Magento 2 Dimensional Weight Shipping Method : Part 4

July 22, 2016 Written By Yogesh Trivedi

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From the few previous blogs , we have been discussing the default shipping methods of Magento 2.0. We have already learnt about the three shipping methods i.e. free shipping, table rate and flat rate shipping methods. Now, in the current blog, we will discuss and understand about Dimensional Weight shipping which is less popular than the other three.

The Dimensional Weight Shipping method simply means that the shipping cost of the product is calculated on the basis of weight and package volume. The package volume is the space which is occupied by the parcel in the area of any carrier. The shipping cost depends on the space which is occupied by the package in the carrier and not by the space taken by the product. The package can be large than the product size.

There are some major Shipment carriers who are applying dimensional weight shipping method. But, the shipping cost calculation for dimensional weight shipping differ from one carrier with the other. All the carrier who use this method into shipments have their own way to utilize this method and calculate the shipping cost.

Let us now see the carriers who apply the dimensional weight shipping method into their shipments:

  1. FedEx
  2. DHL
  3. UPS
  4. USPS

Influence of Dimensional Weight Shipping Method on Merchants

As dimensional shipping cost is based on the volume of the package, there is always a fear attached with this method. The carriers will cost the shipment to the merchants or shippers as per dimensions and the merchants have to calculate the shipping cost of the product and then charge it from their customers.

However, due to this shipping rate calculation method the merchants will be always at a monetary risk.

Let us take two common situations which can lead to an economic insecurity:

  1. When you don’t consider charging your customers enough shipping cost so as to cover the shipping cost you pay to the carriers.

You can face some financial losses when you charge very less shipping rate to your customers (as per the products weight) and on other hand you have been charged high shipment cost (as per the dimensional weight) by the carriers to ship the item to your customers’ location.

If you wish to remove this fear of the financial loss, you have to add that extra charged amount to the shipping cost you would be charging your customers. For example, you wish to keep the shipping cost of an item as $10. And you have been charged $12 as the shipment cost by your carrier providers. Then, add this extra $2 cost in the shipping cost which you would be charging from your customers.

You may feel that the amount $2 is not that big amount, but when you have a large store and you are selling so many products on daily basis, this cost can become larger and can even impact the economic status of your business.

  1. The carrier provider charges you the shipment charges but you offer a free shipping option to your customers.

In the free shipping method, your customers only pay the product amount. But when you ship and deliver the products to them, carrier companies do charge you the shipment cost.

When you offer free shipping , the possibility of sales increases, but you can still be at financial risk as you need to pay the dimensional weight shipping.

So, here you have to manage your economy by reducing the investments in packaging materials and try to make the dimension of the parcel small. This will reduce the shipment cost charged by the carriers.

We have discussed very common situations which are generally faced by almost all the merchants. We have tried to provide a workaround for the same situations which can at least help you manage your investments and finances.

If you also are facing some issue with the dimensional weight shipping methods or you want a customized shipping method for your store, then please write to us, for the solutions to your problems, at

In our coming soon blogs, we will discuss the four major carriers mentioned above and their configuration in Magento 2.0.  So, keep following our blogs!

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  1. I have not thought that using the dimensional weight method can have a major impact on the business economy, if it not utilized and managed properly. Thanks for this informative post, Yogesh!

  2. I have not much heard about this shipping weight and this might be due to its less popularity among online store owners. So, thank you for explaining what a dimensional weight shipping is and how to manage our store with this shipping method.

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