How Digital Supply Chain Strategies Impact eCommerce Success?

May 11, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Pandemic has changed the world how businesses used to do business, and it has benefit eCommerce a lot. Well, it’s anticipated that eCommerce will keep control of its enhanced share of the retail market over the next year. This means that digitization of the store will be essential for retailers to successfully adapt to the new normal. But a thriving eCommerce business must begin with a strong foundation.

Due to ongoing social distancing measures and Covid-19, many inefficiencies have been uncovered through major disruptions caused by the pandemic. The coronavirus crisis has been until we get rid of, uncovering numerous supply chain vulnerabilities businesses didn’t know they had, whether it’s within their supplier network, planning processes, logistic systems, organizational maturity, or resiliency.

Retailers must start focusing on investing in modern technology now so they can strengthen and future-proof their supply chains through greater flexibility, visibility, and automation. With consumer behavior changing seemingly by the time, it has never been more important for retailers to implement a fully connected end-to-end supply chain plan, as organizations must be able to meet their customer’s needs while reacting to changes as quickly and profitably as possible.

What is a Digital Supply Chain?

Depending on the context in which it’s used, the term digital supply chain could have many meanings such as:

  • The digital aspects of a physical supply chain
  • The chain of technology companies involved in the delivery of digital products

The impact of going digital

There are many benefits of eCommerce in supply chain management. In the case of the use of a digital supply chain will deliver products much more quickly and effortlessly, and will allow them to get in touch with a customer service representative quite easily. On the business end, digital supply chains allow you to minimize your costs in manufacturing and shipping and allow you to identify problems early on in the process instead of dealing with them once they’ve already caused major issues down the line.

Supply chain strategies for eCommerce businesses

Managing your supply chain with an integrated eCommerce shop is difficult if you don’t have a strategy in place to satisfy the influx of customers and orders.

  • Enhance warehouse capacity
  • Lower the cost of shipping

How You Can Eliminate Supply Chain Complexities?

Modern technology like AI and ML gives retailers the ability to respond to ever-changing trends in consumer behavior in real-time. These technologies can produce extremely accurate forecasts based not only on the weather, local events, and day of the week but also on thousands of other data points that can illustrate exactly what is driving customer demand at any time. By understanding the interrelationship between many complex factors, retailers can then turn the data into actionable insights and react accordingly.

Supply chain complexities are challenging which can be remedied by AI and ML. by aligning demand with supply, retailers can better evaluate assortment decisions at every location on a risk and reward basis. With the help of digitization in the supply chain, one can be applied to enhance sales while reducing costs and returns.

What are the benefits of supply chain digital transformation?

Supply chain have always been linked with technology, and retailers recognize that enabling digital transformation in the supply chain helps them realize their appropriate goals. There are many other drivers for digitization such as:

  • Enhance effectiveness and maximize cashflow
  • Grow business performance through revenue and sales
  • Adapt to customer behavior and changing customer expectations
  • Enhance customer service and the customer experience

Here are some other supply chain digitization benefits:

1. Brings attention to problem early:

Supply chains tend to operate using top-down management and communication for merchants and vendors. Many distributors looking to grow their product lines tend to focus on reconciliation, monitoring, and reporting.

Digital solutions including monitoring tools and integrations such as those between the ERP and eCommerce system will help companies make quicker, better decisions early on. The benefits are clear, proactive decision-making enhances efficiency, removes waste and chargebacks, and keeps operations running smoothly.

2. It helps scale:

Indeed! Resilient supply chains need a solid foundation. Transparency and efficiency are not enough, the ability to scale and adjust as circumstances changes are just essential. To remain competitive in the years and decades ahead, start with a robust and flexible B2B eCommerce platform that you can build and grow with, without the need to reinvent your supply chain.

This flexibility gives businesses more freedom when onboarding new suppliers, particularly in new industries. It helps brands respond to demands, grow their stores, launch new ones, or roll out to additional regions.

It’s difficult to predict what’s to come in the next year, as the Covi-19 pandemic has proven that major disruption can occur in the blink of an eye. However, what is clear is that recent events have accelerated digitization in the retail industry. If retailers wish to compete, they must focus on building their eCommerce operations and ensure their supply chains are robust and flexible enough to adapt.

Closing Thoughts:

The importance of supply chain management in eCommerce is monumental. However, digitization is a win-win proposition, not just a way to avoid risk. The business benefits that eCommerce stores stand out to gain effectively advancing their supply chain is profound. As a result, companies can become more responsive to market and customer variability, and drive significant revenue and sales.

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