Website Pop-Up or No Pop-Up? Should You Use Website Pop-Ups in 2021?

May 12, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Did you know that 20%-70% of website visitors will give their contact details when good popups are used? Well, that’s a huge number and by avoiding common popup mistakes, and sticking up to pop-up best practices you can produce good popups.

However, a good popup always impresses your visitors. They are well-designed and ideally implemented, with relevant content, and appear on a page with information that’s is relevant to the page. A website with a pleasant popup converts better than one with a crappy popup.

With all the websites out there, you’ve likely by now tripped a few riddled with frustrating popups. These sudden, uninvited blurbs asking if you need any help, to sign in or to download or to subscribe disrupt your reading and either annoys you. Well, there’s no intention to disturb you as there’s the reason why companies use these. Let’s find it out together!

Types of Pop Ups:

Let’s start with the types of pop-ups to understand what they are and how you can utilize them in your website to achieve your goals.

  • New Page Pop-Up:

As the name suggests, a new page pop-up creates a new page in a new tab window. The use of this type of pop-up has pretty much gone by the wayside as these are often blocked by a user’s computers. If the pop-up page is not blocked, the configuration is poor as it gets covered behind the main window and won’t come back up again after the user closes it. New page pop-ups are also poor on the small screens of mobile devices and this type of pop-up stays open even when the web user goes to a different website on the window. Since these pop-ups aren’t commonly used, they’re not effective.

In-browser Pop-Up:

These pop-ups are most commonly used yet effective. In-browser pop-ups are the small dialogue boxes that appear either along the side in the form of a chat box, as a floater on the side, or as a tiny text box when one hovers their cursor over a trigger word. These types of pop-ups are more effective than new page pop-ups and are less distracting than full-page pop-ups. Here are the benefits of in-browser pop-ups:

  • They’re small, contained, and only fill up a small part of the page
  • Doesn’t force a user to take an action
  • Acts as a single, stand-alone element
  • Its content is context-dependent, with the content in the pop up relating to the content either of the page or “trigger” word

These types of pop-ups are great for subscriptions, remote, on-demand chat help, and free download offers.

  • Full Page Pop-Up:

These pop-ups are the ones that make one cringe as they cover the whole page and prevent the user from reading the content. These are common for subscriptions and appear when a user is about to navigate away from a webpage. These specific types of pop-ups are often overused and misused by an advertiser and third parties and have contributed to a poor online experience for the user.

Benefits of the Pop-up:

Now you know that each type of pop ups has its purpose and place, here are some of the benefits pop ups have in general:

  • Grab visitor’s attention
  • Alert visitors by reminding them about important info
  • Enhance visitor’s website on-time
  • Communicate with visitors and motivate them
  • Encourage conversions
  • Effective in collecting info for sales and marketing conversion’s purpose

Disadvantage of Pop-up:

Of course! There’s a disadvantage too with advantage as each type of pop-up has its pros and appropriate time and place to be used. However, pop-ups in general have some great disadvantages that warrant their careful, sparse use. Some of the top disadvantages include using pop up include:

  • Pop ups are annoying

Well, this is the best problem any visitors find when they visit the website regardless size and location of the pop-ups. Some visitors find so annoyed by them that they will immediately exit the site once the popup appears.

  • Pop Ups can confuse visitors

In addition to pop-ups being annoying to site visitors, they can also confuse, frustrate and scare visitors. Most of the websites have irrelevant messaging that confuse visitors to take action and navigate the site. Also, the wrong page can confuse visitors to leave away the page and that’s the reason you shouldn’t create pop-ups that distract or confuse.

  • Pop Ups can down SEO rankings

This is the biggest problem among the above as it can slow down your website and rankings. Some pop-ups can slow your website’s load time which annoys and frustrates impatient, time-crunched site visitors who will likely exit your site to visit a competitor’s site if the page doesn’t load quickly. Well, page load is also a ranking factor as Google uses its search results page ranking algorithm.

Don’t get carried away – Follow best practices for designing Pop-ups

Despite the benefits that offer pop-ups offer, it is still important to be wary when designing pop-ups for your website.  You don’t want users to become frustrated or confused, and confronted with a half-dozen pop-up windows when they’re just trying to browse your website without interruptions.

Here are some tips for designing pop-ups:

  • Make sure you use 1-2 pop-ups as it takes up the whole screen
  • Only show homepage pop-ups once. After a visitor exits the pop-up, don’t try to serve it to them again when they come back to your homepage.
  • Use a CTA, bold colors, and relevant offers to enhance pop-up conversion rates.
  • Give the customer a reason to click the pop-up.
  • Don’t reuse the same pop-ups and make sure you create several, visually-distinct pop-ups.

What’s a good popup? A good popup

  • Appears when it’s the least disturbing
  • Is relevant to your visitors and the page they are viewing
  • Provides an attractive offer
  • Doesn’t appear too often to a particular visitor
  • Enhances the time spent on site
  • Boost your conversions


When properly designed, used, and executed, a popup can be a powerful tool for converting more customers to your website. By doing so, you’ll be able to enhance your conversion rate and sales, and enjoy bigger profits on your store or website.

The list goes on! Looking at this list above it becomes oblivious that capturing customer data with a popup. With the help of a good popup, you can grab customer’s attention and encourage conversion.

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