Are People Ripping off Your Business Ideas? Let's see How to Deal With Copycats?

June 24, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Being yourself is everyone’s dream and mantra of life as we love to learn and be inspired. No matter what it is, whether it’s a hobby, reading books, or world-changing ideas. But there’s a big difference between being yourself and using someone else’s idea to get your creative juices flowing and flat out stealing someone else’s stuff.

To understand the business pattern, let’s start by understanding what exactly copycats means. So, competition is always there when you are in business and often considered a positive thing for the industry. It allows you to continue to grow and gives your customers more choices. But, what happens is those competitors become copycats as they are stealing someone else’s ideas or thoughts.

In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about the threat of copycats and what to do when someone copies your business idea. Let’s discuss in-depth to know more about how any other business can copy your idea and how you can save from it.

Can Competitors Copy your Business Idea?

This is such a juicy subject that needs to be addressed before someone buries your ideas and ruins hard-earned business in minutes. Copycats, moreover, are people who sit at home and wait for others to find success and glory. As soon as they smell victory, they jump in and try to make a quick buck.

They are rarely successful in the long run, they just intended to eat up some of your profits. And that’s why you need to be very careful about.

Imitating a company’s business idea is legal until it is legally protected under copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent, etc. So it is something like if one copies unprotected idea of a successful company, it could help him to gain name and if the same person copy protected idea, he could be founded in a jail in the next day.

Yes, any business can copy your idea and even gain a name from it until he tries to copy an unprotected business idea. Otherwise, no one can copy your idea if your business has all the legal certifications and trademarks.

But what do when someone copies your business idea? Here, we will discuss how you can prevent your business from copycats.

What Can You Do When Someone Copies Your Business Idea?

You may feel hurt at first, and you should, after knowing that there are people who would copy someone else’s business and call themselves businessmen. But rather than being criticized for what and how it happened, this is the time where you can take action and convert your anger to motivation.

  • Legalization is the best way to protect your business. 

You can consider legalization as the trademark or protection of the business, as the more legal protection you can get for your business and products, the better you will be. A patent is necessary, and along you need non-disclosure agreements when you discuss information about your product with people.

A trademark or legal certification can provide next-level protection and proof of an idea. If something went wrong in the future, your registered trademark could serve as the best proof of your idea. It also provides a time stamp for when your idea first emerged.

This is how you can save your business by legalizing everything you and your business have, whether it’s a product, company’s tool, or services.

  • You need to very Unique

This is the finest quality you should have to stand out from the crowd because that’s how you can differ from others. Legalization is fine, but there are ways around a patent. Some people will expose loopholes and make it easy for a competitor to copy you without any effort. What best is to keep an idea unique and hard to copy and use it somewhere else.

Copy is copy whether you stole only concept or whole idea because someone has created a great idea by doing hard work and putting in hard efforts. There are many examples available in the market of unique products selling a business, and no wonder they don’t fear being copied by someone.

The US-based brand Forever21 has been sued many times for allegedly stealing the work of other designers and passing it off as their own. They have copied many brands and designers and is always at the centre of copycat battles and unquestionably the most notorious culprits for mimicking high-end designers.

The moral of the story is unique rather than stealing someone’s hard work or ideas because you will enjoy success for a while after you are in the same position where you were. So try to be unique to protect your business from being copied by torpid.

  • You have to challenge your copycats.

Now, you know that who your copycat is, and that’s why don’t sit back. Instead, when you see a copycat emerge, confront that company or person immediately and directly without contacting a middleman or lawyer.

You need to take immediate action and let the company know that you are not happy with their action. Yes, make them feared and speak with the people in charge to tell them that you don’t appreciate their copying your product, and you will take legal action that necessary to shut them down. Of course, this will not be stopping them or walking away, but they will know whom they are messing with.

It is always a good idea to fight for your rights but legally as it will alert your copycats that this time they did wrong or choose the wrong company. Also, having fear in their mind will stop them from copying someone’s business.

End of the Story

All in all, when you have a new product that you launch in the market and perform well, there’s a chance it will catch the eye of copycats. To enjoy free success, they try to implement the copied business model, but we can stop by following the above procedures.

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