How to Restrict Shipping by Various Product & Customer Attributes in Magento 2?

October 26, 2017 Written By M-Connect Media

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Magento 2 Shipping Restcrion Extension

It is true that e-commerce is bound to ship the product to anyone, in any volume, with any price tag, and to any country or region. Unfortunately, the utopian conditions are not applicable in the case of each product sold online.

Shipping carried out through different routes such as by land, by air, and by sea. The charges of shipping applied differently by the shipping providers and depend on several factors.

Countries and regions have several legal and geographical rules for the transportation of goods and permissions for the services. Moreover, various promos and offers for free shipping add complications into defining the shipping rules for an e-commerce merchant and technical abilities of the storefront.

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The same is true for the Magento storefronts offering various features and functions for shipping the products with different attributes. In order to impose viable, feasible, and legitimate shipping restrictions on Magento 2 stores, M-Connect Media has released an extension to ease the life of merchants at greater extents.

The Mconnect Shipping Restrictions Magento 2 Extension enables merchants to restrict only non-essential shipping methods and save the store from blocking all of the shipping methods available on the storefront.

Features of Shipping Restrictions Extension for Magento 2 by M-Connect Media

  • The extensions separate shipping methods or all carriers.
  • Impose shipping limits based on product & customer attributes.
  • Set shipping restrictions based on the country, states, and other shipping data.
  • Use coupons to trigger applications of rules.
  • It restricts free shipping coupons, promo codes, or other marketing incentives.
  • Apply shipping restriction methods for customer groups as well as store views.
  • It restricts shipping on a particular day of week or time.
  • It allows adding custom messages for each shipping restriction rule.
  • Restricts application of any shipping method when order process initiated by admin.
  • Sets priorities for each shipping restriction rule.

Advantages of Mconnect Shipping Restrictions Extension for Magento 2

Some distinct benefits of the extensions listed below.

Makes shipping legal and cost-effective:

The international shipping and transportations have several legal and political obstacles. Therefore, online merchants have to put restrictions on those selected countries or states for delivery and transport of the goods.

The extension helps to impose those restrictions and display a comprehensive error message when shipping applied for an order to deliver in those restricted areas.

Restrict shipping of non-standard goods:

We know shipping very small and low-priced items render costly attempts. Similarly delivery of too heavy goods proves the costly affair. In both the cases, extension offers options to put limits and prohibits shipping.

Restrict delivery to the long distance regions:

Charges for long-distance shipping are high and maybe not under the shipping thresholds based on production costs. It helps to impose restrictions in those cases.

Effect of Discounts and Taxes on free shipping:

Free shipping when applied on the threshold of an amount of order value, discounts and taxes can reduce the total after deduction. In such cases, the extension applies the restrictions and display an error message accordingly.

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Sets shipping restrictions on particular days or time:

Many shipping service providers deny shipping on weekend days or a particular period in a day. Therefore, Magento merchants have to incorporate those into shipping method and apply shipping restriction rules accordingly. Thus, extension helps them to do so.

Shipping restrictions for particular customer groups:

When B2B and B2C ecommerce are going simultaneously, shipping rules differ for both groups. The extension helps to define the rules and put restrictions on particular groups of customers accordingly.

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Enable or disable the shipping methods for certain store views:

In the case of international Omnichannel e-commerce, shipping rules are different for their branches or stores located in different regions or countries. In such cases, the extension allows enabling or disabling of applicable shipping methods in those particular store views.

Defining regions with certain shipping settings:

Some countries or regions have common shipping rules based on legal, political, and other reasons. Therefore, the disable shipping Magento module allows merchants to create regions for those areas and apply similar shipping rules or restrictions.

Installations & Configuration of Shipping Restrictions Extension for Magento 2 by M-Connect Media

Installation Process:

Magento 2 merchants can download the extension installation zip by creating and login in the account on After downloading, it needs to unzip the file and initiate the installation process after uploading the files and folders on a designated place in the root directory of Magento 2 website on the server.

Detail Information: How to install Mconnect Magento 2 extension?

Once installation process accomplished, merchants have to configure the product according to e-commerce requirements. In due course,

Configuration Process:

Navigate to Store> M-connect Media > Shipping Restriction Setting

There are three main fields to configure:

  • Apply shipping restriction
    1. Enable/disable shipping restrictions
    2. Display of error messages
    3. Shipping method for admin
  • Apply condition
  • Apply coupon

Review Configuration and Settings of Mconnect Shipping Restrictions for Magento® 2 for advance options & setting.


With the current post, we have seen how an extension helps the Magento 2 merchant to leverage the most out of imposing various shipping restrictions and leading the store in profitable business.

You may find the extension useful for your Magento store and would like to know more regarding implementation in your business niche. Please review M-Connect Magento module development services for more information.

Please create a support ticket on our customer help center for any query or suggestion.

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