necessary content and will work in case of such online threats.

8. Update Content:

Apart from these points, your site should always have organic, original, and fresh content for your visitors so that they get fresh content frequently on the Magento store. Even when your website delivers world-class performance, it is still not enough for customers if they are not served with quality and up-to-date content.

Start with your product information and get it updated if required. If the product images look a bit old-styled, try to replace them with new and eye-catching ones. So during the Magento development stage, make sure that you give a complete makeover to your website and make the user experience more engaging to provide a better user experience.

Blog posts and new content always work as a wonder in enticing more visitors and enhancing site traffic through SEO. Ultimately, all you need to make sure is to follow the guideless of digital marketing to reap the benefits of SEO.


By implementing these steps into your website, you can ensure that your Magento website is working fine and seamlessly without any disturbance. However, in the digital era, a good-performing and flawless website is a must to ensure a seamless shopping experience.

The above factors summarize the upkeep of your Magento store to a massive extent. To carry out the monthly maintenance of your Magento store smoothly, you can contact our certified Magento Developers. At Mconnect Media, we cater a whole range of offerings, proper from development, designing to migration, customization, and 24/7 support.

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