How To Save Money On Your Magento 2 Project? + Expert Money-Saving Tips

July 13, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Magento 1.x is no longer in use, but you can now get Magento 2, which is faster, more secure, and more integrated than Magento 1. The process of developing a Magento 2 website or Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration is always challenging and expensive.

You may be concerned about how you can save money on the construction of your new eCommerce website due to this reason. Also, should you give priority to quality over price when trying to save some money?

As you shift to Magento 2, let’s take a look at some of the top recommendations from experts, and see how they can help you stay within budget.

Top Tips to Save Money on your Magento 2 Project?

Obviously! Although we should save money if we can, that does not mean we should prioritize price over performance. In order to save you money on your Magento 2 project, we’ve come up with a few ideas that will help you reduce costs without sacrificing performance. Let’s start!

1. Choose a low-priced Magento 2 extension

Nobody would like to travel in an aeroplane without a pilot. The same is the case with Magento extensions. One-step checkout may be something you’d like to add to your store, or an inventory management extension might be what you’re looking for.

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Means requirements would be anything whether you need social media integration to your store or any other integration, you need to install extension from the Magento marketplace or from Magento agencies.

Whatever you want or wish to add, there is an extension available for these functionalities. So, what you can do is contact any Magento eCommerce development company or Magento marketplace to choose your required extension.

2. Avoid selecting costly themes

Is it really necessary to use a costly solution when we can accomplish the same thing in a cheap or budget-friendly way? There is confusion between pre-designed themes and custom themes when it comes to Magento development.

There will be mixed reviews, of course, since some people believe custom themes are essential to ensure the site does not feel generic, while others believe pre-made themes are the solution.

In conclusion, let’s take a look at both pros and cons. We will summarize the key points here in order to determine which the best option is.

There is no doubt that ready-made themes are cost-effective, are well supported, and have an attractive visual appearance. Although this theme has a lot of features, there is a lack of quality, consistency, and customization.

In comparison to pre-designed themes, custom-made themes have a unique and branded design. Moreover, you can customize it and choose the features you want. The downside is that custom themes take time and are expensive.

Both options have pros and cons in the end. Choosing a pre-designed theme isn’t really a deal breaker as you can always switch to a custom theme later if you wish. To ensure what will fit the needs of your store, you can get help from a certified Magento developer.

You can reduce the response time and page loading speed of an online store by choosing an expensive theme. With a top-performing website, your customers can easily explore your store on your site, which means seamless shopping for them.

3. Choose Magento commerce cloud

Magento commerce cloud is a version of Magento that allows large online retailers to run their business with ease, and it comes with many preloaded services like hosting, support, and security patches, among other things. You can save on the total cost of ownership and maintenance costs if you use the Magento commerce cloud.

These features make the platform a priority since it is often considerably cheaper than competing products. The Magento commerce cloud is unquestionably one of the best options for online retailers.

4. Hire a developer

The myth that hiring Magento developer for your Magento 2 project is cost-effective is long gone. It’s not like you should pick a developer with high-fees. The point is that you have to choose a developer who will deliver results you can rely on, so you won’t face any problems down the road.

There are many companies that offer Magento 2 dedicated development teams at cheap prices, but there’s no guarantee of consistency or long-term performance. Such agencies may cost you in the long run, as you might end up hiring another developer to fix it and save your site.

The most important thing to remember is that you work with Magento solution partners who are certified. For a development agency to be a stellar Magento solution partner, they must demonstrate they have the latest tools, skills, and developers certified to handle Magento projects.

At the same time, you should make sure that the developers you hire are professional and can complete their work on time. You can consult a Magento support team from any company if you are having a problem with your Magento 2 project.

5. Never ignore user experience

Magento 2 is certainly the better choice compared to Magento 1, as it offers a better and improved user experience. Keep in mind that your eCommerce store needs to be easy to navigate for customers. It is important that users are directed to the right product page for what they are looking for, as well as a simple and time-efficient checkout process.

Is there anything you can do?

  • Every image and document should be given a name
  • ALT tags should accompany images
  • Make sure the product description is clear and easy to understand

You might be wondering about how these things can help you save money on your Magento 2 project. Consequently, if UX practices are implemented at the end of your Magento project, it may become pricier. By performing these activities during the starting period, you will save money.

It is possible to save developers time by implementing early user research. Additionally, you can devote more time to meeting the needs of users, rather than adding features that the user will never use.

Ending Up

You are now aware of the factors to consider in reducing Magento 2 project costs. By reducing development costs, you can use that money to offer discounts on your products and integrate extensions.

Do you need help migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2? M-connect Media can help you. We have an in-house team of Certified Magento developers and Magento support who can help you with zero data loss. You will be able to sell online through an eCommerce store that is easy and intuitive to use. Contact us for more information.

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