Catch Quick Attention of Shoppers by Showing Enticing Product Labels in Magento 2

May 10, 2018 Written By M-Connect Media

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The reason why online shopping is marching ahead than traditional stores is the appealing offers provided by online store owners. Shoppers get attracted to products with exciting offers and this in turnwill increase your conversion rate. “Free”, “Discount”, “Best Seller” are the most appealing words to acquire the diligence of buyers.

Now, your store has a wide variety of catalogue and you might have different offers for each product or it may differ as per categories. There are scenarios where it is not about offers all the time. You also need to highlight the “New Arrival” products or “Best Selling” products of your store. The question is, how to convey this information to your customers? Instead of writing in the form of text, an image will be a better option as pictorial representation is more eye-catchy than plain text.

And to do this, you have to seek help from developers each and every time when you require change. Doesn’t it get tedious and time consuming? Getting hard on your pocket as well. The team at M-Connect Media came across this trouble faced by the store owners and decided to help them by developing an easy-to-use Product Label Magento 2 Extension.

This amazing extension allows you to add labels of your choice for every product of the catalogue. You can even add it as per different categories. Upload images if your choice, manage an entire sticker library and provide the size of the label so that your product image does not get distorted. With this extension installed on your store, you do not have to seek help from developers every time. You’ll be able to manage the entire product labels on your own with simple configurations.

Featured Highlights of M-Connect Product Label Magento 2 Extension

  • Grab customer’s attention towards your products with attractive labels.
  • You can select whether to display the label on product detail page or category page or both.
  • Automatic display of “Few Products left” product label based on assigned minimum quantity.
  • You can ascribe multiple labels to single product.
  • Add same label to all the products of a particular category at a time.
  • Add particular label to several products and categories at once.
  • Feature to add label from product catalog configuration as well.
  • Customization of the label image by assigning height, width and position on the product image.
  • Set conditions to display label for specific price range, date range and product’s stock.
  • A custom sticker library to add and manage labels. Label images can be added directly from sticker library.

How to use it?

After reading the description, you must be wondering how to use this amazing extension. So, here are the steps explained with figures.

Step 1 – Label Display Common Settings

Label Display Settings

  • Left Product Label Show (Qty) – Enter the minimum quantity to automatically show the default few product left label.
  • Label Show on Product View – Choose “Yes” to show label on product detail page.
  • Label Show on Category View – Select “Yes” to display label on product images in category listing.

Step 2 – Add Label

With this step, you can upload image for label, set its size and position, assign products and categories and set conditions. Let’s take a closer look to these steps.

Label name and Display

Label Settings

For easy understanding and identification, give proper name for the label. Choose whether the label is to be displayed on product page, category page or both.

Add image and set size

Set Image

You can choose from whether to upload image directly from your PC or add from custom sticker library (the custom sticker library is explained later in this blog). Assign height and width to the image and also its position on the product image. This way you can easily set and add label on your product image.

Select store view and Customer Group

Store View Customer GroupNow, this is some more advanced functionality for a product label. You can select the store views and customer groups to which the label is to be shown. Moreover, you can set a priority and do not forget to change the status to “Enable”, else the label won’t be displayed on front end.

Label Assignment to one or more products

Assign products

As you can see checkbox in the image, you can assign this particular label to one or more products at a time. Then this label will be shown on all the selected products at the front end.

Label Assignment to one or more Categories

Assign Category

Again with the help of checkboxes, you can select one or more categories and sub categories for product label display.

Set Conditions for label display

Set Condition

This is the most promising part of the extension. You can set different conditions based on price range, date range and product stock.

Choose “Yes” if you want to show this particular label based on specific price range. If you set the range from $50 to $500, then this label will be added to products falling under this range.

Now, suppose you are giving offer on certain products over a specific time period. So, you want to show the discount label during the definite time period. The M-Connect extension allows you to do so in a simple and easy way. Just set the date range option to “Yes” and select the dates!

Date information

Another condition is based on product stock. Suppose you want to show labels on the product according to its status, then this option comes handy.

Custom Library

Sticker Information

Another fascinating feature of this extension. An exclusive custom sticker library in which you can add images and can later use them while label generation.

Sticker name and description for better identification and add the image of your choice. With this functionality, you do not need to upload images all the time while adding labels.

Assigning Label/s to Product

Assign Label to Product

Another way of assigning label to a product. This can be done from the product edit section. You can add one or more labels to each product.

We are now done with the back-end configurations, let’s see how the front end looks.

Category page:

Product Label at Category Page

Product page:

Product Label at detail page

Final Words

Don’t waste your precious time! Simply add this extension to your store and make it more interactive to the shoppers. Surely a great deal! You can check more detail about this Product Ribbon / Label Magento 2 extension at here.

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