Power of eCommerce Emails : How to Craft Perfect Thank You Email to your Customers?

May 10, 2021 Written By M-Connect Media

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What is one of the costliest mistakes you can make as a store owner? Something that could ruin your chances of getting clients and new leads. This important, yet often overlooked communication, the thank you emails, has become much more than a formality. Find out why a proper thank you email is important to you and your store.

Nowadays, when shoppers are accustomed to competitive prices, impressing product ranges, and a streamlined shopping experience. Most eCommerce is doing right, and this has resulted in an online regularly to make a purchase.

But with such an impressive baseline, how does a newly launched eCommerce store grab attention? Well, undercutting prices is a common way, but eCommerce margins are always squeezed. And, unless you’re a highly imaginative inventor, you’re unlikely to brainstorm a unique product. So, it is necessary to make a name as a renowned store and for that you need a strategy.

Wondering: How Effective Are Emails for E-Commerce to Any Business?

In today’s competitive market, there’s only one way to stay ahead of the competition, either by delivering an exceptional customer experience or by treating well your customers. However, it’s small, personal touches that make a world of difference.

How can you make a customer feel warm and fuzzy?

Well, there is no better word than Thank you, and no wonder it is because Thank you Email is just bliss. Start by sending an automated Thank You email to a recent customer after a sale. You’ll be one step closer to building a loving clientele eager to return to your store rather than exploring the competition.

In this blog post, we want to talk about one such personal touch, the Thank You email, and how to use them.

How Thank You Emails Works?

No doubt! Gratitude goes a long way in all works of life. You may have appreciated someone with good words to make their day and feel good. Well, business is no different, and displaying some gratitude is a great way to generate goodwill for your store, which also boosts loyalty.

However, the reason why you should send Thank You email is that you are demonstrating to customers that there is a real, genuine person on the other side of the screen. This helps you stand out and differentiate you from the faceless corporate world, especially if your Thank You emails contain photographs of you and your team.

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Before we drive deeper in today’s blog post, though, here are a few reasons why Thank you emails are so important:

  • The audience is needle-like.
  • You can strategically time Thank You emails to maximize open rates.
  • Thank you emails enjoy twice as high engagement levels compared to average.
  • The people receiving the emails have already purchased from you.

Meanwhile, there is a lot like to about saying thanks. And saying Thanks to Thank You is never enough as it helps a lot.

In this blog post, we want to help you leverage Thank You Emails with maximum effect. Also, we’ll be discussing the optimal times to send a Thank You email, plus what should be included within.

When to use “Thank You” Emails for your eCommerce Store?

Although Thank You emails appear to be a one-shot opportunity, the truth is you can send them at various points during a customer buying journey and life cycle. Here are a few ideas to get started:

1. Send when someone Subscribe to website:

Well, many store owners think that it is not the right time to send thank you emails before customers make a purchase. In reality, you don’t even have to wait for someone to make a purchase before deploying a Thank You email. Strike while the tea is hot and send it as soon as visitors show interest in your products by subscribing to your website.

Having said that, you should send an email when someone subscribes to your website. Despite this, it is important to keep it casual, the visitor has shown an interest, they have not committed to buying. Start by thanking them for their interest, then tell them to get in touch if they have any questions for you.

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This is the time where things get slightly tricky, tough, your ultimate aim is to make a sale, but you don’t want to be pushy, nothing is more off-putting than an overly pushy sale pitch. It’s a fine-tuned balancing act between convert sales techniques and not appearing as deceptive.

2. Send after purchase:

This is when someone makes a purchase from your store and when they get a confirmation email. Having made a purchase, most customers will read the confirmation email to ensure that their order has been proceeding correctly.

This means it’s likely to be one of your most viewed correspondence and receipt emails are more likely to be opened and have more chance of engagement than standard emails on average.

However, treating this as a purely administrative email is a missed chance. With guaranteed eyeballs, spruce your receipts a Thank You email and enjoy the rewards. A bit of genuine gratitude can have a big impact on your visitors and customers. This all reflects very well on your brand and store.

Hence, having a sales strategy carefully designed at this point can help you a lot as a customer has just opened their wallet and feel great if you think they will feel encouraged.

3. Send after delivery:

One of the best opportunities to send a Thank You email is a few days after the customer has received their order. As always with saying thanks a bit of sincerity goes a long way.

This reminds and appreciates customers that they have purchased something again, and tell them that you hope they are enjoying their new products. At this point, now that the customer is using your products, the strategy switches. For an instance, it can be helpful to include customer support info, demonstrating how to use or care for the products most effectively. Oh, and at this point, it is also a good idea to ask customers for product reviews another proven way to drive future sales.

4. Send when celebrating Milestone:

This final strategy encourages customers to celebrate your landmark achievement. For example, you might send a mass Thank You email to your customers for helping you reach important milestones, such as reaching followers in thousands or millions, or making your store’s golden jubilee.

Because these emails are not strategically timed, it is best not to go overboard with pushy sales techniques. Simple Thank your customers for their support, tell them what it means to you and your team.

Final Words:

Summing up it all, we have seen that Thank You emails are best and effective if you’re smart with them. These Thank You emails are an effective way to drive repeat customers and increase your customer’s lifetime value.

Need help in crafting Thank You Emails to repeat customers? M-connect Media can assist you on how to use Thank You emails for your store’s existing customers and drive sales with the help of professional eCommerce experts. Get in touch with us to know more!

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